CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5)-- Police has identified a man who was killed in a shooting at a Chandler Airbnb house. 

The incident occurred at a home near Ray Road and McClintock Drive.

[WATCH: Airbnb, neighbors speak out on deadly Airbnb house party shooting]

According to Chandler police, they received calls of shots fired at the residence with reports of people fleeing from the home.

Chandler police confirmed that the home was being rented through popular website Airbnb. 

When officers arrived, they found 26-year-old Alejandro Ramirez lying in the backyard with multiple gun shot wounds. Ramirez later died of his injuries.

Officers later learned there was a party at the residence when an argument broke out.

Chandler police say another man involved in the shooting spoke with detectives at police headquarters Sunday. Police added the man was not arrested. 

The case will be handed over to the Maricopa County Attorney's Office for review. 

Kyle Sikes, a neighbor who heard the shooting, recalled the incident.

"I thought somebody was messing with my truck, my Harley or something like that," he said, "Then I got up and said 'that's gunfire."

Sikes mentioned the overpowering smell of gunpowder in the air. 

A woman who lives three houses away from the shooting said she's outraged that AirBnb guests are capable of endangering the neighborhood she's called home for five years. She happens to be moving from the neighborhood this weekend. 

Stephanie Washington, another neighbor on the street, believes people are going to judge the community after they hear what happened.

"People are just going to hear bits and pieces and think, 'oh, that's not a safe neighborhood,'" she said. "But it's really outsiders."

Airbnb released the following statement regarding the deadly shooting:

"We are deeply saddened by the loss of life, and we stand ready to support Chandler law enforcement with their investigation of this tragedy. The safety of our community is a key priority, and with more than 2 million guests checking into Airbnb listings every night, negative incidents are incredibly rare."


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(32) comments


This is the same Alejandro that was involved in the house party keg theft resulting in the death of two


Give to God what is God' s give to phoenix what is Phoenix's Five to Live and Live to Give , Givers. [beam]


Still no one in custody? I wonder if the guy who went to talk to detectives about his involvement in the shooting will be taken into custody at some point. The article doesn't he was taken into custody. Lot of blanks to fill in.

Wayne kenoff

Haha the neighbors sound like a bunch of p******. Gun violence is everywhere; get used to it. Best thing you can do, strap up, train, avoid confrontation, and be aware of your surroundings. Simple


Hey, that law that keeps everyone everywhere from having private security and repeat crimes makes it legal since it is illegal to keep bars open all night or do drugs. See nothing weong with it , having no license and running it in a neighborhood bot zoned for such or jailng the ones invoved its time to take arms and kill them including the law that comes ruunning to thier rescue and others. [angry]


Air BnB is a bad idea. I would never put a home I owned up for rental, unless it was a long term, vetted tenant. Its not a wise move for the property or the neighborhood the home is in. People have no respect for their own possessions, let alone someone else's.


If you don't accept last minute bookings which are the source of 90% of the problems with AirBnB and you make sure your renters have good reviews (ignoring this is the other 10% of the problems) from other landlords you'll almost never have a problem renting your place on AirBnB. Bad stuff happens when dumb people rent to dump people. Don't be dumb and you'll be fine.

Uncle Leo

Build the wall


Subjects. Do they mean suspects?


A man involved in the shooting is talking with detectives. Involved. No outstanding subjects. Subjects.


it’s not a party until someone gets shot these days...


Just thankful to live in a country where any moron has immediate access to a plethora of firearms to help resolve our petty disputes. Firearms make our lives SO much better.................


Sure do and I bet you line up behind someone with a gun when someone is pointing at you.




Mmmm yeah no. I thought you were a little more intelligent than that. "Any moron" gets his gun by means that NO LAW will ever be able to prevent. Get EVERY illegal gun off the street first, then we all can talk about your "reform" Let me know how that goes..


