CAVE CREEK, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Cave Creek emergency medical technician has saved his first life since he got certified.

But it wasn't a human he revived. It was a chipmunk!

[WATCH: Cave Creek EMT pulls chipmunk from pool, does CPR]

Collin Rasmusson was cleaning the pool Wednesday when he noticed a tiny chipmunk in the water, struggling to stay afloat.

"He was slowly sinking to the bottom," said Rasmusson.

So, Rasmusson grabbed his net and scooped the waterlogged creature out of the pool. He then went to work trying to save the little guy's life.

"He was still kicking so he had some fight in him!" he said.

Rasmusson, recently certified as an EMT, began doing tiny compressions, using just his fingers.

"Little compressions are all you need," he said.

[WATCH: Cave Creek man does CPR on chipmunk]

A short time later, the chipmunk began to show signs of life, opening his eyes and starting to move around.

It wasn't long before the little guy was dashing around the yard, full of life once again.

"Yeah! I saved my first life as an EMT," Rasmusson said. "Even if it's a chipmunk, it's still a life."

[VIDEO: Chipmunk scurries around yard after being rescued from pool, given CPR]

It was a sight Rasmusson was happy to see.

"How many people get to save a chipmunk's life?" he wondered. "I think I just wanted to name him and keep him. Because I knew he was a fighter, you know?"


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