PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A man was arrested after police said he murdered a homeless man because he was angry about the increase in the homeless population around his north Phoenix neighborhood.

John Adam Bachler was taken into custody on Nov. 16.

The investigation started when detectives found Joshua Jackson shot to death inside a drainage pipe near 31st Avenue and Deer Valley Road on July 4, 2017. Police said he was killed between 6:30 p.m. on July 3 and 8 a.m. on July 4.

Investigators said they found information that Bachler lived nearby and had become increasingly upset at the number of homeless people in the area and made threats that he would "kill a transient if he could get away with it."

Police said after officers found out Bachler lied about owning a gun, they interviewed him about the night of the murder again. He said he was drunk, armed with a handgun and was walking in the area of the murder to confront homeless people on July 3, 2017. He said Jackson startled him, so he shot toward him five times.

After the shooting, Bachler told people he disassembled his gun and threw the pieces in different trash cans, according to court documents.

When he saw on the news days later that Jackson had died, Bachler threw away all his clothing from that night, police said.

Bachler admitted to shooting the victim but said it was an accident. He also said he knew what he did was wrong and asked investigators to tell Jackson's parents he was sorry for what did, police said.

The 36-year-old was booked on one count of first-degree murder. He was also booked on one count of aggravated harassment for sending text messages to his ex-wife who has an order of protection against him, police said.

Bond was set at $250,000.


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The homeless are people but many of them are homeless by choice. I empathize more with the people who try to live a decent life than those who take the easy way out and depend on others to care for them. Then they turn to drugs, crime and other low life activities that imperil the rest of us... and little is done to insure our safety. Disgusting!


Well, if you made enough money to live in a fancy gated community, you wouldn't have that problem, now would you? That must just make you sick. You'll always have to deal with and look at homeless people every day. Boo Hoo.


It's about time!! Good for him! Kinda. I don't agree with using a gun. I think.... worse. But DV? Seriously. You have no idea. When you have homeless drug dealers/users hiding in dark areas of your complex. They walk through 24/7. Mgt doesn't care about keeping any one safe. Have you ever gone outside at 1am to walk the dog before bed to find someone standing there head down.?? Most likely on Heroin. Or see people sleeping next to the leasing office door.? Or walking their dogs through your complex just because they can. No one can enforce Trespassing Laws. They come and go too quick. Have you had someone knock at your door at midnight asking for slippers by a native drunk who needs them to walk to the store.? They walk through with 'shives' and home made weapons on a daily basis. No one cares. So why would or should anyone care if ThEy go missing. Trash.


Show some empathy and compassion, people are people homeless or wealthy. According to the information from Silent Witness, the homeless man was known by many of the residents as being kind and helpful.


"It's about time?" The person in the article is a psychotic POS. Homeless people aren't "trash", they are human beings. I was homeless once, and I'm currently working on a Master's degree. Not all homeless people have drug issues. If you look inward, you'll find the true source of your disgust-- it's you. Sounds like you live in a crappy apartment complex, probably have a sh*tty menial job, are not educated, and your life probably sucks. That has nothing to do with homeless people. Stop blaming other people/things/ideologies for your failure as a human being.


Oh those pesky dreamers.

Wayne kenoff

He’s obviously a dog-f***** like yourself


Only someone genetically stupid would keep posting the same pointless words over and over again.


momsacorn it's sarcasm.


Shrill22: Sarcasm or not, she is absolutely correct. Grow up.


ObeyLaws when I grow up I want to be just like you.


99% of the whining powerless morons on this board don't understand critical thinking. You think they would get sarcasm?

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