GILBERT, AZ (3TV/CBS5) - Several students at Perry High School say they were disrespected by staff and asked to leave campus because they were wearing "Make America Great Again" attire. 

Friday was the last day of "Spirit Week" at the high school and it was dubbed "Party in the USA Day." 

"We just wore all of the America stuff we had, obviously Trump is the president so we wore Trump stuff because he's the leader of our country, right?" said sophomore Morgan Dupuis. 

At least eight students in MAGA gear were brought to the office at the end of the school day. The students say they were taking pictures in their outfits and holding a President Trump flag when a resource officer approached them. 

"The police officer came up and said, 'we would like you to take off the merchandise and get off the campus,'" junior Tori Farris said. 

The students asked the officer "why" and started to walk off school property when they said he started taking photos of them and asked them to come into the front office. 

"He singled me out and said, 'Hey darlin' what's your name?' And I was kind of like, 'why do you need my name? We are going off campus, we're doing what you told us to do,'" explained freshman Logan Jones. 

The students called their parents as they were being escorted to the administration office. 

"She said that they had been asked to leave school campus because they were wearing "Make America Great" things and they were taking pictures with a big banner," Jennifer Farris, Tori's mom, said. 

Farris walked into the office with her cell phone recording video of the encounter. In the video you can hear her ask the staff if her daughter was being told to leave because of her MAGA sweatshirt, and a woman tells her "no." 

"I asked why they were asked to leave the campus and they said because they were displaying the flag," Farris said. "I said, 'are they not allowed to do that?' and they said 'no, it's disrespectful and we see that as disrespecting the flag and we asked them not to.'"

Farris said she was trespassed from the school property and forced to leave. 

Jones said the flag was in her backpack for most of the day, aside from an assembly for USA Day, and when they were taking photos. 

"Us taking pictures wasn't a new thing, people do that all the time [and] they don't have any problems with it. It's a very normal thing to do and it seemed kind of off to me that as soon as it had to do with Trump, they said 'you guys need to get off campus," said Dupuis. 

Dupuis said that throughout the day, different teachers and faculty asked him to remove his MAGA clothes. 

"She was like, 'that's very disrespectful' and 'you should not be wearing that' and 'take this off, if I see you with it again you'll get in trouble. I'll write you up, I'll tell your coach," said Dupuis. 

Dupuis said a coach made him do 1,000 up-downs for being disrespectful. 

"I was like, 'isn't Trump our president?' and he goes, 'yea.' So why shouldn't I be able to wear that for USA Day and quote-unquote all he said was, 'I don't have an answer to your question,'" said Dupuis. 

The Chandler Unified School District would only tell AZ Family that one student was suspended for an unrelated matter. 

Jones, the suspended student, said she's not allowed back for 10 days because she was being "defiant." She said they essentially suspended her because she wouldn't talk to the front office until her mother arrived. 

The students say they don't understand why they were being disrespected for supporting the president. 

"They were like trying to make us feel bad for wearing what I wear," said Dupuis.

"I just think this is censorship at its finest when it comes to the schools. They can't put USA Day and not expect the kids to support their president. And if you're going to do that, what are you teaching the kids?" added Farris. 

It's not clear if any other students are facing any disciplinary actions.       


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(76) comments


Glad the administration brought these kids to reality. Stop playing dumb now. They knew exactly what they were doing. And the mom wants to play victim too 😂 i love it. It’s sad, but i love It. On America day, you bring a flag that says trump. I dont think that necessarily resembles America other than he is the President of the United States. But that’s just his job title folks.


I'm not a Rep (non affiliated like everyone should be rather than a predictable Pete I'm the wild card they fear)
At what point does being a Democrat just become embarassing?


Precious little snowflakes. They knew they would cause controversy. Next they will sue the school. Just wait. Young republican idiots.


Oh they are not. They aren’t stupid at all. Have more respect.


Why was my previous comment removed? Was it because I called you out for your blatant lie? I was at the event at PHS there were at least 60-70 people there to support the students and parents.


It's Gilbert. Of course there's going to be conservative support there. 60 to 70 people from a district that voted in Andy Biggs? Whoop-de-shitt. What's your point?


Bored conservatives have nothing better to do than pretend they're as victimized as african americans and other minorities. I would cite School Dress Code policy but in the face of such reckless hate it's almost impossible to be logical, rational, even-healed. They don't care so long as they get attention.


