PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)--The Phoenix Police Chief issued an apology on Sunday following accusations of misconduct during a shoplifting incident that went viral.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Phoenix police investigating after officers accused of misconduct]

Phoenix Police Chief Jeri Williams spoke with Arizona's Family to discuss the incident.

[WATCH: Phoenix Police Chief addresses controversial video, police misconduct allegations]

"I am disappointed. I'm sorry and I apologize to the family," Williams said during Sunday's interview.

"I apologize to the community. I apologize to the public because this is not the type of behavior you should see from a Phoenix police officer. Period." 

Williams added that there also were "more facts to the story."

"On May 27, adults made the choice to go into a local business and steal items and commit a theft," she said. 

"This is not what 2900 officers in the City of Phoenix are all about," Williams added.

Chief Williams first spoke about the incident in video posted on Phoenix police's Facebook page Friday. 

[GRAPHIC RAW VIDEO: Citizens record on cellphones alleged Phoenix police misconduct]

"We are all angry about this," Williams said Sunday. "We are all upset about this. This is not what should be happening."

According to police, the incident occurred on May 27. Cell phone video captured Phoenix police officers trying to take a family in to custody at an apartment complex.

Police said it all started when a couple's 4-year-old daughter took a doll from the Family Dollar Store at 36th Street and McDowell Road. 

[MORE: Family to sue Phoenix PD for $10 million over officers' response to shoplifting incident, police respond]

Officers say the family drove off when they were confronted. Police then pulled them over at an apartment complex. That's where the family says officers got physical even though they didn't resist.

No one was arrested during the incident.

Williams said that none of the officers were wearing body cameras but cell phone video shows part of the confrontation.

Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper, the couple involved in the incident filed a $10 million notice of claim, against the City of Phoenix last Thursday.

[WATCH: Family suing Phoenix PD for alleged misconduct does not accept chief's apology]

The documents claim that Phoenix police officers engaged in police brutality and civil rights violations.

The claim said the incident happened on May 29 but police said it was on May 27.

[EXPLICIT: Notice of claim filed against Phoenix PD]

According to the claim, Dravon Ames and Iesha Harper, who is five months pregnant, didn't realize their child took a doll from the Family Dollar Store until they were in the car.

The family drove to an apartment complex near 32nd and Roosevelt streets, where their babysitter lived. A police car pulled up behind them with "no sirens or lights," court documents said.

The officers involved in the incident were reassigned while department investigates. Chief Williams said that she hasn't talked to the officers due to the investigation.

On Saturday, Phoenix Mayor Kate Gallego released a statement and stressed how appalled she is by the video. 

[RELATED: Mayor Gallego announces Phoenix meeting about police misconduct allegations]

“I, like many others, am sick over what I have seen in the video depicting Phoenix police interacting with a family and young children. It was completely inappropriate and clearly unprofessional," said Gallego in the statement release."

Mayor Gallego is calling for a community meeting this Tuesday so people can voice their concerns.

The meeting will take place Pilgrim Baptist Church near 16th and Jefferson Streets at 6 p.m.


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(51) comments

Frank the tank

Fire nasty cops... Pay this beautiful family maybe not 10m but at least 5 fkr all their suffering. They deserve it.


@Mingusdad- "Resorting to pointing guns"?? Oh ye of no tactical training in police work. You have no idea that this is not just a choice that these officers decided to point guns for fun do you? Tactically approaching a car of unknown people who just committed a crime and fled (felony flight) results in pointing guns for a tactical, safe approach of an unknown occupied vehicle. They have no idea who's inside the vehicle, what's inside (guns) or what their intentions (bad thoughts in their head to do harm to officers) do they? The father/driver was reaching into the center of the vehicle. Why did this woman have her child on her lap and not in a car seat at the time of the stop? The kids should still have been secured in their car seats (if there were any). It's awesome how all the social justice warriors base their law enforcement experience on TV and movies. You have no idea what dangers are faced on the streets, how officers tactically train to conduct felony vehicle stops etc. Having kids or elderly people, families or whatever does not make dangerous situations any less dangerous. You do realize that people commit crimes with their kids in tow, right??


