PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – A Phoenix father is facing felony charges of child abuse after allegedly burning his pre-teen son with a butter knife.

According to court documents, it’s not the first time Joaquin Patron Banda Sr. has been reported for alleged abuse.

[WATCH: What police say happened]

Police said the 11-year-old’s mom noticed the injury on his back on Monday, Aug. 12. The child had been with Banda the weekend before.

When police interviewed the boy, he told them Banda “burned him on the back with a hot butter knife for no reason,” according to the probable cause for arrest statement.

The boy also told police his dad “pulled the front of his shirt,” leaving a small scrape on his neck.

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Police said that a medical exam reveal healing injuries consistent with what the boy told them.

When officers spoke with Banda, 39, on Wednesday, he denied burning his son, claiming a 9-year-old cousin had done it by accident.

Court documents state that Banda also denied knowing about the abrasion to his son’s neck.

Officers took Banda into custody without incident.

While Banda’s court documents noted a “prior report of physical abuse,” no other information was immediately available, and no prior arrests were listed.

A judge ordered Banda released on his own recognizance but subject to electronic monitoring, including curfew restrictions and supervision by Pretrial Services. She also mandated drug and alcohol testing and monitoring.

Banda is due back in court for a status conference on Aug. 28, and then a preliminary hearing on Sept. 4.


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(16) comments

Phillup Witgas

Thanks demoturds. If they had it their way we would have these incidents every day... Oh wait, we do.

PhiIIup Witgas

That reminds me, I need to go get more hemorrhoid medication.


That’s so odd. These people usually run their kids over in the driveway or drown them in green swimming pools. This is a new one.


This is abuse for sure, but when you cannot even spank your kid that is going waaaay too far. Spank your kid and get arrested. Pathetic.


NEVER trust a man with a bad haircut.


Animals like this that physically abuse children are no worse than pedafiles, and can be cured just the same. Why they let them out blows my mind. Need cheap farm labor? Let’s round the abusers up and put them in the fields- better there than in a jail cell or on their own so they can abuse another child.


Typical Mexican animak

PhiIIup Witgas

Typical idiot that can't spell


[angry][angry] He should not be able to have visits with the boy unless a legal person is with them and maybe the boy should be asked if he wants to see the father, I know I sure wouldn't!!!


Ban butter knives immediately. Someone used something to hurt someone, remove it from everyone.


there was a "prior report of physical abuse" and this guy was allowed unsupervised visits with this poor kid? what will it take...

Dbreath you're a b.itch

I could make a report claiming you abused a child and from that moment forward there would be a "prior report of physical abuse" on record about you too. Divorce and custody situations can get really icky, malicious, and ugly.

Dbreath you're a b.itch

Obviously I mean if I knew you in some way.


Banda the liar . [censored]


Brown plague


One track mind, huh? Sad and pathetic.

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