PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- The suspect in the shooting death of a 10-year-old girl is being held on a $1 million cash-only bond.

[WATCH: Phoenix police make arrest in road rage shooting of 10-year-old girl]

Sgt. Vince Lewis said Friday morning that 20-year-old Joshua Gonzalez was arrested Thursday night in connection to the murder of 10-year-old Summer Brown.

[PHOTOS: Police locate truck of Phoenix road rage suspect]

Summer was gunned down in front of her own home after a driver followed her family's car to their house and opened fire on them in a fit of road rage Wednesday night.

['I WILL MISS HER FOREVER:' 100+ people gather at vigil for 10-year-old killed in road rage shooting]

Lewis said that Gonzalez began following the family after he was cut off by the victim's vehicle. 

[ORIGINAL STORY: 10-year-old girl shot to death in Phoenix driveway; suspect at large]

Summer's father was also shot but his injuries were not life-threatening. Her 12-year-old sister and her mother were also in the car, but they were not physically hurt.

[WATCH: Info from community helped officers find suspect in deadly shooting of girl, police say]

"Now our 10-year-old daughter will never see the light of day again," said Summer's father Dharquintium Brown. 

[WATCH: Sister of murdered 10-year-old shares devastating loss]

Police released surveillance video of the suspect truck following the family's car as well as a composite sketch Thursday morning.

The sketch and the video brought in a community tip that led police to locate the truck, which matched the suspect vehicle's description at a home near 59th Avenue and Indian School Road Thursday night, about 5 miles from the scene of the shooting.

[RAW VIDEO: Phoenix police give update on arrest made in deadly road rage shooting]

Lewis said officers were able to confirm that the truck was the suspect's vehicle even after changes had been made to the truck's appearance and tires.

[WATCH: Police: Man accused of killing 10-year-old knew cops were looking for him]

[WATCH: Phoenix police surround house with truck similar to one belonging to shooting suspect]

Officers searched the home where the truck was located and found a gun that was linked to Gonzalez and the shooting scene.

Gonzalez was booked on one count of first-degree murder and three counts of aggravated assault. 

[WATCH: Gonzalez at his initial court appearance]

"I miss my daughter."

We spoke to Summer's family members, who are devastated, but grateful for all the support from the community.

"We're just thankful for the community to come together like this," said Summer's mom Taniesha Brown.

More than 100 people gathered at a vigil for Summer Friday evening.

We asked about her feelings now that police have made an arrest. "It seem like they did a thorough investigation so it seems like they have the right suspect. I want to get justice for my daughter.'

"Whatever happens to him, it's still not bringing my daughter back," said Summer's father, Dharquintium Brown.

[WATCH: Family of murdered 10-year-old 'relieved' by suspect's arrest]

Taniesha Brown says she hope the suspect spends the rest of his life in prison

"I just want to ask him why he did this. Why?" she said. "I'm never fully going to get over this. My heart is always going to be partially broken."

"Even at the end of the day, you know, he's found guilty, not guilty, whatever happens, it'll never bring back our daughter. So that's the heartbreaking part, is we still lose," said Summer's father

A GoFundMe page has been set up for the victim's family.


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(56) comments


Seriously, you can't fix "go to jail stupid". Sometimes you can rehab ignorance or addictive behavior. But pre-meditated murder? Reckless endangerment? The only thing to do is flip the switch. It doesn't matter what nationality or race. Those kinds of people will never change and don't even deserve the hole they're dumped in. And too stupid to even think about getting caught. Rail about guns all you want. I shoot 3 times a week and teach other people how...and the first thing covered is responsibility and consequences. Go get your own back. I don't want you behind mine!


You filthy nasty sob Mexican go to f in heill. Cut that scum up into small pieces while he is still alive

Jim B

The last person who followed me because I did a break check on the I-10 because the little was riding my bumper, followed me right to the police station and promptly left.....


Having an out of control temper, and a gun is the worst combination I can think of. Firing a gun not because you're in any kind of danger at all, but because you got angry over something trivial...


