Police say Anthony Horvath was arrested for secretly filming women in a Scottsdale hotel room.

Police say Anthony Horvath was arrested for secretly filming women in a Scottsdale hotel room.

(SCOTTSDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Police have arrested a 21-year-old man for allegedly filming of two women in a Scottsdale hotel room -- in secret.

Police say Anthony Horvath of Glendale was arrested for unlawful recording.

The incident happened May 10 at the 3 Palms Hotel near 77th Street and McDowell Road in Scottsdale.

On that day, a woman called Scottsdale police to report that she and her female friend had discovered that they had been recorded on a cell phone in their hotel room.

The woman said earlier in the day, she and her friend had been at the hotel pool, hanging out with three men.

The two women and the three men then "all decided to hang out in the room that belonged to the females," according to the police report.

The women later told the men they were going to shower and change, and asked the men to leave the room, promising to meet up later.

"After a period of time of showering, changing and in various states of undress, the females noticed that there was a cell phone propped up against the TV and in a state of recording," reads the police report.

The women told police they stopped the recording, then watched the videos on the phone. One video was 30 minutes long, and the other was 50 minutes long.

"In the videos, the female victims saw themselves naked and in various states of undress at this hotel room," according to the police report.

The women, who say they did not realize they were being recorded, called the police.

Officers interviewed the three men and determined that the cell phone belonged to Horvath. He "eventually admitted that he did, in fact, put the cell phone in record mode," according to the police report.

The report goes on to say that Horvath told officers he was planning to watch the videos, but "for no other reason than just to watch them" and denied "wanting to use them for sexual gratification or to post online or send anyone."

Police say Horvath may have been watching the videos live via Wi-Fi on another phone.

Horvath had a second cell phone he said belonged to his brother.

Horvath is due in court on May 28.


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(7) comments


Hey Buffy, let's meet some strange men at the pool and invite them back to our room...what could go wrong? Please tell me all girls are not that stupid these days. Lucky they're not dead.


This pervert loser is from Glendale? Another West Valley loser doing loser things.


He's not a bad looking guy. I wonder why he just didn't jump into bed with all or one of them and leave it at that. Instead, he films them. Stupid boy.


Shredder I'm disappointed. Would you view of what he did be different if he were a bad looking guy? Picture him as a dirt bag menacing looking guy. Would your response then be more along the lines of, "This filthy pervert needs to be locked up". "Thankfully they cauyhim before he raped them."? Don't be staying their appearance, their actions are what's important and telling. His actions say a lot about him. You're commys are typically logical and make sense so I'm pretty sure this isn't your typical way of thinking about this type of violation...the violation of these be women.


Meant to say: "Thankfully that caught him before..." and Don't be swayed by their appearance. And, Your comments are typically logical and... Too many typos by me smh.


Daddy, I see your point and I admit that I was being superficial by commenting on his appearance. I guess I place a portion of the blame on the women who brought these random guys to their hotel room. Women want to scream about being victims but seemingly do not take responsibility for their part in the situation. I don't like that. Luckily they were not raped, tortured, injured or murdered but people (in general) need to think about what they're doing before they do it. Gotta admit though, he's not bad looking.... LOL.


Hope it was worth it. Your prize now will be registering as a sex offender for the rest of your life.

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