CHANDLER, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) - A chainsaw crime spree didn’t end so well for a 21-year-old in Chandler.

According to officials, Justin Carrillo had been stealing chainsaws from Lowe's and Home Depot stores for weeks. But when police finally arrested him, he jumped into traffic, got hit by a car, ended up in the hospital, then lit his hospital bed on fire, officers said.

Carrillo made his first court appearance Monday.

According to officials, retail theft investigators from Lowe's reported a man had stolen chainsaws from several stores around Maricopa County.

Gilbert police linked the suspect vehicle to Carrillo's girlfriend and started tracking him.

They caught up with him last week when he tried to sell the stolen tools on "OfferUp” and arrested him.

But this is where it gets bizarre.

While in handcuffs, officers said Carrillo ran into traffic to try and escape and got hit by a car.

He was taken to a hospital in Chandler.

The documents said Carrillo used a metal earring and electrical medical equipment to light his hospital bed on fire, and hospital staff had to put out the flames.

He's now facing multiple charges including arson and theft.

Justin Carrillo2

Justin Carrillo.

The investigation showed he stole chainsaws from at least eight stores all over the Valley, totaling nearly $7,000. And the fire he allegedly caused in the hospital, cost about $12,000 in damages.


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(5) comments

JF Conlon

Definately needs some Emotional Support Chicken from Popeye's!


Who is raising these idiots?


Dreamers and illegals of course. That is the way they live back home.


Seems like he could get charged with a couple hundred counts of criminal endangerment having started a fire in a building he knew to be occupied with people among whom those he knew to be less than fully mobile. If guilty, letting this guy out of prison seems like a danger to society.

JF Conlon

I'm sure there's a name for this, too. But damned if I know what!

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