Operation Riptide Mugshots

These people arrested or charged are connected to the trafficking of hard drugs like heroin, cocaine, acid and methamphetamine throughout the community.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- On Tuesday, June 18, a 10-month investigation, coined Operation Riptide, ended with 37 people arrested and charged on suspicion of felony drug sales, the Flagstaff Police Department reported.

These people arrested or charged are connected with the trafficking of hard drugs, such as heroin, cocaine, acid and methamphetamine, throughout the community.

[PHOTOS: 40+ face charges linked to felony drug sales in Flagstaff area]

In total, 44 people were indicted by the Grand Jury. Seven of these individuals are currently outstanding.

Sgt. Charles Hernandez of the Flagstaff Police Department provided their identities with the charges they face. This information is provided in a slideshow available for viewing here.

Operation Riptide was led by the Northern Arizona Street Crimes Task Force (Metro). Metro had help from other organizations, including the FBI Safe Streets Task Force, Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), Arizona Department of Public Safety Gang Unit (GIITEM), Coconino County Sheriff's Office, Arizona National Guard Counter Drug Task Force and Homeland Security Investigations (HSI).


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JF COLON who said that drugs only come from south of the border pls inform me an a few others that don’t know . You are he llirious , pls don’t run your trap with out knowing facts first , most trolls that’s their thing like you .


Also the guy with the eye is scary af.


Drugs aren't bad because they're illegal - drugs are illegal because they're bad.

JF Conlon

Hate to think of Flagstaff infected with these types, but I guess they're all over. Sure wish I could believe that wall will help.


Drugs don't care about skin color. Prohibition or a wall does not work, it does nothing as long as people willing to risk it get the biscuit.


A wall will work to make the drug flow easier to control and reduce. The reason cocaine became so huge in the US was that there was a successful entrepreneur (Escobar) promoting it and wide open delivery channels making it easy to get into the US... A massive wall would disrupt delivery logistics which would reduce drug flow. Its just like any other business, if the logistics environment is not conducive to doing business, less business is done.


A sad day in flagstaff prayers go out to all of you...


A doper. [scared]


Yegods, theys somes uglies! [scared]

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