Oh ye with no common sense or reading comprehension skills. These people did not just commit a violent robbery. I also am not naive enough to think an officers job is easy or safe. What I said was that the vulgar screaming escalated this situation. And it happens regularly. I know police officers that are able to control a situation without resorting to screaming the f bomb. I also have not defended the black trash that started this. I think they should have been arrested to begin with. The one and only negative thing I said about the cops and police in general is that I have noticed an elevated level of aggressiveness and vulgar language coming out of their mouths. Police demand and deserve respect, but they need to reciprocate.


This Chief (puppet) just signed the check when she apologized. Why wouldn't she just issue a general statement that these officers are afforded "due process" just like anyone else and it would be thoroughly investigated? Instead, she immediately apologizes without an investigation, that's irresponsible of her to throw these officers to the wolves and putting targets on their backs. Now they get death threats?? This "upstanding family" that looks so demure in their Sunday best had warrants. Dad had warrants for Aggravated Assault on police from last year. The store told the officers there were multiple items shoplifted, not just "1 doll". Why did they tell the officer and then turn around and not want to prosecute? Then don't call police. The officer tried to stop the vehicle and the driver "pretended" not to hear why driving away and throwing the stolen item out of the vehicle. The other officers were acting on the info that the suspect vehicle failed to stop...that's felony flight. But someone told them not to charge. "No good deed goes unpunished" and here we are. Why are Chiefs across the country rolling over to citizens believing that "Transparency" means they let these non-law enforcement trained citizens tell them how to run the departments when "Transparency = no secrets." It does not mean the public tells you how to run your department. This is a dangerous and pathetic direction for law enforcement. 5 years from now you won't be able to hire anyone and your officers won't want to get involved in ANYTHING, recipe for disaster.


Wow. I really cannot believe how much racism there is in these comments. Unreal.


Obama said "This could have been my son"


The parents went to the store to shoplift. Then get upset when the police are sent after them. If they had clean hands in the first place then this would not have happened. How can you shoplift and get upset by any consequence so the child is only learning what she sees from her parents, how to be a shoplifter. I guarantee you that they would not have taken that doll back to the store. They are criminals playing the victim. They police may have overreacted however, this would not have happened if they weren’t shoplifting. This is so annoying.


Wow. You seem to know more about the case than the media AND the cops. Stunning.

Rico Rush

Marley, I am in total 1000000% in agreement with every one of your posts. I see a trend of comments on here where they want to just blame the police. What I do not get is the total neglect of the pure fact that none of this would have happened if this family avoided any criminal actions. All you sympathizers out there follow the timeline of FACTS! You can hate the cops as much as you want, but hey I got an idea don't commit a crime and guess what you will never get to deal with them!

Phillup Witgas

She should be fired. Not standing up for your officers ??? I guess we know why. What a sack.


She should apologize. The officers did their job making contact with thieves absolutely, but I am tired of the vulgar aggressive behavior of law enforcement in this country. You can be firm without resorting to pointing guns and screaming and cursing at people. The parents deserved to get tossed in jail no doubt. But our police officers need to learn to show some respect and class out there.


Would you stand up for your employees if they were making you look incompetent and disregarding policy and procedure? If so, boy you'd be a terrible manager/leader.


Issued an apology... what a bunch of pu$$ies.


This entire situation is a farce. The family does not deserve 10 million dollars over what happened. Their kid stole something and they should have returned it, apologized, and spanked the kid. That being said, I believe they are owed an apology. The behavior of that officer is appalling. There is absolutely no reason for that level of foul language or screaming. The police expect us to respect their commands and their authority and we should. But it is a two way street. This type of language and aggressiveness seems to be the rule when dealing with police lately. Any time you watch cops or live pd, it’s a constant stream of bleeps. No one wants to be treated in this manner. Everyone involved in this acted like trash.


When law enforcement receives 911 calls and are dispatched, most times, they have limited details of the event. In this case, they knew it was a shoplifting accusation from a retailer. There responsibility is to make contact with the suspects to investigate the accusation/complaint. In this particular case, had the 4 year old simply of taken a doll without the parents' knowledge, that would of been end of story, period. The 'victimized' family are 100% responsible for escalating the series of events by 1.) not following police directives to show hands/exit vehicle. 2.) Be in the company of an adult with multiple arrest warrants. 3.) Reaching around inside of the vehicle, that will automatically 100% of the time escalate reaction from law enforcement since they will have to assume the subject is either concealing something or reaching for a weapon. Will never understand why people think they can simply decide to do whatever they feel like when being pulled over. You do exactly what the cops tell you to do, and if you're innocent, more than likely will be on your way in minutes. If you decide to become Billy Bada$$, things WILL go downhill in a NY minute. You can always fight/sue in court if you're rights were violated.


