PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A husband captured and restrained a man after he sexually abused his wife in Phoenix on Tuesday, police said.

It all started when Leobardo Salas went into a house through an open screen door near 83rd Avenue and Indian School on Tuesday, according to court documents.

He saw a woman bathing her 2-year-old in the bathroom and police said he grabbed her arm and chest.

Her husband, who was in another building on the property with two other people, heard his wife's screams and ran to see what was going on.

When he went into the bathroom, Salas was trying to take the woman's pants off, police said.

The husband then "subdued" Salas and restrained him with a belt until police arrived, court paperwork said.

Salas later told police the husband beat him up.

Earlier that evening, officers said police were called on Salas because he refused to leave St. Augustine Catholic Church near 71st Avenue and Osborn.

He is also a suspect in a burglary that happened in the same neighborhood of the attempted sexual assault.

Salas was booked into jail on one count of sexual abuse, one count of attempted sexual assault and one count of second-degree burglary.

Police said Salas told them he hears voices that make him sexually assault.

He has a cash-only bond of $100,000.

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(6) comments


Too bad the husband did not have a .45 when he caught him. We sill be hearing from this thug again and again and again.

Bob Regan

Doubtful. In Arizona, people who are both mentally ill AND commit a sex crime can be held at the State Hosp almost indefinitely. He will, in all likelihood, spend a much longer time in the hospital than he would have if treated as a criminal alone. I'm speaking from 12 yrs experience working on the men's maximum security unit at the State Hosp.


Build that wall


More of that "rich, cultural heritage" of the Hispanics we hear so much about...

Bob Regan

Sounds more like the "rich cultural heritage" of Trump and Kavanaugh


He would not be in the states of Trump and Kavanaugh were in charge instead of Obama.

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