PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)-- Every day in the metropolitan Phoenix area, nearly 100 asylum seekers are dropped off at local churches.

"Hearing their stories about coming all the way from Honduras, Guatemala, coming to the border, seeking a better life," Steve Slugocki said. 

"We actually hugged all the children the other day, that was really tough on me, that was a tough moment." 

Slugocki is with the Maricopa Democratic Party, the group is serving as a collection hub for approximately 12 Valley churches that are helping the migrants who have recently been processed for asylum.

"They literally have nothing to their name," Slugocki added.

Slugocki showed off all of the community donations they've received in the last 48 hours during Saturday's Good Morning Arizona broadcast. 

Ken Fox saw our morning broadcast and decided to donate some items.

"I saw your truck and noticed this is the place to drop off the socks and underwear," said Fox after stopping by the headquarters located near Central Avenue and Thomas Road in Phoenix. 

"When I bless others God blesses me," added Fox. He was followed by at least 10 others who stopped by to donate.

Little by little, every donation is making a difference. The group is taking in donations for clothing, shoes, diapers and toiletries. They are also looking for volunteers.

"And then we need host families to take a ... family for the night, which are mostly women and young children for a night maybe two nights to get them to a bus station or the airport as needed," said Jade Duran-Richardson, chairwoman for District 24.

She along with others in her district started a non-profit to help raise funds for things like bus tickets and a traveling stipend as the asylum seekers make their way to other parts of the country.

"So a group of us established what's called the Last Mile and we are gonna focus on after the leave the church." Duran-Richardson added. 

"So, let's give them money for the road let's give them a cell phone so we can reach them and make sure they get to their family or they have a way to contact their family while on the road, and we have a list of translators as well."

The event is taking place until 7 p.m. at the Marciopa County Democratic Party office in Phoenix. 

If can't make it but if you would still like to donate, click here


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