PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Monsoon season isn't just for people, it affects animals too. Pets get storm phobia which is fear of storms. They are sensitive about the change in barometric pressure.

"Address storm phobias with pets by not punishing them for showing fearful or anxious behavior. Instead, create positive associations with storms by giving treats, toys and verbal praise for appropriate behavior during a storm. Obedience classes and daily interactions with pets also help reduce phobias and anxiety in pets who are more sensitive to storms," according to the Arizona Humane Society

Here are some tips to keep your pet safe:

  • Do not punish your pet for being scared. Make sure they are comfortable and relaxed.
  • Play music with thunder when it's not raining to get them used to the noise
  • Have TV or radio on
  • Provide a safe haven with food, toys and water
  • Keep pets inside

There is a product called "thunder shirts" too that is like a vest that you put on your dog that is intended to calm them and relax. It is similar to a weighted blanket. 

In case, make sure their pet ID and microchip is up to date with your current phone number and address in case your pet ends up escaping your backyard. 


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