SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- A puppy in Scottsdale is lucky to be alive after nearly becoming a meal for an owl!

At just three months old, 'Latte' the St. Bernard mix is no small puppy. Right now she weights about 11 pounds, but could grow to be 180 pounds.

[WATCH: "It's still kind of unbelievable"]

“She is very sweet, loves to be with people,” said Bonnie Ziegler, who is fostering Latte and her siblings.

On March 29th, very early in the morning, Ziegler let Latte outside for a supervised potty break.

“She went around the corner with her brother Oso, and probably went about 10 feet down and never came back,” said Ziegler.

Ziegler knows to watch out for coyotes and bobcats that sometimes visit her Scottsdale neighborhood.

“I forgot about the owls."

And like the wind, Latte was gone. Ziegler and her husband searched frantically for hours.

“I didn’t hear a sound and the other puppies didn’t bark. It was as if she just vanished,” said Ziegler.

Later that afternoon, a group of golfers playing across the street from Ziegler’s house at Troon Country Club spotted the injured pup, and took her to a vet.

‘”She had a collapsed lung. All these puncture marks. Trauma, her face was swollen from trauma."

They think the owl dropped her after scooping her out of the yard, the pup too heavy and her fur too thick for the bird to carry.

Latte still has some breathing problems, but she's getting better every day. “It's still kind of unbelievable,” said Ziegler.

Now, the gentle giant might forever be a lap dog after her flight with danger.

“She walks where we walk now. She won't go off by herself."

Latte will remain in foster care for a few more weeks. At this time, Foothills Animal Rescue is looking for help to cover Latte's veterinary costs.

If you want to help out, donations can be made on Arizona Gives Day this Tuesday at


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(3) comments

JF Conlon

Other questions . . . puppies had been turned in to rescue org. by owner? Does this have something to do with the fund raiser going on right now? Looks like a good sized pup . . . what kind of owl should us beleaguered citizens be on the lookout for?


Wouldn't home insurance cover this? A natural phenom that resulted in an item you owned being damaged and needing to be restored.


Thank you to angel foster parent in caring for Latte and siblings - their future forever home parents will appreciate tremendously! AZgives donation day culminating tomorrow will be so helpful - thank you for publicizing this contribution opportunity azfamily!

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