PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - Oh baby! The Phoenix Fire Department has a lot to celebrate this holiday season and it has nothing to do with new trucks or stations.

Turns out, there's a baby boom among the female firefighters!

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"We’re all going to be on the job another 20 to 25 years so we are going to have our babies grow up together," firefighter Morgan Dresser said.

Dresser had her first baby, Jackson, three months ago. Dresser is one of five female firefighters who recently gave birth.

“We don’t have very many females on the job, but we are all friends and one person went through the pregnancy and then another one got pregnant," Dresser said describing the start of the baby boom.

Dresser says having the other womens' support has been key to balancing life as a working mom.

“We were able to support each other through the pregnancies, the birth and the postpartum about how to get back to being on the truck again," Dresser said.

Kayleigh Packebush gave birth to Emerson in the Spring. Emerson was one infant included in an adorable photo of eight new babies born to Phoenix fire families this year.

“It was fun. It was definitely an experience trying to get eight babies to sit still and stop moving around and we did an amazing job, all the kids were for the most part smiling," Packebush said.

The Phoenix Fire Department posted the photo on Thanksgiving Day saying, "Here at PFD we have so much to be thankful for. At the top of our list are these 8 beautiful new additions to the PFD Family. Happy Thanksgiving."

The picture quickly made the rounds on social media!

“We had no idea it was going to go viral,” Dresser said.

Alana Penrod with Wildbird Photography took the picture last month, never expecting it to get the kind of reaction it has in recent weeks.

“It’s getting a lot of attention, it’s kind of overwhelming," she said.

With a little editing, Penrod says the picture of the babies and the fire gear turned out pretty flawless.

“All the parents were super crazy trying to get their babies attention, but it went pretty smoothly; we got it done in 30 minutes or so," Penrod said.

The photo was such a success, the group plans to take an even bigger photo after the holidays with every Phoenix Fire baby born in 2018.


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