SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- Police say a Scottsdale man has been arrested for holding his girlfriend against her will and allegedly "brutalizing" her in a sex dungeon in his home.

Jason Monroe Smith, 48, was charged with one count of kidnapping.

Public records show Smith was a certified public accountant in Silicon Valley who had his license revoked in 2015 for several professional violations, including dishonesty and fraud.

In an interview with Arizona's Family, Smith's girlfriend said she consented to the BDSM activity and said she hoped prosecutors would drop the case. 

[WATCH: Lawyer says reaction of woman tortured in Scottsdale sex dungeon is common]

The woman admits their relationship might sound unorthodox to many, but she says this was not kidnapping or abuse. Rather, she says this was a consensual, agreed upon arrangement, all taking place in his Scottsdale home near Thunderbird Road and 90th Street.

"I love him to death,” the woman said.

Attorney Dwane Cates, who is not involved in the case, said it is not uncommon for victims of domestic violence to recant once a prosecution begins.

"Sometimes these victims believe that they deserve this, and everything's their fault because they're told that by the perpetrators," he said.

The girlfriend, who has asked not to use her name, says she met Smith on a dating website called ‘Secret Benefits.’

The pair communicated for a short time and then began dating.

The victim told police that, at first, their conversations were "normal" dating conversations, but that she was aware Smith was "interested in an alternative lifestyle" which he described as "50 Shades of Grey with a twist," according to the police report.

It wasn't long before she moved into his home.

“I’ve never had anybody make me laugh like he does,” she said.

[WATCH: Woman tortured by Scottsdale man in sex dungeon says it's a misunderstanding]

The police report stated that she was aware that Smith had a sex-style "dungeon in his home which encompassed the main living area of his home," according to the police report.

The report describes the dungeon as an area "with various apparatus meant to torture and control individuals such as a 'guillotine'/medieval stocks, metal rack, chains, whips, other blunt weapons, hoist with chains, a large cage with a portable plastic toilet."

Police say Smith drew up a "contract" for the victim, discussing "things she would allow him to do to her in return for living at his home." 

[WATCH: Woman allegedly held as sex slave in Scottsdale says she had agreement with man]

According to the police report, the contract stated "she would refer to herself as 'the slave' and he would be 'master,'" and she would "sleep in a cage."

According to the police report, the victim told police how, on one occasion, Smith dragged her by the hair through the house, pulled off her clothes, shackled her, handcuffed her, and beat her.

She says one day in March was especially extreme.

The police report says she told detective she was "screaming and crying" and "strained against the restraints hard enough that she claimed her wrist was broken."

The police report states that the victim claims Smith then restrained her on the floor with "metal U bolts" and "began to whip her with a 'bull whip." The victim claims Smith shocked her and whipped her approximately 50 times

Worried there was an emergency, their roommate made an audio recording of what was going on in the house and later took it to police.

The woman downplayed the severity of that episode in an interview with Arizona's Family.

“People are going to say what they're going to say and anybody who hears the recording is going to say whatever they're going to say. And I get it," she said. "If I was a cop and I heard that I would have kicked the door off the wall. That’s just how it goes. But I’m not bound and gagged and locked in a closet. It’s sad that the picture's been painted and now, it’s like guilty until proven innocent."

According to the police report, the victim claims this went on for months, until she left the home on May 6 to meet with the roommate. The roommate and her mother, taking issue with what was going on in the house, flagged down a Scottsdale officer, and handed over the audio.

According to the police report, the girlfriend told police she had escaped, but she would later tell AZFamily that she had simply met the roommate for a meal.

The police report also stated she told officers she had "remained in the house because she had nowhere else to go.”

“It wasn’t fun but I consented to it when I got here. And it wasn’t because it offered me a place to live,” she said.

Smith was arrested on May 8 and was charged with aggravated assault and kidnapping, because police say his girlfriend endured this for several months.

