BUCKEYE, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- A man has been arrested after police say he beheaded his roommate's dog over the weekend. 

According to police, the incident occurred Saturday night near the area of Broadway and Miller roads in Buckeye.

[WATCH: Neighbors worry about other animals after police said man killed roommate's dog in Buckeye]

The victim told officers that she was moving her belongings out of a home she shared with 21-year-old Jose Vega Meza. The victim said she had her dog with her but lost track of it for a while.

A few hours later, the woman and her friends, who were helping her move, noticed Vega Meza was trying to load a small box onto a truck without anyone seeing him. 

That's when the victim confronted Vega Meza and asked him what was in the box.

According to police, Vega Meza reportedly just smiled at her.

The victim then opened the box and found her dead dog inside.

Police say the dog had been mutilated and was headless.

"The other day there was a girl walking out of that house, she was crying and screaming saying he did something," said Victoria, who lives in the area. "She had like 4 or 5 people outside trying to calm her down and she couldn't calm down." 

The victim told officers that she was so distraught and upset about the discovery that she waited until Sunday to contact them.

On Sunday afternoon, officers found Vega Meza walking in a Buckeye neighborhood took him into custody.

Vega Meza told officers that he knew why he was being arrested and admitted his involvement in the crime.

The suspect told officers that he wrapped the dog in a string and then cut it open with a razor blade.

Vega Meza added that he killed the dog because the victim owed his mother rent money. He later told officers that he knew what he did wasn't right. The suspect also admitted to killing and torturing other animals in the neighborhood in the past, according to court documents. 

"I had a cat, she was black and white, and she used to go around everywhere--you know, across the street, over there, over there--so it could've been her too. He could've taken her into his yard and killed her," Victoria said. "We just had 2 cats come up missing like two days ago so that's like really scary and my little brothers and sisters are probably wondering what happened to their cats and maybe that guy probably did something to my little brother and sister's cat and that's really horrible." 

Several neighbors say Vega-Meza and the other people who live in the home typically keep to themselves. 

"Really none of the neighbors know them personally. We kind of keep our distance because they are a little noisy and cause trouble," said Lisa, another neighbor.  

"To think that there was someone who was living there, like right across the street from my house, it could've been my animals! That's really, really scary," said Victoria. 

Vega Meza was later booked into the Fourth Avenue Jail on two counts related to animal cruelty. The suspect was also charged with a count of misdemeanor assault after he attacked another prisoner. 


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(28) comments


Keep your eye on this guy. This is serial killer precursor behavior.


It looks a lot like they caught a budding serial killer. The authorities need to closely investigate this guy to see if there might be any human victims along the way. In any event, let's hope that the justice system doesn't make the usual mistake and release him after only a short time behind bars. Keeping this criminal locked up for the long haul could save the lives of many potential victims.


As many have already said I echo... this is a serial killer in the making. I hope they take note of this guy and keep a close eye on him because he will graduate to killing people soon enough.


The "victim" should reflect on why she was so close to a dude that was capable of this.


Budding serial killer..

Dusty Rose

He needs to spend the rest of his life in prison. He'll murder people next. (If he hasn't already)


The makings of a serial killer this type of mind can never be right.


you people are pathetic. It was a dog, not a human. Oh, wait. Forgot. Animals are more important than humans these days. Carry on morons.

JF Conlon

No, pathetic morons kill pets, start fires & peee their beds. THEN they start killing humans. Open your own mind. Read a book . . . or two.

Agustus Gloop

Hey MyOwnMind!!! How's the Heman Woman Haters club coming along? Any new members, or still just you? Are the minorities still trying to kill You? Said anything nice about anyone or anything in the last ten years? You hate dogs, or all animals? Were you a cat in a previous life, you sure act like one now...meow, meow meow?

Bob Regan

Easy Agustus......he's that way because his mother kept running out from under the porch and biting him in the head a few too many times when he was young,

Agustus Gloop

Thanks, Bob!!! This is great information for the new book I'm researching, "Arizona's Family Knights of Righteous: How Did You Get so Wicked?" Chapter 13 is dedicated to telling MyOwnMind's story. We know his childhood home's name, Sunshine Happy Face Acres, didn't influence the path he chose in life. The fact he was raised by an overbearing and rabid mother sheds light on his misogynistic posts.


Boy you are truly a miserable human being, aren't ya?

Jimmy Durden

What's in the box? What's in the box!?!?


This little smerk of a nut case needs to go away for a long time, an if he gets out I will be sure an watch for his punk as-, give these animals some justice since the judges don't have balls to do it. Put him in general population someone is waiting for him...Stupid BIOTCH.


Jose Vega Meza.


I only hope AZ has tough animal cruelty laws or this ***hole is going to be back on the streets killing other animals soon. Prosecutors and judges need to take animal cruelty seriously and charge and sentence these creeps to the fullest extent of the law.


This is how serial killers get their start. I hope they throw the key away on this tool.

AZ Native

Behead him, there definitely is no brain inside.


It always starts off with animals. I wouldn’t be surprised if he has already crossed over to humans and we have yet to find out.


He killed some people too [ninja]


A couple weeks ago it was cats being hurt and killed by these weirdos now it's dogs. This link shows an animal lover catching up to a guy who through a puppy out a car window. https://youtu.be/p_MFWkl848M

Rico Rush

If there was ever a person referred to as "Meathead"


There is your next Ted Bundy.


These laws just aren't tough enough. He will be out soon.


An I hope to run into him ..

JF Conlon

And wipe that nasty smirk off his face while you're at it.


Have to say if a judge ever wanted to use their discretion to impose an extra long sentence this would get no blowback from the public. That is cold blooded killing and shoukd be treated as such.

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