Photo radar myths and facts

PHOENIX - Photo radar cameras are now a fixture on freeways all over the Valley but can you ever get out of a ticket??

Also, how fast over the speed limit can you go before being snapped by a camera?

Barbara Redmond, 71, says she worries when she gets a nail in her tire but she does not worry about the Department of Public Safety photo radar cameras.

She admits, "Nopejust behave myself." She is not alone. "I'm an old lady and I put my cruise control on and I zip right along and don't worry about radar and don't worry about anything."

Driver Donnie Crist certainly is not getting anywhere fast when he spots a camera. He says, "I usually slow down to five below, just so I know I'm cool going through those things, you know what I mean?"

Redmond knows what he means. "Well, some of the older people tend to do that, yes, not to look obvious."

But how many miles over the limit can you go before the camera notices you?

Hildegund Kolossvary guesses, "I don't know, maybe four or five miles, something like that."

DPS certainly knows. If it is a 55 mile-per-hour zone the camera will get drivers going 11 miles over but if the limit is 65 or above the camera will snap drivers going only ten miles over.

Crist asked, "Do you know how much it costs if you get a ticket?I heard it's 200 bucks which is huge."

James Warriner, with DPS, explains, "It comes out to right around $181."

And what happens if you don't pay it and you hide from the servers who will come to your door over the next few months?

Warriner says, "If you can stay away and hide for that long, you knowgood luck I guess."

You might need it because while the ticket can simply go away, the courts do have the right to suspend your license or registration and sometimes do.

And what if it was not you driving the car? Redmond says, "I would be responsible because it's my car." She would be responsible to prove it was not.

Sensors on the road measure the time it takes for your car to drive over them and each lane has a different sensor.

Also, if you think you are getting someone else's speeding ticket you can ask to see the video each camera takes.


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