They have the WRONG guy. First of all, the composite sketch does NOT match the kid they arrested and Second the surveillance video shows the arm of a White man driving the truck, who -mind you- has a pretty fit looking arm with tattoos down it. They arrested a skinny mexican who probably doesn't have more than a few tattoos amd they are probably anywhere BUT down his arm. .. ? ... Not to mention, just because the gun was found and has been linked to the 'suspect', that doesnt mean he shot it..
Im not 100% here but it sounds like it wasnt even the Suspects home that the gun was found.. Did they have to hunt the kid down still after that because he wasnt there?? Hmm..
Another point.. >Before anybody tries to throw this one out there.. If theybare going to say that there was the shooter and then a driver and THATS whos arm is on the driver door window, theb why arent the cops looking for a second suspect!? Why wasnt there a composite sketch of the second guu put out? Why wasnt there an APB put out on the WHITE MALE DRIVER WITH TATTOOS ON HIS ARM??? Hes considered an accessory for being the get away driver.. But NO, that wasnt necessary because there was only ONE person in that truck, and that ONE person os the shooter, and the SHOOTER IS NOT THE KID THEY ARRESTED.

Bruce in AZ

Good points.


No wall is needed. US immigrants already come from many other countries. Learn to enjoy the cultures. This is the Southwest. Native Americans and Hispanics were here crossing back and cross inflicted borders. It was their land first. All Hispanic immigrants or people are not crooks. I remember immigrants in great numbers from other countries being welcomed into the US. Carrying a gun with you or in your house should be used for protection not automatic threats and intimidation and murder. My opinion.

Wayne kenoff

Whoever does the composite sketches needs to be fed accurate information, or needs to be fired. That sketch looks like a middle aged white man. Meanwhile its a young hispanic kid with a straight babyface lmao.


I only wish the driver was able to defend himself and his family. (Hint: 2nd amendment) At least now we all know he's going to the BIG HOUSE. So sorry for the family.


THis is from a 2013 article in Mother Jones: • Drivers who carry guns are 44 percent more likely than unarmed drivers to make obscene gestures at other motorists, and 77 percent more likely to follow them aggressively.
• Among Texans convicted of serious crimes, those with concealed-handgun licenses were sentenced for threatening someone with a firearm 4.8 times more than those without.
• In states with Stand Your Ground and other laws making it easier to shoot in self-defense, those policies have been linked to a 7 to 10 percent increase in homicides.


Stuff it where the sun don't shine sweet cheeks. Don't ever stand behind me looking for protection. Your snowflake won't get it.


You clearly can't argue with facts. Nothing personal.


Here's more from the same 2013 article: • For every time a gun is used in self-defense in the home, there are 7 assaults or murders, 11 suicide attempts, and 4 accidents involving guns in or around a home.
• 43 percent of homes with guns and kids have at least one unlocked firearm.
• In one experiment, one third of 8-to-12-year-old boys who found a handgun pulled the trigger.


Anything to appease your messed up reality. When SHTF you won't be able to survive


Don't worry about me. In reality, facts matter.


This is from the October, 2009 issue of NewScientist: "Overall, Branas’s study found that people who carried guns were 4.5 times as likely to be shot and 4.2 times as likely to get killed compared with unarmed citizens. When the team looked at shootings in which victims had a chance to defend themselves, their odds of getting shot were even higher. "

For context: "Charles Branas‘s team at the University of Pennsylvania analysed 677 shootings over two-and-a-half years to discover whether victims were carrying at the time, and compared them to other Philly residents of similar age, sex and ethnicity. The team also accounted for other potentially confounding differences, such as the socioeconomic status of their neighbourhood."


I noticed all of your useless "facts" come from outdated, insignificant studies. Show me some facts on how stringent gun laws actually do any good. And use a city where guns laws are pretty tough...say...Chicago. That's a good talking point for us gun nuts, please...cite some recent facts about how well the gun laws in Chicago are keeping guns out of the hands of criminals, and how it has greatly reduced the crime problem.


Although some of the statistics are grim the 2nd amendment is something that provides many Americans security in their freedom, any erosion of which, symbolizes the end of liberty and the beginning of tyrrany.

I do not understand the sentiment personally. Primarily because the government so fully outguns its citizens, that being armed will not stop a determined tyrant. Nonetheless I support the second and defend the integrity of the Constitution. I denounce the deliberate abuse of power by legislators who erode our rights because the average person does not have the resources to fight.

It's too bad so few will support my right to bodily integrity and work vehemently to limit the rights of others when their choices in no way affect their lives.

This is a tragic and senseless crime. The fact that this young man felt a need to follow a family home because they cut him off, no doubt unintentionally, is sickeing. There are others like him on the road right now.