[VIDEO: Man accused of 'brutalizing' girlfriend in alleged sex dungeon at Scottsdale home]

“This is an unusual case for me, I haven’t had this case where we’re dealing with a BDSM component and then kidnapping charges. I can understand how that could come into play and then be misconstrued from the very nature of BDSM,” said Smith's attorney, Chris Doran.

Smith has been able to post his $250,000 bond, so he is now out of jail, but cannot go home or see his girlfriend as part of his conditions of release.

His girlfriend has even written a letter to the courts, saying she does not want him to be prosecuted. She says she has thrown out all of their bondage equipment.


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(24) comments


He should immediately file paper work with the court to evict her so he can go back to his house. He should also file an order of protection against her. Her credibility is shot (re going to trial) so she doesn't have the leverage she might think she has. He should get an injunction against harrassment on those nosy neighbors that called the police on him.


If what's in this article is accurate they have no case here. This guy needs to stay the course and not sign a plea. They're banking that he'll fold and sign a plea. Don't sign the plea and the prosecutor will either dismiss the case or lose in trial...meaning the accused will win if it goes to trial. The so-called 'victim's' credibility is already shot. It might take awhile but stay the course and then sue, sue, SUE anybody and everybody you can who was involved in bringing this case against you. Then, if you can, get criminal charges filed against them as well. Teach people lessons about f**king with you.


"Daddy" - For someone supposedly so conversant with the law I thought you'd be more familiar with the provisions of Arizona Supreme Court Rule Rule 31(a)(2)(A). Your legal knowledge limitations notwithstanding, you neglected to tell the defendant he will need to spend about $25,000-$50,000 to prepare a defense for a case of this magnitude. Your naivete' and/or ignorance of the real world is showing, sir.


Laws - Because I didn't mention the obvious you think I'm not aware of it? Of course he's going to need a good attorney.


How come she gets exclusive use of the home owned by him?

Vote NO for these corrupt judges on the ballot. Also vote NO for Bill Montgomery. Did you know kidnapping and drive by shootings are "non dangerous" and probation eligible offenses? Do some research. Then vote accordingly.


Pure speculation but..could it be that he was ready to kick her out on the street being tired of the old poon, looking for fresh meat to abuse and then she went into a panic? Listen to the news reports. The so-called victim now wants his to go unpunished (maybe she's afraid of court) and the "perp" can't even go home. The news reporters even says "their home". Looks like the got to stay and is now using his home as hers. Something's not right about this and I have a sneaking suspicion she consented then set him up to "steal" his home.


I wouldn't doubt that, would need to be asked to both parties.


The real question here is.....Did she swallow ?


I'm not buying it. She knew exactly who she was living with. A contract, for God's sake! She didn't sign it, but she did read it. She had "nowhere to go?" Shut up.


Yes, similar thoughts for me about this 'situation'.

Born in AZ

So this chick wanted to live out her fantasy of Anastasia Steele recognizing her fleeting youth. It got a little too intense, and she wanted out. Don’t get me wrong, this guy is a creep too. However, he did disclose his intentions before she moved in.

The situation is weird to most of us, but I bet some of you find it strangely curious.

JF Conlon

I find it curious that there is a roommate involved in this. How many people were living there at the time? Should he have had a group home license?


So, for personal reference, is there a legal way to keep a woman willingly locked up in your sex dungeon?? After all, there's a pretty fine line there between S&M fantasy and alleged kidnapping....


only until she gets mad at you


Another "Me Too" fraud


I hope they don't drag him around to much in jail by the hair when he needs Brutus. [love]


Just Old Town Things


Won't it be funny if the tables are turned with his new cell mate!

JF Conlon

Are guillotines legal in Scotsdale?


BS, she knew exactly what she was getting herself into, even signed a contract smh.


Which is sad. im not in her position, but dang. You sign a contract to live in a house with a dude who is sick....all because you have nowhere to go? A shelter, IMHO, seems like a better option than this dudes place...


no one asked your permission so sit down and shut up. She asked for it and he delivered.


permission for what nimrod



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