PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A Phoenix man says he was jumped by several people Friday night in what he believes was a hate crime.

"I felt somebody hit me from behind and from the side, and I didn’t know that I was surrounded by people," says victim Cesar Marin.

It happened near Washington and First streets. Marin said he had just had some tacos with friends. As he was driving along First Street, he says a woman jaywalked in front of him.

He slammed on his brakes, but this is what he told police happened next.

“She proceeded to walk by the side of my vehicle," says Marin. "She called me a [expletive] and flicked her cigarette at me. Her cigarette had red hot embers on it.”

"I pulled over to the side of the road so I could find the cigarette so it didn’t burn into my seats," he continues. "All the sudden, I was being attacked from all directions by different people and I started getting punched in the back of my head and my sides. My face. Frankly, after that, I don’t remember much.”

Marin says a good Samaritan woke him up after apparently pulling the attackers off his body.

Marin went to the hospital to be treated for a broken nose and bruises and swelling all over his body.

He says in addition to the homophobic slur the woman hurled at him, the whole thing felt like a hate crime to him.

“Maybe it was the flamboyant music I was listening to," he speculates. "There are also decals on my car that have the gay rainbow on them.”

Phoenix police are investigating the assault, but they haven't confirmed whether they're looking into it as a hate crime.


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(7) comments

Trump is your President

I don't believe a word he says since there are very few people downtown that are not of hispanic descent or wildly liberal. Sounds like he may have mouthed off to the jaywalking woman and got his a s s kicked for it.

TRUMP supporter

Did his husbands/ wives do this for attention or did the fagg ot pay someone to do this to him?

AZ Native

Someone else looking for money. He'll sue the Phx PD and City of Phoenix because there wasn't a Policeman around to protect him.


Such amazingly flamboyant details.


Sounds like a Jussie Smollett scenario. I could be wrong and there could be something left out of the article. But I find it hard to believe that the women jaywalked in front of his car because he was gay


I have to agree with you Mactact. I think there's something very suspicious about this female walking in front of his car besides the gay stuff


The missing part of the story is probably that when he got out to "look" for the cigarette embers he real got out to confront the women and then got beat up by her friends. Mr. Tough Guy doesn't realize that the homeless own the streets of downtown Phoenix. Don't ever confront one them for their lousy behavior unless you want to end up with your face beat in or worse. Just move along and let them be.

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