They are in fact victimized. It’s not hard to see if you so your research. And usually it isn’t hate.


they need to be removed from this land much less be suspended from their school, the only good Republican is a dead Republican as I have learned on my time on this earth and I am sure this trash family especially the trash parents are a part of this


V1122, you are a troll. I happen to find their phony outrage annoying, but wishing an entire community to be "removed from this land", let alone wishing them "dead", is antithesis to a liberal democracy. People are allowed to be whiny snowflakes and Ill fight to conserve for their right to be the best snowflakes they can be.


Wrong. They deserve as much respect as anyone else.


I bet all the libtards posting here are transplants from Calif


What reason(s) do you have to identify anybody in that way? It doesn't even have anything to do with this story.


What if they are? Who gives a shitt? Your point being..? I love how the mere mention California evokes such fear and disgust in conservatives.
"She used to live in... California."
(clutches pearls in horror) *Gasp!* *Nooooooo!*


This liberal was born and raised in the valley, surrounded by the most conservative white males this land has to offer...

Chad smith

And of course what is channel 5 Democrat news do they put their worst reporter in the entire building on this story sadly they are slowly stripping American citizens of free speech and rights There’s no more real news it’s all about feelings and morals not facts and the law but just like Hillary Clinton Democrats are above the law


There's no more real news. Stop to think of what that statement actually means. Perhaps you meant news reporting. But there's plenty of great reporting. No media outlet has the ability to strip away constitutional rights from individuals, there's just no mechanism to cause that. Finally, as someone who has studied and practiced journalism, I will say that Ms. Powell is a very good reporter. If you don't like the news reporting, nobody is making you choose to visit this site or watch their television broadcasts. Local news isn't what it used to be. They used to do it as a public service, now they have to make money by presenting a product that people find engaging enough to view (along with the ads that produce revenue). That's reality, but it's not news.


"Channel 5 Democrat news"
LOL. You have a lot to learn.

JF Conlon

What a tempest in a teapot! Which I suppose is exactlt what these children were after' Now they have their 15 seconds of fame. Now they can go back to verbing their nouns and texting.

JF Conlon

Yeah, I noticed. A typo in a rant about awful English. Sorry.


My son attended Perry. A few people he knew wore an Obama shirt back in the day to Perry, they were asked to remove their shirts. There was not an outrage about it, the kids simply removed their shirts and nothing was said about it, no media coverage noting!! With much respect to your comments about double standards, etc. I don’t see a double standard. Those kids were not allowed to wear Obama attire either. Unfortunately the times we are in now the only thing people see is division and this is one way to keep it going. This is why I choose to fill my kids with love and understanding for others even if our views are different. It’s interesting how this didn’t matter to those who are upset now but didn’t utter a word when those kids were asked to remove their Obama attire. The division is real! Praying for changed hearts.


Anyone who doesn't understand School Policy will say this is an "infringement on free speech". If you're causing a disruption, be it political or not, the School has a right to stop the disruption. Period.


Censorship... their "freedom of speech" has been hindered, yet they are all over social media with this nonsense. Boo Hoo! Every primary school I have ever attended had dress codes, including no slogan/band/political attire and the principal had the last word. Sounds like these little snots can't tell the difference between patriotism and political, mouthed off, and paid the consequences. Also, those smartphones need to be put away during school hours and used only for emergencies.


HA! It's almost as if "conservatives" are whiny little snowflakes, professionally outraged, white noise machines.


"As if"???? They are ALL delicate little snowflakes.


No they are not. Liberals are the snowflakes

Steven Andrews

Sorry 1000 up downs! That is physical abuse of a student.


Or, it's not, and you need to exercise more. I do close to 1000 pushups every day...

Steven Andrews

Also, that coach should be fired for physical abuse of a student. 1000 push ups because he is wearing MAGA gear? This is insane!


What's insane is pretending that Trump isn't a race-baiting sexual-deviant, who is endowed by God herself, who can do no wrong where any legit criticism is met with "you're not a REAL patriot!!!!". Separating and then ABUSING children, giving ICE permission to terrorize refugees, undermining the Intelligence Community when they come to a consensus on National Security issues/threats. That is insane. This kid could have refused the up-downs and faced a suspension, but chose not to, call the police!!!


You need to seek help for that Trump Derangement Syndrome there.


