PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) - A man was holding a replica rifle and refused commands when an officer shot and killed him on Monday morning, police said.

It all started when police got a call that 26-year-old Alejandro Hernandez was at his parents' house near 32nd Street and McDowell Road, which violated an order of protection, according to Sgt. Vince Lewis with the Phoenix Police Department.

[WATCH: Phoenix police officer shoots, kills man]

When officers got there, Hernandez wasn't at the home but he was later spotted walking along the north bank of the canal near 35th and Roosevelt streets.

Hernandez had a sheet wrapped around what appeared to be a real gun in his hands, Lewis said.

"He ignored commands to comply with officers and dropped the sheet revealing what appeared to be a firearm," Lewis said in a statement.

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Hernandez then pointed the gun at police and an officer shot him, Lewis said. Police said he was taken to the hospital and died.

No one else was hurt.

Police say they later learned the gun was a replica rifle and was found at the scene.

Police said the officer is 40 years old and has 11 years of service with the department.

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(14) comments


Intentional suicide by cop.
My sympathy is for the police officer


Turns out his girlfriend lied to get the order of protection to use as leverage against him in court regarding their kids. Happens all the time and is a huge money maker for cities and counties in Arizona. Courts hand those things out like condiments at a hot dog stand.


Just more daily killing.


It appears that no good would have come from this blanket guy's life. He's gone to a better place.


The police have gotten a bad rap lately for being trigger happy and their "shoot first ask questions later" attitude. While there is some truth to these allegation, the problem probably lies more with Arizona's lax gun laws than anything the police are doing. With literally everyone and their third cousin toting weapons, who can blame the cops for being a little paranoid; after all they want to go home to their families at the end of their shift. We need to tighten up the Arizona gun laws if for no other reason than the safety of our police officers and in turn the safety of the general public.


Feel free to move to California and take your socialist views with you.


I was born in this state and have lived here for 62 years, why don't you go back to wherever you originally moved here from.


I agree...we need tougher laws on replica rifle's!

Centre Mass

There's absolutely NOTHING wrong with Arizona gun laws. This individual intentionally held a facsimile of a firearm and pointed it at police officers. If someone points a gun at me whether real or not, I'm going to stop them. Who in their right mind would wait for an armed person to fire the first shot? The police had no time to determine whether it was real or not, their immediate concern was their own safety and the safety of the general public. You need to do better "Thinking", Dude.


Too bad the courts hand out orders of protection so easily. Many many men have been jailed or killed due to order of protection situations. In many of the cases the order doesn't need to be issued but is a tactical maneuver typically in a custody situation and is also a huge money maker for cities and counties which is a big factor in why law enforcement encourage people to get them, especially women.


Excellent job police, keeping our streets free of the filth that plagues honest citizens......


I think I see a gun, shoots, aww dam no gun, oh well no charges against me.... Sums it up about right for the police


Did you read? He did have a gun. They were under no obligation to wait until he pulled the trigger.


my comment was before they "updated" the article, different story now even if it was a fake gun

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