PD: Motorcyclist dead, man arrested in Phoenix crash

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A motorcyclist was killed and another man was arrested following a crash in west Phoenix Thursday night. 

The crash occurred just after 11 p.m. near the area of 43rd Avenue and Indian School Road

Police say Yasmelli Saenz, 38, attempted to make a left turn when he failed to yield to Samuel Quick, 21, who was on a motorcycle. That's when the two vehicles collided. 

Quick and his female passenger were thrown from the motorcycle. Quick died at the scene while the woman suffered a non-life threatening injury.

Police say Quick and his passenger were wearing helmets at the time of the crash.

Saenz was later arrested and processed for impairment.

He was later booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail for manslaughter, aggravated assault and endangerment.

The investigation is ongoing.


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(17) comments


Both points are valid. I see some motorcyclist weaving through slowed traffic or flying past vehicles in an unsafe manner. There are also drivers that aren't looking for motorcycle riders either and that presents a huge problem in itself like the first guy commented on. I'm not a rider but I look for cyclists and motorcycles because they have a smaller profile. ... it also helps not to drive drunk I guess too.


Hi Arizona drivers 🙂, how are you guys? Quick question for you about a very basic and easy to understand driving law that most drivers across the United States know and follow, I know it's going to stump quite a few of you but that's okay as long as you start getting it right. Question: When YOU are making a left turn who has the right of way? Think about it for awhile without doing a Google search for the answer. There's nothing difficult or tricky about it, you can get this. Okay, time's up, pencils down. Who has the correct answer?


They don't.


If you ride a motorcycle on the streets of Phoenix, you voluntarily relinquish your right to live a long life. We complain daily about the way people drive and then foolishly straddle our motorcycles and become fearless. The fact that it was the other driver's fault only serves to prove my point. You can't control other people's actions, but you CAN control your exposure to their idiocy.


Correct. BUT I refuse to let the dumb@assery of others ruin my good time :) I always stay 100% alert, almost to the point it ruins the ride...if something happens, its gonna happen.


Spot on. At some point we need to accept that the streets are not safe for motorcycles and start questioning the judgement of those that decide to do it any way.


YES! lets decide what is safe for people, because WE don't do it, and don't like it! Sieg Heil!!!!!

Paul Labiche



These motorcyclists drive risky and arrogantly, it's amazing there aren't more stories like this. They see a car waiting to turn left and blast through the intersection. While the other vehicle FTYROW if you are on a motorcycle you have to be prepared for this, it's called defensive driving, which is the opposite of what these people do.


LOL Are you really ret@rded enough to believe the maniacal horsesht that you just spewed? LOL If you think any rider would do that, that shows how truly ignor-fking-rant you are LOLOL. Once in a blue moon, you might find some dum@ss kid, flying down the street on his crotch rocket, and he ends up dead, due to his bad decision. Its drivers like you, with that warped perception, that are the biggest danger to the majority of us riders.


Tom - "It's drivers like you...that are the biggest danger to the majority of us riders." Um, no, motorcycle riders are the biggest danger to their OWN safety because they CHOOSE to ignore the risk... You're kind of proving my point that motorcycle riders are not the highest IQ individuals in the gene pool and them getting turned into grease spots in the road is not exactly a huge loss to society.


I eat out a lot, but you can get food poisoning from anywhere. So now I have a low IQ. I drive a car to work, but can die at any second due to someone else's bad choices. Low IQ again? What about air travel, At any second that plane could come crashing down. Low IQ FTW. Walking on the sidewalk in PHX. Very dangerous! How many times have we seen crashes involving vehicles that swerve onto the sidewalk? Low IQ for walking on a sidewalk? Also, based on that nonsense, every single person who has ever served in the military fits that same stereo type, since they went and served, knowing there is a chance they could die in combat, or anywhere else for that matter. You gonna lump every veteran into that category? You can if you want, I suppose. Pretty much eliminates any remaining credibility you may have had left. It really sounds like you have had a personal experience involving this kind of situation. That's really the only excuse for making those types of ignorant statements. Hope you are ok.


Lancelot, you can't group all riders together just the same as you can't group all races, religions etc together. As trs said, there are some people that ride that way, but certainly not the majority.


Whoa, Tom, you kinda veered off the rails there buddy. Have you considered decaf?? Just because I consider you to be making a foolish decision to ride a motorcycle on the street does not mean I'm attacking commerce, travel, veterans and the American flag...that's Trump you're thinking of (just kidding, don't blow a gasket.) No one is threatening your freedoms here - ride your motorcycle and play with your guns to your heart's content! (Are you familiar with tactical breathing?? Try it...)


I believe it may be you that needs to try decaf. You sure come to some odd conclusions from a simple statement.


Just as an added bonus: If a driver who is waiting to turn left, turns left into the path of a speeding motorcycle, the driver of the car will be at fault. In a crash involving 2 vehicles that both possibly contributed to the crash, when fault is being determined, they will always go with the violation that played the biggest role. Failure to yield.



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