Project much? Was there ever such a thing as Obama Derangement Syndrome when rightwing pundits race-baited his citizenship claiming he was "born in africa!!"? Sounds pretty deranged to believe in such nonsensical, illogical, and totally invalidated conspiracy theories. Trump has been implicated in very serious crimes in unprecedented numbers of members within our intelligence community and within the justice department. 30+ indictments 5+ guilty plea's so far, many of whom WORKED FOR TRUMP. The Mueller's investigation has opened the floodgates against Republicans, and now they're so desperate they'll do anything to save face, including manufacturing free speech "controversies" over a simple School Policy Dress Code violation.


We aren’t pretending.


[thumbdown] to these teachers and resource officer. Definitely sounds like infringement on the right of freedom of speech of these students. This story, if accurate, doesn't portray the students were doing anything considered bad, regardless of viewpoints of President Trump. The only way to get our voices heard is to vote down further pay raises of the teachers and officers until they truly are treating people fairly and per the spirit and letter of AZ laws.


Like many here you need to read up on School Policy regarding "dress code" and what happens to students who "disrupt" other students/staff time at school. Your overly-dramatic knee-jerk response to this story demonstrates A.) that you don't understand the difference between "free speech" and the rights of Schools' to enforce School Policy, and B.) Your lack of critical thinking skills.


Free speech, assembly and protection against discrimination are constitutional rights, which have precedence over a school policy. #criticalthinking


Obviously people have rights. Much like how the other students (the ones NOT demonstrating during school hours) have rights not to have their attention disrupted on campus, all to inflate the egos' of a few proud boys and girls... This "outrage" is kind of a joke, and a bit phony as it reeks of 1st world problems, and is quite the convenient little distraction from ACTUAL crimes going on within this country. Those of us who aren't devout "conservatives" or "liberals", who try to remain impartial and evaluate varying ideas and information, and above all, single out and eliminate chicanery within an argument... we understand that nowadays many on the right REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE the intelligence community when it comes to Trump's associations and relationships to known criminals (30+ Indictments 5+ Guilty Pleas right?). So ill just say this: The Derp State doesn't care about your guns, your ammo, they don't care how much you empathize with the 1863 Southern Conservatism, they want you to express your individualism within the means of the law, and wont come for you unless you conspire to commit crimes, and/or, commit actual crimes. Like Roger Stone, or Michael Cohen, Trump jr... etc. Is that simple enough?

Steven Andrews

When are we going to start suing these schools for discrimination? Donald Trump IS OUR President. Stop indoctrinating our children to socialism and get rid of this double standard!


LOL nothing in this story is about Socialism. It is about students disrupting every one else's time and attention AWAY FROM SCHOOL CURRICULUM to demonstrate how "patriotic" they are. Very similar to how a peacock struts around flashing it's feathers/cawing at everything just so other birds will look its way. Telling disruptive students to STFU and STOP being a d!ck is not an "infringement" of anyone's rights except the OTHER students and staffs rights to attend school without distraction, who'd rather keep this petty "liberal vs conservative" stupid persons' game OFF campus. Demonstrate how "patriotic" you are on your own time.


You stupid ignorant pos they had a USA day

You got Charlottesville all wrong the alt right had a peaceful protest before your brothers of Antifa showed up and wreaked havoc

Nothing about socialism umm government agencies telling you what you can and cannot not do? Sounds like it to me

I sure hope you keep posting so I can correct your unamerican *** on everything


Haha, not for long. 2020 is just around the corner, if he doesn't get impeached first. Enjoy your beloved corrupt deranged dipshit's assault on America while you can.


Good lord man. Take a Xanax and relax. Or maybe some oxycodone like your buddy Rush Limbaugh.



JF Conlon

The rabid bats must have attacked them all!


My son went to Perry HS and this is WRONG. Students wore Obama Hope & Change shirts all the time. Shirts with pictures and images of Obama were common. There was never an issue then so why is there now? It was spirit week and USA day at the school so give me a break. The double standard makes me sick.


Lol. The lil terrorists hate to be told no

Don Curtis

"Lil terrorists???" They weren't wearing Ocasio-Cortez t shirts. Pull your head out of your butt


Terrorists? no, just professionally outraged whiny snowflakes


Not that either.


They are not terrorists!!


If Making the Great Melting Pot called America Great Again is Racist Then There is NO UNITED STATES of AMERICA!!!

Bob Regan

Both Trump and the MAGA gear symbolize racism, corruption and pathological lying and there is nothing "American" about them


When you put it that way, it may be the most American thing worn that day.

