William Jose Chavez

William Jose Chavez, 28

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – A Glendale man is facing charges of drug possession, criminal damage and criminal trespassing after a security guard at a Phoenix apartment complex caught him in one of the units, police said.

Officers arrested William Jose Chavez, 28, at an apartment complex southwest of 43rd Avenue and Indian School Road late Sunday night, July 7, 2019.

“Upon our arrival we heard screaming coming from the apartment,” reads the probable cause for arrest statement. “The security guard had pepper sprayed a Hispanic male who was later identified as William Chavez.”

According to court documents, the security guard called the police after seeing Chavez and another man go into an apartment. The security guard reportedly told police he was waiting for officers to arrive when Chavez came out of the apartment. According to court documents, he yelled at Chavez, who then “rushed him.” That’s when the security guard used his pepper spray, court documents say.

The security guard said the second man came out holding a weapon, which was later determined to be a BB gun, according to court documents. The security guard said he sprayed pepper spray in that man’s direction, but the man went back into the apartment and eventually broke a window and escaped.

Police said they found a “partially smoked small white pill” in a piece of foil that, according to the security guard, came from Chavez’s pocket.

The officer stated in the probable cause for arrest statement that he believed the pill to be an “oxycodone hydrochloride pill, also known an as ‘M30.’”

The security court also told police he saw Chavez and the man who got away break down the apartment’s front door to get inside.

It’s not clear why the men chose that apartment. It’s also not clear if Chavez has a criminal history.

Facing two felony charges and one misdemeanor, Chavez was released on his own recognizance and is due back in court later this month.


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Couldn't afford the whole haircut because he had spent half of it on visine for his one good eye. He was released on his own recognizance, which is good because we won't have to pay to put him up in prison. Maybe he'll get popped while awaiting trial and we won't have to waste more time on this side show clown.


Another sterling member of society.


He was released? In an armed burglary? That'll show would-be criminals....

Wayne kenoff

Ummm why is his head half shaved?


Lack of funds, hence the robbery.


Haha Chavez cant wait till the boys get a hold of that head in prison... Keep making not whites look stupid


Should have shot the pos twenty times


Security guards can't count that high and generally don't carry firearms, nice try though.


If he would shave the opposite half of his beard, the other prisoners can play checkers on his head!


I would of mistaken him for a realtor, loan officer, doctor, welder, computer programmer, astronaut, clergyman, etc., Not a criminal, must just be me!


Nice haircut Pedro....have fun with Bubba in prison!


And that is why smart criminals carry real guns instead of BB guns. C'mon man, this is embarrassing! Highly unusual to bring mace to gun fight and walk away the winner...


Looks like this dumb a-ss forgot to trim the rest of his brain. My hairless brain side made me do it


Half baldy, mustbe half related to Mr Evil.[scared]

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