PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- After hours on the run, Phoenix police arrested the man accused of shooting six people at a house party early Tuesday morning.

Phoenix police arrested 29-year-old Jeffrey Rhone in connection to the shooting that left two people dead and four others injured.

Tuesday night, police released the names of the two victims who died. They are 17-year-old Shelby Verderosa and 30-year-old Jorge Rodriguez.

The four people injured were all men, ages 19, 22, 29 and 56. They are all expected to survive their injuries.

Police said Rhone was at the house party near Dunlap Avenue and Interstate 17 when he got into an argument with some of the partygoers at the house the previous evening.

Police say Rhone returned to the residence armed with a handgun.

Several witnesses told detectives that Rhone entered the residence and fired his gun multiple times inside.

Rhone then chased after the 19-year-old victim down 27th Avenue while continuing to fire his gun at him, according to Phoenix police.

The 19-year-old victim was able to make it to a hotel in the area of 8600 North Black Canyon Highway where he was located by officers. Rhone then took off from the area. 

Those at the party were shaken by the shooting.

One woman, still in her party dress, left the crime scene Tuesday morning with no shoes. She was on the verge of tears.

"I'm just worried about my friends," she said. "There was a fight over nothing."

"I was trying to run to the back door and he was coming in shooting everybody," she explained frantically.

Neighbors woke up to find dozens of police vehicles on their street.

27th Ave between Alice and Butler south of Dunlap was blocked off for hours.

Sgt. Carbajal said just before 10:30 a.m. an undercover detective spotted the suspect pull into a parking lot near 35th Ave. and Northern driving with a flat tire and his hazard flashers blinking. Carbajal said the detective called for backup.

"The suspect simply got out of the vehicle, put his hands in the air and surrendered to police without incident," he explained.

Rhone was on the run for about seven hours.

Joanne Robles knew officers were looking for a shooting suspect, but didn't know at the time the man she saw in handcuffs around 10:30 a.m. was him.

"He didn't look like surprised or shocked," she described of his demeanor.

She thought it was unusual there was such a big police presence for one man.

"I've never seen so many cops in my life and these were undercover!" she exclaimed.

Rhone has been booked into jail.


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(14) comments


Was the suspect invited to the party? Was he a friend? Neighbor? What was the fight about? How and where was he found? Does anyone research for articles anymore?


Likely a friend or acquaintance if he was there. He was upset that someone may have stolen his wallet. Got kicked out, went to apartment to get his roommate's gun, then came back and shot people.


Looking for a bit more info...


Hmmm a party on a Monday night... with no football... i wonder what TyPe of ppl these are....?? LOL. Must be a book club that had too much wine... right???

Big Mike 86



And you laughing about how this person was taking bad about it! You both make me sick. Let's have this happen to someone you love and have people talk le this about them and laugh. [sad][sad]


How dare you talk about stuff you don't even know the facts about! The news had it all wrong! I knew shelby she was like a daughter to me, I loved her to death would do anything for her, she was good girl a sweet heart. And for you to talk about this with no regard at all makes me sick. You should be ashamed of yourself!


never bring pew pew pew to the party


It wasn't a party but thanks for your joke. I guess that's what I should say at my daughter's funeral.


No description of the perp?


Who cares?


If it was a WHITE police officer who shot a BLACK criminal, you WOULD care wouldn't you? yes, you would.


I would care if any cop, bl;asck or white shot an unarmed, fleeing or down citizenm.


I care, she was like a daughter to me we loved shelby very much

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