PEORIA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A Valley consulting firm wants to lure people of the film and TV industry to Arizona with a massive new development.

Ruben Arizpe with Scottsdale Consulting Group showed off plans Wednesday for a film and television campus on the outskirts of Peoria. There'd be room for up to 24 stages and even an amusement area for tourists.

[WATCH: Consultant wants to turn Peoria land into TV and movie studio]

"There are major studios and lots of production knocking on our door for timelines," Arizpe said.

Arizpe says Sony Pictures and Paramount are among the potential studios that'd be involved.

He says the project could break ground on the 130-acre campus as early as August, adding that he's also been looking at sites in Phoenix, Glendale and Goodyear.

"This is such close proximity to Los Angeles that the logistics make sense," Arizpe said.

Arizona filmmakers like Randy Murray say they'd welcome a new local film campus.

[WATCH: Consultant wants to turn Peoria land into TV and movie studio]

"Of course I want to be shooting in my home," Murray said. "I want to be close to my kids and my wife. That's what I want to be doing."

Wednesday, Murray was shooting in Georgia because of film incentives in that state.

"I think Arizona needs to have a strong film industry," Murray said. "We need to be competitive with states like New Mexico and Georgia."

And trying to wrangle some film incentives to go along with the new studios is all apart of the plan, according to Arizpe. Arizona lawmakers got rid of the state's film incentive program in 2011, and Arizpe says Scottsdale Consulting Group is working with a lobbyist to try and get some sort of incentives flowing once again.

However, it may be too soon to tell if Arizpe's dream in the desert will become a reality.

City of Peoria officials says they haven't had talks with Arizpe since February, and they've yet to see any concrete plans. Arizpe is also still looking for investors.

Meanwhile, the state's film offices are viewing the project with cautious optimism.

"We welcome the opportunity to help increase the economic impact of film and digital media in Arizona," said Matthew Earl Jones, director of the Arizona Commerce Authority Film and Digital Media Program. "We look forward to learning more about the progress of the project."

[WATCH: Consultant wants to turn Peoria land into TV and movie studio]


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(19) comments


Hollywood is full of freaks and illegals - so maybe this could work here...


With the taxes and regulations insanity over there, it's not like California hasn't been pushing the studios out of the state for a while. Time for new signs at the border: "Bring your money, not your attitude."


Will it also include the bums, litter, graffiti and addict like the real Hollywood?


The 1st time I got upset was when the most beautiful lush desert ever - between Scottsdale & Cave Creek/Carefree was destroyed. That was a long time ago. Many longtime citizens of this state are of the opinion that Construction should no longer be one of the "C's" of Arizona. When do we get a voice?


I hope this idea does not happen. Everything will increase in price here! If this happened I’m moving out of state! If I want Hollywood I’ll go see it at California.


Hmmm,, wonder how hot those amusement park ride seats will be? Better have personnel located indoors from 10am - 6pm July through end of September!... Place will be dead in summer!, other than cars outside.

AZ Native

And here goes another sucker...... sink your money and then leave it.


How many times have we seen this plan fall through? Last time it was Westgate that was supposed to have the studio and amusement park.






Worthless article Northwest valley pretty big area, cross streets at least would be helpful, could be the middle of lake pleasant for all the information given here


Maybe because the article says he's also been looking at other cities. He probably doesn't have title to the land and doesn't want speculation to drive up the prices.


They are going to make Pourn movies here.


Nutsplash Bet you can’t wait and it’s spelled “P-O-R-N”

JF Conlon

This sounds as reasonable as trying to grow crops hydroponically (?-in water) in the desert. Or growing jojoba beans for fuel.


Wonderful, the next step of turning Arizona into California.

Paul Labiche



my thought exactly there is lots of land but life sustaining resources limited.already getting on our roadways any time is constant traffic which means a further decrease in air quality.rents are increasing lower cost housing being torn down pushing out the poor.


All that extra electricity to cool down big wigs of Hollywood who wouldn't be able to cope in a 95+ degree room let alone outdoor heat come summer.

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