PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - People took part in the Women's March in cities like New York City, Minneapolis, Denver, Austin – and here in Phoenix. 

The first Women's March was held the weekend after President Donald Trump's inauguration. Saturday, people marched for peace and equality. 

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In Phoenix, participants marched around the State Capitol on Saturday in a 1-mile loop.

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"I think we should call it the 'National Day of Protest.' It's not longer a women's issue," said Diane Stricker.

"I'm here for my daughter, my nieces, my mom, every woman everywhere," said Jodi Liggett, the Executive Director of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona, which helped sponsor the event. 

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Several women spoke and the "Indigenous Women March" kicked things off before the rest of the group walked through the streets of Phoenix. Organizers say this year is a celebration of Arizona’s female political leaders who not only ran in record numbers, but also made history for the number of local and state positions they won.

"The strength of our movement is we come together, and we have different points of view on a lot of issues but we agree that women need to be at the center of our work for the next little bit because we have progress to make," Liggett said. 

"People are excited. They're excited about the results of last election, they're excited to move in for 2020, and we want to keep this momentum up," said Chris Love, the board chair of Planned Parenthood Advocates of Arizona.

"I want to talk about reproductive justice. I'm also a black woman so I want to speak about how reproductive justice specifically impacts me and my community," Love said.

"I'm afraid of what is happening in our country," Stricker said.

"I want to support my country, not my President," said Joyce Loland. "You are not alone in how you feel about these things. It's good to get together." 

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(14) comments


Meanwhile, men with JOBS are working, so that those job-impaired women can wave flags, hold picket signs and blow whistles for...whatever weird and exclusionary movement/cause/purpose they've cooked up that day while piggybacking a misandrist movement that's already run out of steam after barely 18 months.


Oh, do we have a pathetic MRA clown in our midst? To what do we owe the pleasure?

TRUMP supporter

Blah blab blab. If these women had brains, then they would be republicans.


And they'd do actual productive things, like work for a living or join the military to defend the same constitution that allows them engage in these nuisance publicity stunts and sanctimonious, pseudo-populist parades.


Why are all these women "unemployed" to you? They can have a job and go to a f*cking rally, too.


And then a white male like yourself would tell them what to do! "You belong in the kitchen, honey. Don't worry your pretty little head about politics and such. Maybe you should go lie down for awhile."
F*ck you.


Toxic feminism at its finest. Stealing a thought from the book Animal Farm. they don't just want to be equal to men, they want to be more equal than men.


Example. Here is an excerpt from an article on the Women's March in Washington DC -

"Protesters among the Women’s March in Washington, DC, Saturday called for free abortions for all, President Trump’s children to be caged, and for Trump to “drop dead.”

This was a hardcore leftist protest. I'd be suprised if Simnema didn't wear her tutu to this one.


Yep. Keep your rosaries off my ovaries, @sshole. Trump and his kids need to f*cking move to Siberia (or Moscow). The damage he's doing to the country is unconscionable. Your Babyman-in-Chief won't stand a chance in 2020, so enjoy your ugly spotlight for these four years and then your sorry lot of racists, misogynists and bigots can melt back into the steaming fringe shitpile from whence you came.


Waaaaaaa! I'm an oppressed white male!


What is "reproductive justice"? What do these women want that they can't get? Specifically, what is the march for?


They have everything and anything they want, just like men do. Any movement that's based on promoting the interests of a specific group based on immutable physical characteristics like gender is never going to get off the ground. It's a publicity stunt and an excuse to leave the house while their husbands pay their bills and feed their kids. "Hey honey, how was your little protest march today? Did a lot of people show up? Any free coffee?" LOL.


Every woman is married with children and has a husband that pays the bills? Get f*cked.


Conservatives want to abolish Planned Parenthood and overturn Roe v. Wade. It means keeping white men's hands off our f*cking ovaries and making decisions for us through policy as they are so wont to do.

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