PHOENIX, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A 20-year-old Phoenix man is accused of having sex with an 11-year-old girl and allegedly getting her pregnant.

Carlos Jacinto Cobo-Perez faces felony charges of aggravated assault and sexual conduct with a minor.

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The investigation started back in November of 2018, when the victim was found with a hickey on her neck.

Police say the girl told her mom she was "in a relationship" with Cobo-Perez. The girl told police Cobo-Perez had "kissed her on the lips on multiple occasions" and had given her a hickey on her neck. A 16-year-old girl who lives at Cobo-Perez's Phoenix apartment complex told us she's a friend of his, and that said he and the victim were "in love."

“I told him that’s crazy. I told him he should like try to get away from her because she’s small and he’s older," she said.

In a police interview, Cobo-Perez admitted kissing the girl multiple times and giving her the hickey back in November.

Cobo-Perez told police he knew "their relationship was wrong," according to the police report. He also agreed to stop the relationship and have no further contact with the victim.

“He kept insisting. She's an 11-year-old girl. He’s 20. Almost 21. But he said he already knew what he wanted. He got in her head, and she fell for it easily,” the victim’s stepfather said about Cobo-Perez.

The victim's stepdad said he tried to tell Cobo-Perez in-person to stay away from his child, but the suspect called police on him.

“I was angry. I wanted to take care of him myself, and the police said, 'Don’t get involved, you’re gonna get yourself in trouble,'” the stepdad said.

Six months later, on May 17, a pregnancy test revealed that the girl was pregnant.

“I was working, and I wanted to leave work and destroy him, to be honest,” the victim’s stepdad told Arizona's Family about learning of his stepdaughter’s pregnancy.

According to the police report, the girl then told police that she and Cobo-Perez had sex, and that he is the one who got her pregnant.

The police report states that Cobo-Perez admitted to having sex with the girl in his car parked near her school, and not using protection.

In a letter written by Cobo-Perez (which has been translated from Spanish), the suspect said "he knows he could go the jail for having a relationship" with the girl, and that "he does not care if he goes to jail," according to the police report.

Police say Cobo-Perez is in this country illegally.

The victim's stepdad told Arizona's Family that he is upset with how Phoenix police handled the investigation. He said that during the initial interviews, police seemed more concerned with his [the stepdad's] legal status in the U.S. than the safety of his child.

Arizona's Family asked Phoenix police why Cobo-Perez was not arrested after his initial 2018 confession of the inappropriate relationship.

Phoenix police released the following statement:

"This matter is now the subject of an administrative inquiry, meaning it is under internal investigation. We are unable to provide more until it has been resolved."


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