MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A transient in Mesa has been arrested in a horrifying case of mistreating an animal.

Police say 40-year-old Michael Navage was taken into custody after he apparently tried to have sex with his cat.

On Wednesday, March 20, a caller reported to police that Navage had taken his cat into the bathroom and "it sounded like the cat was hurt and screaming," according to the police report.

The caller also told police that Navage "called out for help, saying the cat was stuck on his penis," according to the police report.

The police report states that when the officer arrived and went into the bathroom, he saw Navage "naked, standing in the middle of the bathroom with a cat partially wrapped in a towel placed by his genitals."

Police say Navage first said he "was only drying his cat off."

One of the witnesses at the scene told police he heard Navage "yelling at the cat and calling the cat a whore."

According to the police report, Navage told police he was "naked in the shower with the cat" and then was "using a towel to dry off the cat."

When police asked Navage if he had sex with the cat, he denied it, and said "he has had the cat since it was a kitten and that he loves his cat," stated the police report.

The report goes on to say that Navage told police "the girth of his penis was too large for him to penetrate the cat's anus, so it was impossible for him to have had sex with his cat."

However, during a later exam of the cat, the vet noticed "tearing around the surface of the anus as well as superficial wounds, small cuts around the anus area."

X-rays also showed that the cat had suffered previous rib and pelvic injuries which had already healed.

Police say they also found methamphetamines, drug paraphernalia and forged money in Navage's possession.

Navage admitted to the officer that "he had used the methampehtamine," stated the police report. The report also states that Navage gave the officer permission to search his belongings, and the officer found "IDs, credit cards and a check book which had other names on them than the defendants. The defendant also had a 100 dollar bill which appeared to be fake."

During police interviews, Navage admitted buying and selling meth, as well as trading drugs for a room and a shower.

Navage faces multiple felony charges, including bestiality, intentional cruel mistreatment of an animal, posession of drugs and drug paraphernalia and forgery.

His next court appearance is set for March 28.


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(21) comments


What? He couldn't just use his hand, close his eyes and pretend it was his cat? He needs to be put in general population. He will be handled like a " cat" in no time.


Oh no, how low can they go. This man should not be allowed around animals. I have never known someone to be so hard up.


Well, dude really wanted to get some pu**y, eh?


He's obviously unfit for society at this time, that is so disturbing.
He went to McClintock High School in the late 90's......


If this guy was a transient, who's bathroom was he using???


Ironic that his facebook profile lists his nickname as "Beast". He's not a transient either.


Mesa cat charged with bestiality for trying to have sex with transient...

Aldhelm what the headline should read.


A wall is no longer needed, border patrol drops off bus loads of illegals daily in Phx, Tucson and other neighboring bus stops! WE ALL LOSE!!!


We really need to build a wall...

AZ Native

Well, now he will have a place to stay and sex, but he will be doing the bending over. Poor cat.


Go easy on this guy, he is just expressing his rich cultural heritage.

Stephanie Dyer

Yup Bruce, we have to beware of those white European males......

Big Mike 86

If he was hispanic there would be alot more comments in here. smh


If he were hispanic it would not have been reported

Wayne kenoff

Dean, no it still would’ve been reported. The thing is whites are the pedos and beastiality lovers

JF Conlon

PLEASE #gofund Cats for World Domination. This is enough!!!!


POS needs to be put down


Good grief. Geez. God. Gee-willikers.

Wayne kenoff

Sounds about right. Complain about immigrants but touch your animals inappropriately...


That weird moment when you realize the cat molester is a pro Bernie/AOC leftist that is against the wall and is pro immigration. Doh!!!!!

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