PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- News of an attempted child abduction in Phoenix has parents wondering how they can protect their kids.

Self-defense for youth

A gadget young people can use to protect themselves.

"That’s probably one of my biggest fears," said mom and employee at Allied Surplus.

[WATCH: Gadgets young people can use to protect themselves]

Allied Surplus, a tactical store in Northwest Phoenix, said you can buy some items for your kids to deter or fight off kidnappers.

"I have a lot of parents coming in seeing if there is any route for their kids to go for protection," said employee, Anthony Russell"...I think there needs to be a little more push for that market."

Amazon sells personal safety alarms that attach to key chains and can be used as a deterrent.

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Allied Surplus can order similar ones.

"They’re about 120 decibels which is the same as a chainsaw and thunder, but instead of it being one sound, it’s a consistent sound of a chainsaw or thunder going off," said Russell.

Russell said some parents come to the store to buy whistles for their kids as a deterrent.

For teens and adults, the store has other options like monkey fists, tactical pens and mace.

The monkey fist is a marble attached to a rope that doubles as a key chain. The tactical pens can be used to break glass. 


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