PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- Grumpy Cat, arguably the most famous cat on the internet and an Arizona native, died Tuesday morning at the age of 7.

According to a tweet posted Friday morning, Grumpy Cat, whose given name is Tarder Sauce, died due to "complications from a recent urinary tract infection that unfortunately became too tough for her to overcome."

[WATCH: Grumpy Cat's Arizona fans mourn frowny feline's death]

The tweet said the famous feline died in the arms of her mother, Tabatha.

[VIDEO: Grumpy Cat makes appearance at Paul's Car Wash]

Grumpy Cat lived with Tabatha in Morristown, Arizona. She garnered over 8.5 million Facebook fans, 2 million followers on Instagram and 1.5 million on Twitter since rising to fame in 2012 with her grumpy face.

From several bestseller books to her own Lifetime movie, Grumpy Cat "helped millions of people smile all around the world."

[WATCH: Grumpy Cat dies at age of 7]

Grumpy Cat was a cultural phenomenon that inspired dozens of products including perfumes, Skechers shoes, comics and more.

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She was even the "Official Spokescat of Friskies."

The calico mix, who suffered from feline dwarfism, made many appearances around Arizona and in Arizona's Family's studios.

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She "threw" out the first pitch at an Arizona Diamondbacks game, made an appearance at Paul's Car Wash and much more.

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Grumpy Cat's family vowed "her spirit will continue to live on through her fans everywhere."


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(9) comments

JF Conlon

Unlike so many humans who found their 15 seconds of fame on Facebook, Grumpy Cat never hurt a soul. She did make a lot of people smile tho'. Sorry she's gone.


There goes that family's gravy train.
Time to get a job!


So sorry for your loss, Tabatha; I know she was more to you than a money maker. Her image was fitting expression of so many things these days.


When is the go fund me going to start? It will help support the animal's owners who will now have to find another animal to gain fame and fortune off of. It wasn't just a pet to these people, it was a way to make money. Yes little Johnny, you too can be a you tube sensation. /end sarcasm...


And today was the day I was going to get sober too


what a pathetic society we live in when a stupid animal's death is celebrated in the news. What about the kids that are dying? Oh, forgot. Everyone is pagans and only celebrate animals.


Amen brother. It's a stupid cat, that's all.


Cats dont just die at age 7


UTIs can be a b#tch.

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