yeah last time I call 911 after witnessing a violent act the dispatcher give me an attitude due my Swiss accent and the cops show up 1 hour later to basically question me story like I was the bad guy after that I promised myself I won't ever call 911 again Arizona with all the trash are moving from all across America is finished 10 years from now Phoenix will just look like any high crimes cities in the USA


Go to Canada if it's so bad here.


oh I'm going to move out of Arizona soon, but no Canada ,I was thinking more Vermont or Maine, where the crimes rate is very low, Arizona is finished ,,,!!!!!


" You do exactly what the cops tell you to do..." Gee the last time I checked this is a free country and that means as citizens of this country we get to do as we like as long as we aren't breaking the law. Our Constitution starts with the words, "We the people..." not "We the police..." So, what exactly are you suggesting? That we should relinquish our freedom and start blindly obeying the authorities, because then we will be living in a police state and all of our freedoms will be lost. The police are there to serve and protect us, we do not serve the police. "You can always fight/sue in court if you're rights were violated." This families rights were violated and that's exactly what they are doing to the tune of 10 million dollars and due to the over-agressive actions of the cops in this case, they will likely win.


Yes, it is the law to cooperate with law enforcement during a routine stop. The reason for the initial stop was police were attempting to investigate a reported shoplifting and fleeing report. Based on your 'theory' I guess you believe that we as citizens based on the Constitution, can decide whether or not we choose to stop or not. What planet/3rd world country are you from? The police WERE protecting us by attempting to question/apprehend these people, of which one was a wanted criminal with 3 outstanding arrest warrants. One of the 'parents' had stolen item they threw out car window as well as knowing the kid took a doll without paying and not returning it to the store. Great job, Phx PD and please vote no confidence for mayor if she wants to support people out to steal and not law enforcement!!!


No one has a problem with the police stopping these people; up until that point, they were doing their job. The issue comes from what happened afterward. One of these people's children stole a doll; this was petty shoplifting, not murder or armed robbery. Either these cops overreacted or they have become so cynical and calloused by their time on the street that they thought that their sadistic actions, bullying behavior, and shouting of obscene threats were OK. Either way for the sake of public safety, these cops have got to go. We need our police to serve and protect us, but they need to so in a professional, respectful, and reasonable way. BTW, the law says you have to obey lawful orders given you by the police, but you are not required to obey unlawful requests.


Chief read this script next time: "While I'm concerned about some of the images in the video, we are conducting a full investigation. During the investigation the officers involved have been placed in non-enforcement capacities. When that investigation is complete, we will release ALL the findings. Appropriate action will be taken at that time if any policy violations or criminal statutes were determined to have been violated."


That would be using too much of her brain. She just signed the check for those thieves.

Mark G

“...Williams added that there also were "more facts to the story."

"On May 27, adults made the choice to go into a local business and steal items and commit a theft," she said. ..”

Going from the lack of trial, conviction, or even any complaint or charges filed, we only have the testimony of the victims in this case, and, in which case, what this Williams woman said here, is not exactly true, is it. ...Then, a proven liar, She can’t seem to help herself, can she.

She’s darn lucky she’s going up against a couple of such charitable types. I would have sued Williams and Phoenix Police Dept., for another five million for that snarky little televised defamatory comment alone.

This incompetent woman - her lawless cabal of semi-organized thugs,, tomorrow, one day, they will learn their place. They are public servants, they rank below the citizenry they serve. And they are not above the law.

Anytime Our public servants step out of line, they need to be be stomped flat by the very-law they so incompetently inflict on others. You do that often enough, they will learn their place. Including in this case. Williams, the city of Phoenix, needs to be sued again for this instance of defamation. These people are just too stupid to learn, otherwise.


You have some issues, and a lack of a brain along with a superiority complex are just two of them.


" in which case, what this Williams woman said here, is not exactly true, is it" Its EXACTY true. The stupid family even was stupid enough to admit on camera that their daughter took the doll. There is your guilt that you spoke of...


Stomp the public servants if they do stupid stuff. Don't stomp the taxpayers.


