PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) - Chugging with the fellas, that's the Twitter hashtag Suns fans are using. Here's how it works, every time the Suns win, you send a video of yourself chugging. It's not just about celebrating, this Valley movement raised more than $10,000 to a valley non profit. 

Tip one back for our Phoenix Suns. After every victory, a video of fans across the world chugging in celebration. It doesn't matter how young or old, #ChuggingWithTheFellas is bringing thousands of Suns fans together on social media.

"It's honestly surreal," said Serg Caraveo now known as the 'Chug Father' who started the hashtag after seeing a 9 year old tweet from Devin Book. "I'm thinking Hooters tonight with the fellas," the tweet read. Caraveo said the now viral hashtag is a testament to how the Valley is rallying for the franchise that hasn't been in the playoffs in 11 years.

 "I just think everyone is really excited, the team is perfect," said Caraveo. "Most people wouldn't even pick us in the playoffs and here we are in the western conference finals."

The seven second or less swig online has surprisingly brought hate to Suns fan Kaitlin Vigil with some Twitter harassment she said using homophobic slurs. So she decided to attach a fundraiser for One N Ten, a local non profit for LGTBQ youth in Phoenix. "I thought instead of fighting fire with fire, lets just go at this with kindness," said Vigil. Vigil at first told followers she would donate a dollar a chug... but now... "All of the sudden, the first thousand, the second thousand and then the third thousand," said One N Ten's Clayton Davenport. Now, it's up to more than $10,000. "And it is our largest fundraiser taking place right now," said Davenport. 

Even the Suns commentators joined in with the Suns needing 8 more wins for their first ever championship. "It means 8 more chugs lets go," said Caraveo, a moment Suns fans have been waiting to drink up. "Chugging with the fellas," said Caraveo.

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