(3TV/CBS 5) − A local plastic surgeon is teaming with doctors in the operating room to make a woman's battle with breast cancer a little less difficult.

He's using breakthrough technology to give them the best possible results.

Michelle Lind was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago when she was just 30 years old and newly married.

She's now cancer free and pregnant!

Like many women, Lind had to have a double mastectomy, but chose to have a double reconstruction as well, so she woke up with brand new breasts, as though she'd never had them removed.

Lind says it's given her confidence and hope and was able to walk in and out without any really noticeable physical change.

"You can live a normal life and I do," said Lind. "I don't have that daily reminder, I mean, there's the fears that creep in, a little bit of anxiety and what not, but for the most part you can live a normal life, you just have to have the right mindset going in to all of it."

To achieve the best possible results, Dr. Bryan Gawley uses Stryker's "Spy Portable Handheld Imaging System."

This breakthrough technology allows him to visualize blood flow in vessels and related breast tissue.

This way, Dr. Gawley will know with confidence what breast size is most appropriate and how the skin around the implant will hold up, before the reconstruction takes place.

"Its been a game changer with this technology because I think its helped bring the plastic surgeon and the oncologist breast surgeon together with a common goal to let's make sure that the skin and the blood supply and the viability so to speak of what's left for me to put together is as optimal as possible," said Dr. Gawley.

If you have a double or single mastectomy and the reconstruction, insurance will likely cover all costs associated with it, at least that was the case for Lind.

Preston Phillips anchors CBS 5 This Morning alongside Yetta Gibson.  Preston frequently reports on medical breakthroughs being used to help people in the Valley.  

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