At least with the police chief issuing a public apology so this incident won't get swept under the rug as usually happens. Now the police Chief needs to put her money where her mouth is and fire the two officers in question. This will send a positive message to each and every law enforcement officer that they will be held accountable for their actions.


"If you don't give us the doll, I'll put a bullet in you!!" - Every Fascist Ever


Then don't steal. Moron.


well I can understand the police frustration since only recently all the trash across America are moving in Phoenix Arizona so the crimes is up and the police can't handle it due lack of personal the city doesn't want put more money on the table for the police the police officers are doing overtime and is going to get worse since the flow of trash seems to increase day after day so if you're a police officer in Phoenix I have only one thing to say to you quit your job right now and go find a better job where you don't have to put your life on the line for a bunch of morons take care yourself first then take care your family and enjoy your life 1912 - 2019 R.I.P Arizona


Not all of AZ is that bad just yet; but I can understand believe it is, based on Phoenix and Tucson. Sadly, they were infested with illegals, CA transplants from the quakes, and leftism; most of the rest of the state isn't that bad.


I couldn't agree more. Every single police officer should quit today and issue a formal written apology to every citizen the were supposed to be serving.


Now we have to apologize for cops doing their jobs? The criminals inside the car that had warrants, shoplifting (the adult) and refusing to show hands/comply are gonna sue? Next time, just shoot the inbreds. Time for a new mayor if that's her take on it.


*Police chief, not mayor.


Doing their job? Dude u have your head up your arse.If this is doing their job why is the chief here saying sorry and insisting the rest of the force does not do this. Are u saying the rest of the cops dont do their job? Such a mo.ron. go back under the rock u came out from. The cops have no business risking the lives of thise kids with their guns drawn like that. They were complying but had babies in their arms so the officers should have taken it down a notch. And the driver who was getting berrated the way these cops acted youvwould think if was a homicide suspect not shoplifting. No doubt they need to fire these guys immediately and set a standard prove to us this will not happen again.


No; she's apologizing because the complainants are black and so is she! They committed at least 1, probably more crimes and were apparently resisting efforts to arrest them for those crimes.


Exactly! They're just trying to extort $$$ and mad because they got caught/arrested.


The suspects intentionally stole from the store, then ran after being confronted. If your child alone takes something without paying, a responsible parent would explain on the spot to the child that that is wrong. The adult stole underwear and both had to of seen the doll and knew they hadn't paid for it! These derelicts were out to steal, got caught, took off, then tried playing dumb when cops pulled them over, end of story. Don't know what planet or 3rd world country those that are placing blame on law enforcement are from, but by all means, GO BACK, the rest of us are law-abiding, hard working honest folks!


Babies in arms are an excuse. If they (the parents) were concerned they would have stopped Right then, to speak to the Police! Yes sir, no Sir! A crime is a Crime. Are you from California,sir? You appear to want the same kind of State. If Jeri Williams does not Defend her Officers, she will end up with a No ConfidenceVote, just like Mesa's Top Cop. Personally I feel bad for the Officer's, tough Job Low Pay & No Respect!


If the "victims" involved were white, there would be no apology. Everyone is afraid of their own shadows when dealing with minorities. What a bunch of BS this whole situation has become.


Why's the so-called chief says shes sorry even before PPDs own investigation isn't over?


The cops in question were not doing their "jobs," they were terrorizing a family. These officers were acting more like a pair of KJB agents during the Cold War than peace officers in a free country. Then you go on to label the people in this family as "inbreds" further victimizing them. Perhaps you might be happier living in a police state like North Korea or maybe Venezuela. I'm sure that their law enforcement's behavior would live up to your exacting standards.


They were not terrorizing the family, they were attempting to make a perfectly legal stop and the 'victimized' family' made the decision to be uncooperative/non-compliant, etc. When a cop tells you to do something, you do it, period. You have no legal right at that moment to resist. These people were not on their way home from church, they were out to steal and passenger had multiple warrants. Guess you're OK with criminals out doing their jobs but not OK with police out doing their jobs!


Achtung! You vill do as ve say or ve vill force you to do it.


"Welcome to Phoenix, feel free to steal, deal drugs, wrong way drive, rape and murder. I will make sure I keep my police officers from pulling you over, should you not feel like the hassle." Yours Truly, The Mayor


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Guess ill be watching more channel 3 from now on.


well you can put in your boycott list Family Dollar store who made the call

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