GOODYEAR, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - The Goodyear Police Department have released new documents surrounding the bank robbery that led to a New Year's Eve freeway chase ending in an officer-involved shooting.

The suspect is now identified as Jimmy Edward Munoz. But the FBI had dubbed him the "Stagecoach Bandit."

[WATCH: Police released body-cam video of officers shooting serial bank robber in Phoenix after chase]

According to the new police report, the FBI had linked him to multiple Valley bank robberies.

[PDF: Wanted poster for serial robber from FBI]

On Dec. 12, Munoz tried to grab money from an open teller drawer and the teller's hands at a Wells Fargo bank but didn't get any money, police said.

The next day, police said Munoz implied he had a gun and stole money from an Avondale Wells Fargo.

On Dec. 17, he robbed a Scottsdale Wells Fargo after demanding cash, police said.

On Dec. 22, Munoz demanded money using a note and got the cash from a Wells Fargo in Phoenix, the police documents said.

On Dec. 27, Munoz again used a note to rob a BMO Harris Bank in Scottsdale, officers said. 

Finally, on Dec. 31.,  police paperwork says he used a handwritten note to rob the Chase Bank at McDowell and Litchfield roads 

That note read "DO AS I SAY - YOU WON'T GET HURT," "Give me All $$$ - No Games No Dye Packs - No GPS," "ALL $$ Quickly I Have A Gun!"

Bank staff told police they thought he had a gun but didn't see one. He made off with $2,100, police said.

[ORIGINAL STORY: PD: Suspect shot by police after Loop 101 pursuit Monday 'simulated' a weapon; no gun found]

As Goodyear officers arrived at the bank, the Munoz took off in a gray SUV.

Police documents said he called his wife near Loop 101 and 59th Avenue and told her was "not coming home" and he would never see her or their three kids again. He also told her he loved her and he was sorry.

“He said, ‘They’re not taking me. I’ll take myself first. And he said I’m not going back to prison," Munoz's wife Patricia said in a phone call with an investigator after the fact. "He said that he had a gun and I told him that he needed to pull over and accept his consequences.”

He got onto the Interstate 10 and Department of Public Safety troopers used a spike strip while he was on Interstate 17.

It did hit one of his tires and but he kept going until law enforcement did a PIT maneuver and he stopped on westbound I-10 near 43rd Avenue.

Police said they thought Munoz was pointing a gun, so they fired multiple times, striking him and his vehicle. 

Later, it was revealed he was not armed, and only "simulated a gun," police said.

There were no injuries to drivers or officers during this incident.

Munoz was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries, where he stayed for more than two months while he recovered. He was later booked into jail, where he has been ever since.

He is facing multiple armed robbery, burglary and aggravated assault charges.

His trial will start in November. 


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just another normal day in the land of the free and the home of the brave


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I suppose the bootlickers think this is entertainment, watching the police murder and attempt to murder the 'usually unarmed' citizens?.


So many people say 'white trash' and I was wondering if 'brown trash' is acceptable to the editors here. If it is, this guy qualifies. I also wonder if they will delete this comment.


Correct. Bringing up race or ethicity, which is what Latino is, is prohibited unless you're trashing caucasian. The Agenda must live on at all costs.


The mug shots look nothing alike. Are they sure it's the same guy?


It is the same guy, the cops shot him in the face multiple times and he had to have reconstructive surgery.


Live by the note, die by the note[scared]


Lol. Good one.


Enjoy the video in the link below, a video for White people about our race.


The video doesn't play. Just as well, it's trash.


Hi guys, what Bruce didn't understand is that you can highlight the URL address and a YouTube link should show at that point and if not you can simply copy and paste it on Google or YouTube. Enjoy the video.


bruce - If you're ignorant enough to actually click on a link some random mope posts on a social media site you may not be smart enough to live...

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Your comment is under further review.


Is my comment "under further review"? Is it p.ussy? Is that what you can do, you can report people for saying things you don't like? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Total p.ussy. Hey, don't forget to report this one too c.unt.


Another unjustified shooting of a minority. Who are the criminals again??? LOL??? Why can't AZ be more like CA???

Wayne kenoff

Unjustified? The man was pretending to have a gun and was a serial robber. Explain how this is unjustified

Wayne kenoff

Thank god AZ isn’t like CA. I actually sleep well at night knowing I’m able to defend myself against a deadly threat at anytime


Move to Ca...with the rest of the fruits and nuts.

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I get it, you're a satire account. The levels of density you exhibit prohibit you having the intelligence to use a keyboard, so the comments must be fake.


Cue the cop bashing for officers shooting an unarmed man in 3,2,1...


I much prefer bashing this gang of vile murdering thugs with badges than being a bootlicking copsucker. What do you use to get the taste out of your mouth?

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