PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5)  -- A Phoenix couple is accused of picking up a day laborer at Home Depot, then forcing him to have sex at gunpoint. 

[WATCH: Neighbors shocked by allegations]

According to court documents, on April 8, 39-year-old Brenda Acuna-Aguero picked up the male day laborer at the Home Depot at 75th Avenue and McDowell Road, telling him that she and her husband needed to move some items in their house.

But when they got to Acuna-Aguero’s home, court documents say she began “to talk sexual to him and stated that it was her fantasy to have sex with a laborer and that she wanted to have sex with him.”

When the victim refused, Acuna-Aguero’s husband, 45-year-old Jorge Murrieta-Valenzuela, came into the room holding a black rifle.

[VIDEO: Couple accused of forcing day laborer to have sex]

Police say Murrieta-Valenzuela placed the barrel of his gun on the victim’s chest and told him to have sex with his wife, or he’d shoot him.

The victim told police he was forced to have sex with Acuna-Aguero as Murrieta-Valenzuela took pictures and filmed on a cell phone.

Documents state that after the victim was forced to have sex with Acuna-Aguero, her husband took the victim’s Mexican Visa and Sonoran driver’s license so the couple would have all his information and his Mexican address. They also made the victim show them all the contacts in his phone, and contact the victim’s wife so they could confirm it was her.

The couple kept the victim’s documents, and told him to come back the next day around 9 a.m. or they would send the pictures of him having sex, telling him they’d bring him Viagra.

But shortly after dropping the victim off back at Home Depot, Murrieta-Valenzuela messaged the victim on WhatsApp telling him that he needed to go back to their house.

After the victim didn’t respond, Murrieta-Valenzuela told him that he would send the victim's wife the pictures of him having sex if he didn’t come back to the house within 10 minutes to have sex with Acuna-Aguero again.

The victim was contacted shortly after by his wife in Mexico, saying that she’d received pictures of him having sex with a woman.

After the victim was unable to get his Visa and license back from the couple, he contacted police.

Phoenix police got a search warrant for the couple’s house, and took them both into custody.

Acuna-Aguero first told police she’d had consensual sex with the victim, but eventually admitted that she’d known her husband would come in and allegedly hold him at gunpoint, saying it was only to scare the victim.

She also said that she knew the sexual encounter would be filmed and photographed without the victim’s consent.

After looking through the suspect’s phones, police found that the couple had participated in a similar incident in March, but police were unable to identify the victim in that case.

Murrieta-Valenzuela admitted to police that he’d held the victim at gunpoint and recorded him having sex with his wife, saying it was a “sexual fantasy scenario.” He said he’d done this four other times with other random men.

The two suspects are now facing felony charges of sexual assault, aggravated assault, and unlawful recording of a person.


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Honk Honkler

I'd hit it.


Wondering why so many posts were deleted? So much for free speech.

Chuck Baker

There is a difference between legitimate free speech and abusive trolling. I don't know who was the author of the deleted comments, but I have a good idea and I bet most people who post here also know.


Free speech is fine until you start personally attacking other people for their beliefs.. Then when does it stop?


When people like Jackson and Sharpton do so then it is just fine. Right?


It's a typical move by cry baby Democrats. They see something they don't like or something they disagree with and they report your comment as 'offensive'. Bunch of snivelers. They think that because they don't like something that they are right and the person is wrong when it's them that wroyand the other person who is right. Democrats = "Im mad, hmmfff". "I'm going to call you a name and then get your comment deleted", "because I'm mad, hmffff". Poor babies, can't handle it when someone has a different view, opinion, or belief than theirs.


Daddy your just another blind and dumb as a box of rocks hypocrite look around, you fool it’s happening right in front of you everything that’s going on today is happening not because of Decisions made in the past it’s happening cause of the decisions that are being made today SO PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR AS* And look around and smell the tacos


You are so right Daddy. That is why Trump was falsely investigated and Clinton got by with murder.


I agree.

Bob Regan

Let's her or shoot me?



