Madeline Cristal Rosa-Perez, 19, faces eight counts of felony child abuse

Madeline Cristal Rosa-Perez, 19, faces eight counts of felony child abuse.

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A Phoenix mother has been arrested for child abuse after her baby boy suffered multiple fractures.

Madeline Cristal Rosa-Perez, 19, faces eight counts of felony child abuse.

On Tuesday, July 9, police were called to Phoenix Children's Hospital to investigate after a two-month-old baby was found to have multiple fractures throughout his entire body.

Rosa-Perez initially told police "the child had accidentally bumped his head on a door" while she was holding him.

She also reportedly told doctors at PCH "a second version" of how the baby had gotten injured, stating that "the child had fallen out of a baby seat."

Rosa-Perez later told police "she did not intend to have children at such a young age" with her boyfriend.

According to the police report, Rosa-Perez said "the child has experienced colic since being born, causing the child to cry and wake up frequently."

Rosa-Perez told police that on Monday, July 8, the child was "excessively crying" at their home near 35th Avenue and Indian School Road.

According to the police report, Rosa-Perez "admitted to becoming frustrated at the child, throwing a full formula bottle, striking the child on the head." The report continues on to say that Rosa-Perez "placed ice inside a hat the child was wearing in an attempt to minimize the swelling."

Police say Rosa-Perez also admitted previously "pulling the child's arm and leg out of frustration when picking up the child" and "placing the child face down on the car seat which is attached to the stroller, pushing it back and forth aggressively, causing the child's head to move back and forth."

Police say Rosa-Perez admitted lying to the hospital staff, police, and her relatives about what caused the baby's fractures.

The baby suffered injuries to his skull, his jaw, his legs and also to four of his ribs.

Rosa-Perez was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail but was released on her own recognizance.

She is due back in court July 24.


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(19) comments


I want to care - I just don't.


Care for the baby, PLEASE!!! Seriously, I mean it. At least support taking the baby away (for at least a while if not perm). Come on, this ain't no baby in the womb, it's outside - ALIVE by most people's (even AOC and Warren) definition.


You can't save the world Justin. You're going to shed a lot of tears if you get all weepy about every dead baby out there. Ironically, if you supported my plans for government funded incentives for abortions and sterilizations we would actually SAVE many more children (children who actually KNOW they are alive...) and provide a higher quality of life for them. Put your tear soaked hankie aside for a minute and give it some critical (not emotional) thought.


haha. done the critical part. Killing an INNOCENT human is not a good choice. You are the one that said you don't care, not me. And, one baby at a time, it will make a difference. And, I am in support of sterilizations in many cases (just review my comments). Cheers.


How stupid the tramp should be locked up for good. Didn't anyone tell her if she spreads them legs this is what happens?? That baby should be taken from her an hernever see it again. give that baby a chance at life, Mom is a POS.!


This female doesn’t deserve to take one more breath.


Sterilize her....and don't use any pain killer


Released? After injuring a two month old baby to that extent????

Phillup Witgas

Let me have her for just one minute.... Please. And look the other way...


Lady is a tramp. [scared]


Booked then released? After what she did? Just unbelievable what you read in the news anymore


Because she has the protection of the socialist democrats and the police are afraid of holding an illegal. BUILD THE WALL.


I am genuinely concerned for your welfare, Dean. Your comments lately seem completely divorced from empirically verifiable (and widely reported) reality. Are you okay?

Tony G

I am convinced that Dean needs four walls around him, complete with padding.


PLEASE do not give this poor little one back to "Mom"...he may not make it next time. And yes, there will be a next time...if you will do this once, you will do it always.

JF Conlon

Two months old?! What a way to begin a life.


Only 19 years old? What do her 6 and 7 year olds think about all this?

Tony G

Gee, how stupid are we? No one said anything about any other children. Of course, you know everything, don't you? IDIOT!


Speaking for you, extremely! I was employing sarcasm and stereotypes (similar to you speculating on the legal status of every brown skinned suspect/victim prior to being reported). Nobody likes a hypocrite, loser.

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