The City of Tempe’s homeless outreach team, or HOPE, is seeing an increase in the numbers of people who are homeless with pets.

The City of Tempe’s homeless outreach team, or HOPE, is seeing an increase in the numbers of people who are homeless with pets.

TEMPE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- The extreme heat affects not only humans. Homeless dogs are often forced to survive on the streets in scorching, triple-digit temperatures.

But on Friday, homeless pets in Tempe will get some TLC as an outreach team steps in to bring these homeless animals and their owner free pet food, supplies and microchipping services.

The City of Tempe’s homeless outreach team, or HOPE, is seeing an increase in the numbers of people who are homeless with pets.

But assisting them with housing can be a challenge. The owners are often reluctant to go into a temporary shelter because they don’t want to be separated from a beloved pet.

“We know that people experiencing homelessness want to remain with their dogs. That relationship may be the one constant in their lives,” said Nichole Stevens, Tempe’s homeless solutions supervisor. “Offering a bag of food or water dish helps us start the conversation with their owners about options, housing and services.”

The HOPE team is hosting the Aug. 16 outreach event with the nonprofit Arizona Animal Rescue Mission (AARM) and BELLA Project, a volunteer group focused on homeless dogs.

Supplies and services will be available starting at 7 a.m. at Tempe First United Methodist Church, 215 E. University Dr. The event is open to people who are currently experiencing homelessness.

AARM will provide microchips, tags and collars. The BELLAProject is offering dog food and treats, leashes, collars, harnesses, toys and booties.

Advocates don’t know how many pets are on the streets with their owners at any given time. But during the countywide Point-in-Time Homeless Count last January, volunteers counted 182 pets with people experiencing homelessness.

“In Tempe, we regularly see pets who are hungry, wounded or suffering from serious medical issues,” said homeless outreach specialist Kelly Denman. “Helping these animals is just the right thing to do. If we can build trust with owners at these kinds of community events, we increase our chances of connecting people with what they need to change their lives.”

To help replenish pet supplies distributed during the event, contact AARM at or Bella Project through the group’s Facebook page.

More information about the City of Tempe’s homeless-related efforts is available online.

Can you help? These organizations are always in need of donations and volunteers.


The Arizona Animal Rescue Mission works to keep animals and their owners together. The group believes that keeping pets with their owners is the best way to reduce the amount of homeless animals in our community. They provide pet owners with the necessary tools and knowledge to increase the odds of staying together.

Go online or on Facebook for more information.

The BELLA Project

The BELLA Project provides dog food/ treats, towels/ blankets, doggie booties, leashes/ collars, and sweaters/ shirts for homeless dogs on the streets.

You can call 602-451-0671 or go online.


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Duggie wuggies need a hug . [censored]


How about having this conversation - if you truly love your pet, how about you don't drag them around on the streets to live this life with you? If you can't house/feed yourself, how about you not subject your beloved pet to the same?


Is this a good place to address the homeless community. Or their pets?

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