I guess the viagra offering suggests the victim couldn’t perform. I’m thinking this poor laborer didn’t have intercourse. He was forced to eat his way out of the situation. If a man is scared to death with a gun pointed at him and being told at gun point to have sex with a woman he does not want to sex with, he will physically not be able to engage and comply with those demands. So if this was in fact a forced oral rape, I pity that poor victim. All I can imagine is a bag of shellfish left two days in July on a back deck in Phoenix.


Hahaha Hahaha 😄😁😆😅😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 his wife was so ugly he had to force men at gun point to f**k her. What a couple of losers


Ask a Native American sometime what happens to your culture and country when you neglect to control immigration... #standup2cancer


That happened because of the white cancer The white man wiped out millions of native Americans with their disease and racism


in other words, the white man was superior.


Wrong the white man came to this continent and discovered a superior people. While the white man was still thinking the world was flat the millions of people on this continent were a thriving thanks to the white mans greed and disease (not superiority) all that was destroyed and it’s still happening today so pull your head out of you a** mr MyOwnMind cause it sounds to me your a very troubled person who can’t advance in life cause of people of color (maybe it’s because your just a racist pile of sh**)


Djamz - You are ignorant and delusional if you believe what you wrote in your ridiculously absurd comment. You're either a liar, or uninformed and misinformed, or all three.


Djamz - You're also clearly a racist bigot filled with anti-White rancor.


Ms. jamz - You are exactly correct. The Native Americans didn't FIGHT HARD ENOUGH to protect their land and they LOST IT. Do you happen to see any parallels with the crisis playing out in this country today??


What I see playing out is an administration that took a bad imagration probablem and made it worse by dropping off “asylum seekers” in “sanctuary city’s “ aka The Streets of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA


i bet if the craigslist personal ads were sill up this would not have happened....

Comment deleted.

There is nothing in this article stating that this victim is an undocumented migrant. Your assumption clearly shows what type of heartless person you are to want to deport a rape victim.

Comment deleted.

Wow. You are an awful person.


"Phoenix couple accused of raping laborer at gunpoint" Fixed the headline for you.


Figures, more filth with West Valley losers.

Comment deleted.
Comment deleted.
Mark G

...yeah.. I’m sure “Brenda” would agree with you... Yup! ...Brendas everywhere.. using violence and sexual deviancy to promote their sick culture.. ...Gotta hand it to you, that just might be dumbest observation you have come out with yet, in your pathetic mission to spread hate and intolerance..

...Here you are, a’hob-goblin around the ‘net, with the “Brown Cancer” this, and the “infected” that.. which is the ??? ..what is that?? .. The idiot racist’s wolf-whistles du’jour, are those? .. is that what they’re pushing cretinous basement dwelling nonces to spread over there at Stormfront or whatnot? ...Is that the clever new tag-lines those like you are sent scurrying around the internet to use in the hope to promote hatred of others and push your idiotic, pathetic ideals of white supremacy?

LOL! ..Pathetic.

...tell you what, “”””master-race””””, why don’t you, and Brenda, and all those filthy nonces like you do decent society a favor, and quit with the weak, pathetic, whinging and whining and fake pearl-clutching and phony hand-wringing/incessant race baiting BS?

Why don’t you, and Brenda seek help - start there, you disgusting, racist troll.

Wayne kenoff

This is probably the most cuck sh** I’ve ever heard

Comment deleted.

The article stated that the victim had a visa, meaning he was in the country legally. How terrible that your poor reading skills led you to an (expected) racist conclusion. The only true drains on society are ball-less, ugly, stupid people like you and your god in the White House.


She had a fantasy to have sex with a laborer? What is her husband - a brain surgeon?


Lol, omg..that was Shredder.


...that was funny Shredder.


; )


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Just friggen shoot me!


They did that day laborer a solid. It's nasty that he was basically raped but now he can qualify for a U visa, since he is a victim of a crime.


They could shoot me before I dipped my wick in that!🤮🤮🤮


Did you stop to think before you posted. Oh, never mind. Are you telling us that it's after...or that you want to be shot? Don't hurt yourself thinking about this. Do yourself a favor and report your own post for deletion.


thats right,how funny

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