Do what we did (my neighbors and I)to an Airbnb in our neighborhood here in the east valley.. 1 second past 10pm cops were called. Parking all over the streets cops were called. More than 6 people staying there the homeowners, Airbnb and the cops were called... It only lasted 6 months and trust me there was more parties there then people staying there.. Finally convinced our HOA to ban vacation rentals


The Wild West is coming back soon in your location


Commenter is someone who expresses an opinion or engages oneself in discussion related to any issue, he is the one who respond to an article or blog post. It is the commenter who makes isolated remark and an isolated remark is nothing but a “comment”. A person who writes comments (here, I believe we're talking about periodicals) is usually referred to as a ' columnist'. A commenter is someone who makes isolated comments. These days, the word most often refers to people who post comments on blogs and news websites. A commentator is someone who provides commentary. The term usually applies to professionals in sports broadcasting or television news. Commentators don’t just make one comment; commenting is what they do. The difference between these words corresponds to the difference between a comment and commentary. A comment is an isolated remark, while a commentary is a series of remarks, explanations, and interpretations[beam]


How many times did you cut-and-paste this? Are you trying to impress your mom?


You impressed your mom. [ohmy]


No she didn't. That's why she has an eternal presence correcting everyone else. She has mommy issues and need's to just off herself.


Why are you still alive?


WTF does your jibber-jabber have to do with this or any other story? You must simply enjoy hearing yourself type!


So sad that guns are the weapons we use today to settle disputes. I live just a street over from where this happened and it’s normally a quiet neighborhood. Prayers for his family


Platinum - You're assuming a lot from a vague article. Could be that a gun was used to save the shooter's or another person's life or well-being from a knife attack, an attack from multiple people, or some other type of potentially deadly or serious injury attack. The words, "turned himself in" are likely the words of the person who wrote this article and not the words of the police. For a person to "turn themselves in" they would have to first be wanted by police. This is a person who was apparently involved in the shooting incident and went to the police station to talk with police regarding what he knows about the shooting and to what extent he was involved. Not an uncommon thing for a person in a self-defense situation or defense of another person situation to do...or a situation in which the person believe it was self-defense or the defense of another. It would be a very good idea to bring an attorney with you in a situation like this.


Where'd you get your definition of "turned himself in"? If a person steals something then goes to the police and admits his crime before they're aware of it, is he not "turning himself in"? This site is a waste. I don't understand why they don't turn comments off.


nutsmaan - And yet here you are commenting. You know you love it........


I thought I smelled something and low and behold, here you are. Anyway, stealing something is always a crime dip sh*t. Shooting someone is not always a crime. If I shot someone who was trying to kill me and then I panicked and left before police arrived....wait, nevermind. That's not going to work; I would never panic. We'll do it like this instead. If a person shot someone who was trying to kill her and she panicked and left the scene before police arrived but later went to the police station to explain to them what took place at the shooting incident, that is not turning herself in because she was not a wanted person and no crime had been determined up to that point. You can't turn yourself in if no one is wanted for a crime. The police might determine that a crime was committed by her after she talks with them or they may determine that no crime was committed by her. Now, where ever it is that you've been while you haven't been here, why don't you go back there. It's been nice around here lately then you show up and the place instantly starts smelling like sh*t again.


they keep them on to alert us to the scum of the world like you.

Agustus Gloop

Hey Daddy!!! That stench you detect is me, Agustus Gloop. You got Agustus Gloop all over you, there's some under your nose and even in your mouth. That's Agustus Gloop you smell. You don't spook, you don't run and never "panic?" Daddy, Daddy Daddy!!! Why do I always have to remind you of our three, close calls when you fled light a chicken running from the butcher? Native palm trees, South Mountain hiking trail and your "Numbahs," all times you attempted to BS your way out. Sheet, you can't punch your way outta a paper bag. Wait, four times you turned tail and ran from Agustus Gloop. Remember when you couldn't get your decimal point in the correct slot? Nah, you don't remember any of the times your foolishness and ignorance were on full display for all of us to see. We remember, and that stench of Agustus Gloop on you, will always be on you, lingering, as your reminder.


The law works for the lawless. [scared]


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