Andrian P. Aliguin, 26, faces a felony charge of animal cruelty and a misdemeanor charge of failure to provide medical treatment.

Andrian P. Aliguin, 26, faces a felony charge of animal cruelty and a misdemeanor charge of failure to provide medical treatment. (SOURCE: MCSO, AZ Humane Society)

PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Phoenix police say a man has been arrested for allegedly stabbing his dog and leaving the animal to fight for its life.

[VIDEO: Man accused of stabbing his dog makes his first court appearance]

Andrian P. Aliguin, 26, faces a felony charge of animal cruelty and a misdemeanor charge of failure to provide medical treatment.

On July 9, police say Aliguin stabbed his pet dog, a 3-year-old Redbone Hound, then left the scene without providing medical treatment for the animal.

The stabbing left the dog with critical injuries, including a life-threatening injury to its trachea. The dog is currently being treated at the Arizona Humane Society's Second Chance Animal Hospital.

"The dog's neck and chest were soaked in blood," said Jenna Moffitt, an emergency animal medical technician with Arizona Humane Society.

Chest and abdominal x-rays revealed the dog had three lacerations, 1.5 centimeters deep. One laceration is suspected to have torn his trachea, which should heal on its own over time.

The hound is currently on pain medications and antibiotics.

Vets say the dog's prognosis is "fair."

When police arrived at Aliguin's house near 35th Avenue and Roeser Road, officers informed his parents about the dog being stabbed, and the fact that it was at an animal hospital in extremely critical condition.

Aliguin's parents at first claimed Aliguin was not home, according to the police report.

But a short time later, Aliguin was located at the home and was taken into custody.

Aliguin told police he speaks Tagolog as his primary language, and police were able to get a translator to interview him.

According to the police report, Aliguin "stated the dog was chasing people outside and that he brought it in the house and stabbed it and killed it."

Aliguin then stated that "he won't do it again," according to the police report.

A blood-covered knife was retrieved from the scene.

Aliguin was booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail but was later released on his own recognizance.

His next court appearance is set for July 25.


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(32) comments


omggggggg they let him out? he needs to do at least a year in jail for what he did..that poor dog i feel so bad for him..i cried when i read that..these people are evil..i hope they get deported this weekend


No toothbrush, nor bed for this guy.


That POS should rot in a cage along with his lying parents. no wonder kids are stupid. But come on what a p--k to go after an innocent dog, you are a POS. Dog has better sense than you do. This needs to stop never let him have a dog, he should have stayed in jail.

Tony G

This POS needs to be left to die in the Arizona sun! A poor, defenseless animal once again has been injured by a monster. I am so sick of these stories!

Rico Rush

equal punishment for equal treatment towards that dog.


Scumbag! Hurting innocent animals. Throw the book at him and give him the max!


He was just hungry...


He has stabbed other things and left to die having hallutionated it was chasing people.[scared]


...and his parents? Liars.


Sick F uck

Tony G

You would know! You see one in the mirror every time you look.


Only when your mother is visiting, I try hard to keep her away from the mirror, but she gets out of bed on occasion.

Tony G

Interesting! My mother has been dead for quite a while. That would make you a perverted necrophiliac! Nice job Marley. I guess you are used to the badly decomposed dead in your bed! Please make sure that you place her body back into it's final resting place when you are through, you sick fck.


She more than likely died from embarrassment. No sympathy from me, sorry, you had to shoot your mouth off at something not even directed at you to begin with. Next time, try to respectfully disagree, not attack.

Tony G

And what makes you think I need your sympathy? That is very funny, coming from a man with a fetish for dead people. What a loser you are! You are nothing but an eyesore to anyone who reads your babble. I call it as I see it and as I see it, you are nothing but a whiny, know-it-all cur who thinks he gets to people. Got news for you, bucko, you are nothing but cheap entertainment to me. Please keep ranting though. Your pushing against absolutely nothing here. Just making me laugh my a$$ off.


and you are an uneducated naive troll that wants to argue against logic and everyday common sense. Due to this, you feel threatened and feel the need to go on the offense/attack to somehow offset your dysfunctional learning ability. I'm not going anywhere either, buckwheat, so bring it on. Love it when someone shows up at a battle of the wits, unarmed.

Tony G

[beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]Funny Stuff, stupid![beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam][beam]



Tony G

Logic and common sense does not negate facts, all of which you lack, period.


there's actually a pretty big illegal dog meat trade in the Philippines, sad but true, just saying..


So - this happened in Phoenix. Is relevance a thing in commenting? People in other parts of the world are horrified that people in the US consume cows and pigs. However, that has zero to do with the story above.


Except if he planned on eating it.


I see. And people drive on the other side of the road in England. That's relevant to a wrong-way driver in Phoenix- if they're planning to move overseas, or change the law here. Oh yes, the "if only" contingency. Thanks for the laugh.


Huh? Relevance? The guy stabbed his pet and left him to die. Pretty sure that's unacceptable nearly worldwide!


How is the cuisine of the Philippines relevant to this story?


google tagolog


I know that is the most common language of the Philippines, yes- that's evidently his ancestry. But Aliguin "stated the dog was chasing people outside and that he brought it in the house and stabbed it and killed it." He mentioned nothing about eating it, which makes that irrelevant based on the facts before us.


Sorry, Tagalog is the 2nd most common language, not the most common.


English is the language of most wrong-way drivers, BTW.


No, people in other parts of the world are not horrified by americans’ consumption of pigs or cows. Not in India, Israel, or elsewhere. Maybe in Canada though, like somewhere very, very remote in Canada.



Tony G

I read about that once. Canines in big steel baskets awaiting the slaughter. It's sad and very sickening.

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