PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - One woman was killed Sunday and five others were injured during a shooting at a motel in east Phoenix.

Arizona's Family has covered similar shootings in the small motel cluster in that same area. In fact, we've reported 13 gunshot victims within a matter of six months.

[ORIGINAL STORY: PD: Woman killed, 3 critical following shooting in Phoenix motel]

Is there anything that can be done to help reduce this criminal activity?

One attorney says there might be.

“At approximately 11:23 this morning Phoenix police officers responded to an emergency call of a shooting,” said Phoenix Police Sgt. Armando Carbajal.

Sunday morning's recent shooting occurred at the Payless Inn near 25th and Van Buren streets. Police say it started as a fight that quickly turned deadly.

“It's my understanding that it started as very heated verbal. I haven’t received information that it turned physical, in the sense of hand-to-hand fighting. At one point, that's when the alleged suspect pulled out the handgun and started shooting,” said Sgt. Carbajal.

Three men and three women between the ages of 18 and 41 were shot, including the suspect. An 18-year old woman was pronounced dead.

This past July, Arizona’s Family reported five people shot at one of those motels, and again in October, two more people were shot.

Sunday's shooting brings the number of victims to 13.

Ryan Tait, an attorney with the law firm of Tait and Hall, says there's something called an abatement action that can be filed in court.

“There needs to be a determination by somebody that criminal activity is occurring regularly on the property. The judge would hold a hearing to decide whether or not regular criminal activity is occurring,” said Tait.

If a judge makes that determination, Tait says there are a number of possible actions, such as requiring the property owner to put up security cameras or hire security, possibly even shutting down the property.

But Tait says it could be a tough case to prove.

“A shooting is something that’s a little more extraordinary and difficult to predict. Once you get up to the number 13 within a period of months you do have an argument that hey, this is happening so regularly that the owner really needs to take some extraordinary measures to protect the people in the community on that property and around that property,” said Tait.

Who can file this type of legal action? Any community member directly affected by the criminal activity, the County Attorney, the City Attorney or the Attorney General.


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