Don Curtis

Really?? Racism was pretty much dead in this country until Obumma was elected. BTW, he was only HALF black


Trump was constitutionally elected President (sidenote: I voted but it was NOT for him). There is nothing unAmerican about being voted in; it is VERY American. MAGA was a campaign slogan. Again, very AMERICAN. You not letting them voice their opinion is unAMERICAN. And there have been no new revelations amoungst whether Trump is a racist or not since election (except by the convicted perjurer the other day - and those comments were all directed PRE election). Note that the minorities in the US have much lower unemployment now under Trump's economy. I certainly do not agree with many things coming out of the GOP and being signed by the pres (e.t., tax overhaul was too broad, defense is too big) but I still respect the office just as I did when the prior person was in there. How about admitting you hate anything ever connected to Trump because you are a liberal?


Whilst I agree that legit white nationalism is a threat to us, and that we have a race baiting white nationalist as president, these kids aren't a part of that demagoguery. Their parents on the other hand...


Wrong. That is not what it symbolizes at all.


Or, you don't know WTF you're talking about.


I think it is completely understandable to ask them to remove the clothes that have slogans and propaganda used by terrorists. Seems very disruptive to the learning environment to have to be concerned about someone that would feel comfortable wearing slogans used during the terrorist activities that have been occurring and by individuals that look like they do in this clothing.


DJ13 exactly who are you referring to as terrorists?


The Maga Bomber, and the other MAGA hat wearing mass murders... etc. have you not been paying attention?


If it's you it's free speech ... If it is anyone else they must be a terrorist.
You are probably plotting right now how you will put something in their food; report them to a teacher or anything else you can think of to punish/terrorize them for making you uncomfortable.


What terrorists have worn that? And if so, does that mean all the bandits who go in armed robbery with BLM shirts on make BLM evil robbers?


The MAGA Bomber? LOL and the other terrorists who've killed people in the name of MAGA. etc. Heather Heyer was the first...

JF Conlon

Can we leave the Bureau of Land Management out of this?


Oh your liberal ignorance is showing.


Why don't you try actually responding with something substantial instead of resorting to petty name calling?

Richard H

I would expect this in California!!

AZ Native

The students shouldn't be facing any disciplinary actions - the school officials and resource officer should! Would this have happened if they had worn something with Obama on it? Probably not.

Wayne kenoff

Trump’s message is a lot different from Obama’s; don’t be ignorant. Remember when Trump got elected and there were all these hate crimes? Swastikas, graffiti of N-word, etc.

Don Curtis

No Snowflake, I don't. Please show some real proof


Nope, I don't remember. I do know there were some of those found to be done by liberals. The message is different, but legal. Obama's was give to everyone whether citizen or not and bow to foreign governments (look at the photo with him bowing in Middle East). Trump's is Americans, LEGAL Americans first, and then we will show mercy with what's left (look at the trucks full of food in Columbia waiting to enter Venezuela). Different messages but not as you state.


You come off as very disingenuous with the truth. Trump cowers to Putin EVERY TIME they meet. He proverbially sucks his d*ck off. Obama told Putin, to his face, to stop disrupting democracy's around the world including outs. And according to our intelligence communities, Trump and co appear to be balls-deep in Kremlin "affairs" among other criminal enterprises. It's almost as if all this fear and hatred towards non "conservatives" is nothing but projection.

2017 FBI hate crime statistics:

59.6 percent of the victims were targeted because of the offenders’ bias against race/ethnicity/ancestry.

20.6 percent were victimized because of bias against religion.

15.8 percent were targeted because of bias against sexual orientation.

1.9 percent were targeted because of bias against disability.

1.6 percent were victims of gender-identity bias.

0.6 percent (54 individuals) were victims of gender bias.
48.6 percent were victims of crimes motivated by their offenders’ anti-Black or African American bias.

17.1 percent were victims of anti-White bias.


Remember Charlottesville when David Duke and his minions of torch wielding White Nationalists beat up the locals and killed Heather Heyer? I remember. I'll never forget the "coverage" on right-wing media outlets, or lack thereof.

AZ Native

Wayne kenoff You are the ignorant one.


Actually, as someone who voted for Obama in 08 and 12, I don't want to see any politically charged clothes in school. It causes a distraction, and is precisely why Schools have a thing called a "dress code".

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