SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)--  Three-year-old ‘Nike’ the emu loves hugs, treats, and her best friend is a potbelly pig.

“We love her. She's really gentle. She loves water,” said Nike’s owner, Sumer Aeed.

The giant bird may not be able to fly, but she's still a pretty good escape artist.

“She's like having an eternal toddler,” said Aeed.

[WATCH: Phoenix officers talk rescuing 'Nike,' the wandering emu]

Sunday morning, Nike got out of her yard through an unlatched gate, and went wandering the streets near 65th Street and Cactus Road

Phoenix Police Sgt. Ann Justus was one of the first on this ‘emusing’ call.

“I’ve gone on animal calls, I’ve been on loose horse calls, cows,” said Justus. “But personally this was my first emu."

A neighbor was able to get a horse halter on her just as officers arrived.

“I was terrified because this bird makes really intense eye contact and I just wasn’t really sure what to expect. But once the citizen showed us she was docile, I was a little more relaxed,” said Justus

Justus helped lead the emu the safety of another neighbor’s back yard while they worked to find her owner.

The cell phone video of the two walking down the sidewalk quickly went viral.

[VIDEO: PD: Emu found wandering around neighborhood near Scottsdale/Phoenix border]

“Oh my gosh, when I watched the video I was just so impressed. They were walking her like a dog, she won't walk like that for me,” said Aeed. “Plus she's scary if you don't know about her so that was really courageous."

Today, Nike is back with her family in Scottsdale. Aeed hopes her wandering days are over.


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(8) comments


Haha that video's funny. The officer walking the emu back to it's yard, "Gat back in the yard and don't get out again".


Glad the bird was used to people. They can kick like... well... an emu.


For a minute there, I thought that bird had made a long swim from somewhere to break into the US....


Are emus good to eat?

JF Conlon

Yes, they are raised for food.


can't you clearly see that that is a phoenix police officer?


Sure looks like an emu to me.


Is Liberty Mutual filming in the area?

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