PHOENIX (3TV/CBS5) -- You can usually spot a family of ducks along the Grand Canal in central Phoenix.

Recently, another web-footed critter decided to make the waterway home: a beaver.

"Having a beaver in a canal is not a usual day," said SRP Sr. Environmental Scientist, Lesly Swanson.

[WATCH: Canal-dwelling beaver relocated to Upper Verde River area]

Swanson believes the beaver traveled downstream looking for a new place to live, and wound up in the canal.

"We were hoping he would pass through the canal and find a more suitable environment to call home, unfortunately he picked this area," she said.

He even started to cut down trees nearby in preparation to build a dam. But in a canal that supplies a city of several million with its drinking water, that's the last thing we need.

"I think he could impact the flow of water," said Swanson.

So SRP called up the Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center, who helped catch the canal dweller.

"Physically he was in good shape, his teeth were in good shape," said Michael Sapp, Board Chairman of the SWCC. 

After a check up with the vet, and a clean bill of health, they relocated the rogue rodent to an area outside of Chino Valley.

"We released it up in the upper Verde area in a nice riparian area that has lots of cottonwood and saplings so he'll have a great place to start a new home," said Sapp

They hope he'll find it a suitable alternative to a man-made canal.

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SRP discourages residents from attempting to rescue wildlife or entering the canal. As well as throwing debris into the canal, this pollutes the drinking water SRP delivers and endangers wildlife.

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