PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Gas prices are continuing to surge, putting a dent in many Arizonans' pockets. According to GasBuddy, Phoenix gas prices have risen 5.8 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.80 a gallon.

GasBuddy surveyed nearly 1,100 stations in Phoenix and found gas prices are 31 cents higher than last month and $1.53 higher than last year. The cheapest station in Phoenix capped in at $3.45 a gallon, while the most expensive was $4.39 a gallon.

As of Tuesday, the most expensive gas station in the Valley was Chevron in Cave Creek off Carefree Highway, which rounded out at $4.19 per gallon for regular and $4.85 for premium. The cheapest gas station was 76 Station off 51st Avenue and Interstate 10, capping in at $3.55 per gallon for regular and $3.95 for premium. 

"Every time I'm there it's more expensive," said James Garnand.  "I could not imagine a year ago that we would be seeing the prices we are today." 

As the owner of Hi-Tech Car Care, Garnand has ideas to save money at the pump. "Attention to detail is important on anything, but particularly fuel," said Garnand. "If you drive cautiously, accelerate slowly instead of jackrabbit starts and stops, that's going to help a lot."

Compared to last year, the Phoenix average gas price was $2.27, while today, the average stands at $3.39. However, GasBuddy analyst Patrick De Haan says folks nationwide may be getting a break at the pump just in time for Thanksgiving.

"With oil prices plunging nearly $10 from the recent peak of $85 per barrel, motorists will start to see gas prices decline nationwide, just in time for Thanksgiving, and the decline could stretch for several weeks," said De Haan. 

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Compared to our neighbors in Tucson, the average gas price caps in at $3.54 a gallon, with the city rising 5.4 cents from last week. In Las Vegas, gas is nearly $4 on average, coming in at $3.93 for the past two weeks. 

Garnand said you should also pay attention to your tire pressure. "Proper tire pressure could save you up to three percent," said Garnand.

He also recommends lightening your load and skipping the air conditioning when you can. "Air conditioning has to run off the motor's energy, so anything in the air conditioning does create more load for your engine and cost you more fuel," said Garnand.

According to GasBuddy, Phoenix gas prices have risen 5.8 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $3.80 a gallon.

De Haan says the national average could decline by 15 to 30 cents in the upcoming weeks. "While there's reason to be optimistic that the peak of gas prices will soon be behind us, the decline in the price of oil is likely reflecting the possibility of a coordinated global release of oil from strategic reserves. If that doesn't happen, oil could again rally," explained De Haan.

AAA Arizona Spokesperson Aldo Vazquez says, "This week crude oil did take a tumble, went down into the mid-70s for a barrel of crude, and there has also been this decrease in demand, so that coupled with the fact that the global supply of crude oil is still trying to catch up to pre-pandemic levels, that can put some pressure on helping steady some of the gas prices, but unfortunately these elevated prices are going to continue as long as crude oil is at or above 70 dollars a barrel."

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