If you aren't aware that somebody is following you as you drive, you have your head up your butt. NEVER lead a person to your driveway. Are we really surprised anymore that the world is full of dangerous whack jobs who might kill you?? (just read the comments below if you need any proof) You should have your guard up ALL THE TIME when you're in public. #situationalawareness

Uncle Leo

Yep he's got "the look", totally not surprised.


Build the wall!


There are dozens of scenarios where carrying a gun can go bad and only a few unlikely positive outcomes. Great way to get sued, jailed or killed.


HMI - How many scenarios are there of not carrying a gun can go bad?


*Correction: where not carrying a gun can go bad.


Even if the victim was carrying a gun in this case, it wouldn't have helped. So STFU. Go hump your arsenal.


Plenty but miniscule compared to what can go bad.


People who don't carry have longer life expectancy.




Gotta have guns, though. Gunz Gunz Gunz! 2nd Amendment Rights! Everyone needs a gun while driving around, like this guy! An armed society is a polite society, right? lmao. Gunz Gunz Gunz GUNNNNNNNNNNNZ!


I don't know why, but I like it when you post this. It's what I imagine the voices in so many "urban cowboy superhero" heads are saying.


Statements like this really show your age and overall intelligence, when it comes to grown-up stuff. . " Everyone needs a gun while driving around, like this guy!" No, that guy does not need a gun. But guess what sweetiepie, there is no law anywhere on the planet, that will prevent a criminal from obtaining a gun. Sorry..banning all guns at this point wont work either..since criminals don't normally follows the rules.


Just because you don't share the sentiment does not make it invalid.




The evidence is totally against this guy. Assuming his guilt is not racist. After conviction, lock him up and throw away the key.

Wayne kenoff

It’s funny how when a brown person commits a crime, he’s illegal. Meanwhile when a white person gets too friendly with his cat or inappropriately touches a 10 year old girl, you all are quiet. Kinda sad


No, those are dirt bag, perverted scum. They're just as bad. Unfortunately, because they are legal citizens we're stuck with feeding and housing them when they get caught doing their despicable acts. We need to stop illegal immigration so we don't have to also feed and house illegals when they are convicted of a crime. I'm for equal punishment. I just prefer we're not stuck with Mexico's criminals too. Keep them out in the first place.


Or it's their culture (not that the person who says it is racist, or anything).


The sketch is not even close!


Try him, and if it was him, fry him. If we can't use our death penalty on a child killer, then it's a useless penalty.


He's in trooouuuble.
Three ag assaults and a first degree murder...of a child.


He's in trooouuuble.
Three ag assaults and a first degree murder...of a child.


I came for the comments.....should be good! HA!


Please post immigration status of this scum and the rest of the people that live with him. Deportation, incarceration and a drawn out appeal process are too good for him. Bring the hammer down. Good job finding him so quickly, though it doesn't bring Summer back.


While we're at it, why not post your personal information and that of the people who live with you? Some anonymous online person suggested it.


You first,boy.


Ummm- you're an anonymous online person. So, move along now.


Actuallym he said " immigration status of this scum and the rest of the people that live with him" So ill be your Huckleberry. My immigration status is American Citizen; by birthright. So are my 3 sons and daughter. There ya go.


Build the wall


The usual reply of a know nothing, low functioning racisat.


How is upholding the law by building a wall "racist?"
You stupid people are gonna be sorry when we have so much of this garbage in this country it is no longer sustainable economically, not to mention rampant crime
Think before you speak dummy


Very true. Stop this insane stuff before it’s really too late doesn’t anybody get it try entering Australia you better either have money to bring business or wealth to support yourself or be purposeful with a job quality needed. None of this anker baby bullshit along with their way of life and drinking that’s all I ever see them do is buy alcohol. Drink and drive drink and drive

Jim B

Throw the POS in the slammer and throw the key away


Ah yes dreamers in illegal invaders are so important to this country.


"Due process is thrown out the window when a female claims to have been molested, whether true or not. Regardless his career and reputation is ruined without any such thing as due process. Unfortunately even if the accusation is proven false he will never recover from the accusation and the"

Where is this mans due process? Because he's brown, he doesn't deserve the same presumption of innocence as a white police officer? Your racism is showing Dean....


Looks like another one of the democrats’ dreamers is in trouble. Build the Wall !


Only if it will keep knuckleheads like you out.

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