PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Arizona's Family is learning more about the Valley man who said his boyfriend bit his ear off Thursday.

Marcus Brito said he wants to share his story to encourage others to get out of abusive relationships.

[ORIGINAL STORY: Phoenix PD: Man accused of biting off boyfriend's ear during fight]

Brito said it all started as an argument with his boyfriend, Edward Gomez.

"The day it happened, it was just so traumatizing to me," said Brito.

Brito said Gomez accused him of cheating, pushed him and then bit his ear.

"It happened so quickly I didn’t even know," said Brito. "I knew he bit me, but I didn’t know my ear had fallen off until I actually was able to hold it in my hand."

Gomez told police he did it in self-defense.

"It was horrible because it felt like flesh," said Brito. "I just lost it, and I screamed like at the highest pitch I could. I screamed for him to help me, and he just ran, and ran, and ran and ran."

A maintenance worker outside heard the screams and called police.

Police arrested Gomez on an aggravated assault charge. Gomez will be in court on Valentine's Day.


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JF Conlon

I'm sure he"ll be just fine. If doctors can grow a human ear on a mouse's back, they can grow one on a LTBQXY?Z.


I guess he shouldn't be in relationships with people with mental problems that prevent them from having a normal sexual orientation. People with mental problems do crazy things.


Soooooo .... if your adorable "God" makes no mistakes, then creating gay people IS normal and right for him and should be for everyone else.




Court on Valentine’s Day!



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