PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) -- A struggle over a weapon resulted in a deadly officer-involved shooting in Phoenix early Thursday morning, according to police.

Officers were in the area of Seventh Avenue and Buckeye Road just before 4 a.m. after they received a trespassing call.

[VIDEO: 1 man dead, 1 woman in custody after officer-involved shooting in Phoenix]

Police say a man and woman were in the area and there was concerns involving drug activity.

Officers located the couple and vehicle matching the call descriptions and police say when the 29-year-old male driver, identified at Hector Lopez, opened the car door, a handgun fell to the ground.

Police say Lopez was ordered not to touch the weapon but he dove toward the gun and grabbed it. 

[WATCH: Officer-involved shooting investigation underway in Phoenix]

The officer struggled to get control of Lopez who was refusing to release the gun.

Police say officers then fired a Taser at Lopez but he continued to resist. He then turned and pointed the gun at the officers.

That's when the two officers shot him.

"The struggle was contained to the immediate area in and around that car in the driver's door," Sgt. Vince Lewis said. "He didn't have a chance to exit or run, the struggle took place inside the vehicle."

Police say Lopez died at the hospital. The woman was taken into custody and booked on an unrelated felony warrant.

[PHOTOS: Phoenix PD investigating early morning officer-involved shooting]

Police say no officers were injured.

An investigation is underway into the crimes committed and an internal investigation will be completed as standard protocol involving any officer-involved shooting.

The two male police officers, who have not been identified, have been with the Phoenix Police Department for a year and a half and one year. They will be placed on paid administrative leave while the internal investigation is conducted.

[MAP: 2019 officer-involved shootings in Arizona]

This is the 20th officer-involved shooting in the Phoenix area, according to our records.


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(17) comments


I think is funny how some people are so fast to judge and say police did the right thing. In some cases they do but in others they do take advantage of the badge they use and the power they have. This case being one of them how is it possible that 2 rounds had to be shot obviously that would be deadly besides the story keeps getting changed a lot of things are not as said and hopefully he get justice for the brutality.


We Need the Body Cam Footage


yes we do cause i thought they all had them by now..? but all of sudden when it all turns south they weren't working at the time seems to be the story every time these criminals with badges do something is wrong but we’ll wait and see..! if you have nothing to hide show the tape prove us wrong then just saying lets not try to cover up for criminals remember that's a crime as well..!


I read to this point in the article, "...continued to resist and turned and pointed the gun at the officers.". What in the world makes someone think they are going to win in a situation like this? It's only going to go terribly wrong for them. Do they actually think that in officer will not kill them at this point? Finish The Wall. Fill the tunnels, have zero tolerance for drug suppliers and drug users. Stop the poison from infecting our community.


Yeah build the wall, sow people like you dont go, if you dont knoe nothing ,dont judge!! Before u ask the other version, did they say that the cops cut his pinky!

Wayne kenoff

That area is long gone. Especially 7th ave and cocopah. I’ve never seen more rejects in one place. Well, with the exception of the bus stop next to 7/11 on 27th and indian school


THANK YOU officers for, once again, putting your lives on the line on our behalf. I do have a concern about the tactic of trying to use a taser when confronted with an obvious deadly threat. Tasers are NOT appropriate weapons to use against immediate deadly threats and this tactic unnecessarily increased the chance of injury to officers. I'm happy everything worked out the way it did this time, but next time SHOOT sooner.


lets jst hope you dnt go though the same, you sound pretty tough saying all this through a keyboard but jst wait till these criminals “cops” have one of yours on the ground with a bullet in them and still manage to get away with murder then we’ll see if you think the same when you're crying out for justice on the news just saying keep them comments to yourself if you cant relate cause these so called serve and protect officers we have just cant seem to be men enough to own up to their mistakes.!! they know what they did but our lord himself will take care of them on their judgment day...!!!


For real,


Journalism has sunk to a new low. They put sentences together poorly, spell things wrong, and nodody apparently proof reads anything.

Now with this new shooting, the activists will again ask why the cops are so quick to shoot people. Notice how nobody ever asks why people are much more often pulling guns on the police and being violent. It's not politically correct to ask the real question. Anybody ever consider that most of these shottings across the country and here are the result of people feeling empowered to resort to guns and violence for the simplest things like getting pulled over for a traffic violation? No, the correct political narrative these days is to blame the cops for being trigger happy and itching to shoot somebody. The police leadership panders to the activists by instituting more civilian (unqualified) oversight, and deescalation training. Training is good, but I get tired of activists giving the violent perps a pass and immediately pointing a finget at the cops. No, I am not a cop and don't know a single one.


"Police say a man and woman were in the area and there was concerns involving drug activity." Go figure- a man and a woman were discovered in Phoenix! I couldn't continue reading.


Who cares


They always make sure they end these articles with how many officer involved shootings there have been. Dumb


I believe some of these articles are written overseas. English is not likely to be the author's first language.


"there was concerns involving drug activity." ==> "there WERE concerns REGARDING drug activity." Jeez ....


Shane graduated fro a university......IN India!


Where did this dork get his "education". When you report a story, stop repeating the same thing in different paragraphs.

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