SURPRISE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A Surprise man has been arrested on child abuse charges after police say he shot his teenage stepdaughter at close range with a pellet rifle.

[WATCH: Family members defend man accused of shooting stepdaughter with pellet gun]

According to Sgt. Tim Klarkowski with Surprise PD, the girl was shot Tuesday afternoon at a home near 136th Avenue and Watson Lane. 

She was taken to a local hospital for treatment. Police said she had to undergo emergency surgery due to a pellet striking the outside sac of her heart. At last report, the girl was said to be in stable condition.

Klarkowski said the girl's stepfather, 37-year-old Isiah Jackson, has been booked on charges of aggravated assault and child abuse.

[WATCH: Neighbor talks about girl shot with pellet gun by stepdad]

According to the police report, Jackson was shooting birds off the roof of the house, and he brought the pellet gun back into the house to fix the scope.

Police say Jackson then began talking to his stepdaughter about not finishing her chores.

According to the police report, Jackson was holding the gun "with the barrel pointed at the victim when it went off, striking the victim in the chest."

Police say Jackson asked a family member to call 911, then walked off to find his phone.

When fire crews arrived and cut the victim's clothes off of her, a hot dog was found in her pants. When questioned about it, the teen said she "was shot on purpose by her father for eating food."

According to the police report, the girl said Jackson "caught her eating something she should not be and told her to hold up [a] shooting target. Right before shooting the pellet gun, Isiah advised the victim next time he would tase her."

Police say Jackson has a history of domestic violence and a history of violence against children/animals. Several children in the home had reportedly been placed in foster care several years ago due to "physical abuse allegations."

Authorities have now taken custody of the six other children in the home.

When Jackson was later taken into custody, the police report states that Jackson "would not admit to shooting the victim on purpose but did advise she steals food and eats out of the trash."

Jackson's cousin, Jimmy Buntley, said he and his family were shocked learn about the arrest.

"I hope they all pull together, and everyone gets the help they need," said Buntley..."I was like wow, okay, just surprised because that’s not my cousin."

Investigators later searched the home where Jackson lived.

Police say the room where the young victim slept was noticeably different from the rooms where the other children slept. While the other rooms had "high end furniture, decorations, clothing and toys" the victim's room had a lock on the outside, an alarm, a bunk bed with one mattress, one blanket, one sheet and one pillow with no pillowcase. Investigators also say the room had a "very heavy odor of human urine; the floor was saturated with urine."

"He treats them all the same," said Buntley.  "They all get treated the same. They all get the same stuff."

Police say the victim has not been in school for three years. Her family members told police she is "taking online classes and does not have any friends."

"She wasn't in school for almost three years? That's unfortunate that she was kept in her room like that, but again very little contact from her," said Sebastian Robinson, who lives next door. "To be quite frank with you, I have seen her, she has said hello from her window before so it's not like she hasn't been seen."  

Her family also said the victim had "no personal items in her room due to parents removing her belongings after finding food hidden in her belongings."

Jackson is due in court May 8.


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(13) comments


Too bad you people don't have a clue what you're talking about you all are on the outside looking in, what happened was wrong yes but he is definitely not a child abuser


Those pesky facts ruin everything dont they??!!

Police say Jackson has a history of domestic violence and a history of violence against children/animals. Several children in the home had reportedly been placed in foster care several years ago due to "physical abuse allegations."


I like his inner tube lips




Dad doesn't look like he's missed many meals. Maybe the kid was stealing food because they were starving her? Sorry life ahead for this little girl and her siblings.


And where was Mom, the one who was supposed to be protecting this girl? Mom needs to go to prison as well.


F^ckin looser this sh*t pile looks like he has th IQ of a box of rocks.


A hot fog found in her pants?


shot in chest and crews take her pants off?!?


Surprise use to be such a nice place to live in then in 2000 all these failed at life losers from other states migrated to AZ from Michigan and other northern states.. black white brown yellow. I wish all you pieces of dirt that moved to AZ after 2000 would go back and fix the crappy states you left and stop ruining AZ


People always wonder how someone can shoot a child. It's easy - you just lead them a little less.....


There is SO much wrong with this story but mostly, why in the $#%^ were ANY children living there considering his history of abuse? Do we have to wait for someone to die to protect these kids?



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