PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5/AP) − Travelers in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will soon have to shell out more if they want to eat there too.

The Phoenix City Council voted unanimously on Wednesday to increase food prices at the airport a minimum of 2 percent.

Food inside the airport already comes at a premium price, with a 10 percent hike compared to the same meal you'd purchase outside of the airport. 

[ORIGINAL STORY: City Council to vote on proposed food price hike inside Sky Harbor]

SSP and HMS Host, the two companies that oversee restaurants at Sky Harbor, say the millions of dollars in additional revenue will help the costs of an increasing minimum wage in an economy with a low unemployment level.

Arizona's Family spoke with travelers ahead of the vote and reactions were mixed.

"If I'm fortunate enough at this stage in my life to be able to travel, I'm not going to be spazzing for 5 percent," said JoAnn.

"I'm never going to eat here ever again," said Austin, who works at the airport. "You won't ever see me eat at the airport ever again."


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Blaming the minim wage? Right! Sure! It is just an excuse to stuff more cash in their already overstuffed pockets, and help the city along as well as it will also increase the taxes the are scarfing up. When a $3.00 burger already costs $8.00 this is outrageous.

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