Suspect Brian Michael Williams (Source: MCSO)

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)-- A man has been arrested after he assaulted a Phoenix police officer during a traffic stop late Sunday night. 

The incident took place near the area of Broadway Road and Central Avenue in south Phoenix.

A Phoenix officer riding a motorcycle pulled over 23-year-old Brian Michael Williams for a traffic stop. 

According to court documents, Williams began yelling vulgarities at the officer. 

When approaching the vehicle, the officer saw that Williams was sweating, described his behavior as erratic and his pupils were dilated.

Williams then turned toward the officer, according to court documents. The suspect then struck the officer. 

Following the incident, the suspect fled the scene and drove eastbound.

That's when another officer arrived to the scene,

The officer relayed over the police radio that Williams seemed erratic and almost struck him as well. 

Phoenix police then conducted another traffic stop. Police added that Williams immediately hit his brakes and stopped in the middle of the road.

As an officer tried to approach the vehicle, Williams was honking his vehicle horn, yelling, revving his engine and rolled up his windows as they were down, police said. 

A short pursuit then began between the officers and Williams, before he struck his brakes, stopping near the area of Central and Southgate avenues. 

More officers arrived on scene and pinned Williams' vehicle with their patrol vehicles.

Williams was later arrested and taken into the Fourth Avenue Jail.

Williams was booked for several charges including two counts of DUI, one count of aggravated assault on a police officer and a count of unlawful flight from law enforcement vehicle.


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OMG. Why are people like this guy still walking the earth? He's clearly miserable and adds nothing to the world.


Wait.. article says he was riding a motorcycle. Then it mentions that he rolled up his windows???!!!


The Police Officer was riding the motorcycle.

JF Conlon

Is PCP still out there?? Whatever he's on, I'd rather have a martini.


This guy is scary looking.....looks like a zombie! Wonder what drugs he's on?

TRUMP supporter

The police should have taken him to an alley and beat the pi ss out of him.From his female looks he will be somebody's girlfriend in jail.


He looks seriously wasted....


Looks like a chick. Glad the officers are ok.

Jim B

Had to take a second look, I thought it was a woman at first glance...LOL

Big Rich

This article reads like it was written by a 5th grader.....that said, Brian's picture shows one very ugly girl.


It sure does but what do you expect from media?


Turn your life around young man.

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