PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A man has died nearly a week after police said he was naked and attacked an officer in Phoenix. 

Police said officers got a call about indecent exposure in a neighborhood near 35th Avenue and Deer Valley Road on Monday afternoon.

When officers got there, they found Casey Wells, 40, with no clothes on who was "acting erratically," according to Sgt. Armando Carbajal with the Phoenix Police Department.

Wells then got into a fight and attacked an officer, Carbajal said.

An officer then deployed his Taser, and Wells was taken into custody.

Wells was taken to the hospital in extremely critical condition. Phoenix police said on Sunday that Wells died. 

No officers were hurt.

Police said the officers were not wearing body cameras.

At this time, the medical examiner will determine the cause of death.


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How about a follow up on this man? He had a lot of friends here in the valley. He died while he was in the hospital. His name is Casey Wells and he was known by many here in the valley and some kind of follow up on him would be nice or more of an investigation. It seems that his death could have been caused by the tazers. It is sad that he is now dead!


Yes he needs to be investigated. What drugs was he on? Pot, Meth, a mixture? If he was such a nice guy what was he doing running around naked? And no the taser had nothing to do with his death. Since he was in critical condition when the cops got him he was alreay dying.


AMEN brother!


He was not dying when the police got to him. He was in critical condition after they tased him. And who knows how many times he was tased. Some people have demons and unfortunately the drugs were his. He went clean for a long time but still couldn't fight that demon. Even with that, he was known and loved by many in the rodeo community and was an excellent bull fighter who saved a many of cowboys/bull riders in the rodeo 8arena. He was also had lots of up and coming bull fighters that looked up to him. Even with that demon who won his battle he was still a great person. Until you know a person you can't judge the picture on the cover of a book. If you don't read the inside story don't say anything at all.


Ah. Thanks. that's all I need to know. Drug user. Good riddance.


Do a little research on tasers before saying something ignorant like that. Sincerely, A former State, and current Federal, law enforcement office who has extensive training with a Taser. Is it possible to make a condition that someone ALREADY HAS. worse? Possibly. It will NOT kill you one week from when you got tased. His death was likely caused by the drugs that made him do what he did..or another underlying condition.


He didn't die a week later. He died that night after he was taded and taken to the hospital. He went unconscious after he was tased and taken to the hospital. He never regained consciousness when he arrived. He died around 6:00pm the night that this happened.


Who cares? He shouldn't have attacked the police.


" A man has died nearly a week after police said he was naked and attacked an officer in Phoenix. "


‘Don’t tase me bro’. BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!


6 cops beat an unarmed man nearly to death and then tazed him. No dash or body cams.


Just so convenient how that happened! Very upsetting! He is dead now.... I am sure the tasers had a lot to do with his death 😪😡


If the police officers beat him, im sure someone has cell phone footage of it. But since no one has come forward...guess you are out of luck.


Ride the Lightning!!

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