MESA, AZ (3TV/CBS 5) -- The investigation of the 4-year-old boy who was hit by a vehicle while riding a bike continues, reported the Mesa Police Department on Saturday.

The incident happened on Thursday, June 27.

Irene Mahoney, a public information officer of the Mesa Police Department, says the investigation reveals that the driver hit the boy after pulling away from a home.

[WATCH: Benefit car wash for Mesa boy hit and killed by driver]

Investigators think the driver also backed up over the child, Mahoney added.

It is still unknown whether impairment had anything to do with the incident. This won't be uncovered until possibly next week, Mahoney said.

No charges are currently filed.

The family of the boy, named Royal, created a GoFundMe page to assist with their loss.

In addition to the GoFundMe page, a car wash was held on Saturday to help the family.

"This is how we do it in the hood," said Cruz Sandoval, Royal's stepdad. "We have to do it like this because we're low on funds. But I thank the people everywhere."

Above anything else, family and friends say Royal lived and breathed happiness every single day.

"Never didn't have a smile on his face," said Sandoval. 


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(30) comments


Wow you guys are some freakin weirdos. A mother lost her baby. Prayers for the family,or donating is what they need right now. If not then move on


No details at all released and yet, everyone's got a theory. Focus should be on the loss of an innocent little child. There is plenty of time for placing blame, if any, once the facts are known. Meanwhile, RIP, little one.


Out of respect, no one will ever know the true story. If we can just pay our respects to the little boy, to let him know that if there was any good in this world. It was accidental, and it was bad timing. No one is at fault. Just be careful with your little ones. Because this could happen to you. Long may you reign Royal. 💙


GoFund Me account set up? Go fund yourself!!!


Ge, his sister is comming to town riding a moped. She is going to gun the driver down. Shooting 40 bullets and missing him, with 40 more dead as usual missed yet shot up the whole town. [crying]


Warning, non family-friendly comments below..


What was a four year old doing riding a bike in the street without the parents watching him. My grandson is seven and he is not allowed to ride his bike without someone watching him closely. Sure blame the driver for hitting a kid who hits the car.


What part of the story mentioned he was in the street? Sad that someone has to point that out.


So the car was driving on the sidewalk? Where does it say the car was on the sidewalk? And you did not answer my question - what was a 4 year old doing riding a bike without parents watching him very closely?


Cmon man. I know some of your posts are controversial, but I would never have pegged you for a complete toss-face. Do you not know how sidewalks and driveways are laid out? The side walk runs along the neighborhood...yes? And in order for a car to get out of the driveway, you have to "cross" the "path" of the sidewalk that goes in front of your house. THAT is what I was trying to convey. SO if I live next door to this person who ran the kid over, and I'm sitting on my front porch, watching my 4 year ride on the sidewalk, and as he crosses over a driveway(which he has to, but is still on the sidewalk "path", and at the same time, some moron comes flying out of their driveway and runs over is that my fault as a parent again? SOoooooo kids aren't allowed to ride on sidewalks? I know things have changed ever since dumbocrats and millennials started eating laundry detergent, but cmon.




Ok. I get that. BUT. As a parent of a 22yr old, 21 yr old, 18 yr old and 3 year old, I can CANNOT know whats going to happen around you at all times, in every direction. If you think that someone should have been right next to him, following his every move...well...that's your choice...then you BOTH would have been dead. Have you noticed they haven't been talking about the driver very much....have you thought for a second why that is? Do you think it was some nice, cautious driver, who did this? We have no idea the speed the car was going on the driveway. Why haven't they just come out and say "impairment was not a factor"? Think. So according to you, you will keep your kid from riding past any other houses? You will keep your kids just in front of your house, and make sure they don't go past ANY other houses? What fantasy world are you living in? Its possible that you couldn't even see the car from where the parents may have been, since driveways can be long, and extend to the back part of the house. me and wife take the 3 yr old to get the mail a few times a week. he loves walking AND RUNNING on the sidewalk. We keep him as close as possible. But guess what. HE s THREE. he is going to when he gets too far, we yell, and he stops and waits. YES, all it will take is for some moron to come flying out of his driveway, cuz hes late to meet up with his girlfriend, to run him over. That makes me a bad parent? Its called an UNFORTUNATE accident. I say accident, only because by definition, it implies there is someone clearly at fault. If you want to tie a rope around a three year old, anytime you leave the house, knock yourself out.


Ok, let's say it was your grandson. He is 15 feet from you, very close. The next door neighbor gets in his car and backs up looking the opposite direction for traffic. It's the thing to do. He then quickly puts the vehicle in drive - most then look forward but he is in a hurry and doesn't and boom, before you know it the kid is dead. But... you were only 15 feet away, how does this happen? Moral of the story: this was in broad daylight (so it seems) and things happen fast. Don't yell at parents based on the limited facts. Note: I have no problem yelling at irresponsible parents but based on the details here, we see nothing of the sort. Assume they are responsible until more details come out - not the other way around.


Moral of the story: motorists driving two ton war machines need to be more responsible. Motorists kill regularly and we as a society just accept it as a cost. An offering of sorts to the oil gods and oil wars and vulture capitalism. Death by motor vehicle is just an acceptable outcome, sadly.


Let's say my grandson is riding his bike and a neighbor gets in his car - I IMMEDIATELY tell my grandson to get away from the car. That is IMMEDIATELY.


what if the person had been sitting in the car already ? before you came outside? Drive by shootings kill every time a car you don't recognize comes down the street, you are going to grab up your grandkids and run inside?


That's assuming you SAW your neighbor get in the car.


And if you want to get technical.....If the kid was on the street, and there was no sidewalk, the kid is legally operating a "vehicle", and has right of way. If the driver came out of the driveway with making sure it was clear to do so, they are in violation of failure to yield from a private drive. Now, if there WAS a sidewalk, it will depend on what part of the vehicle struck the kid. Sounds like it was the back. So sounds like its possible the kid crossed into the path of the driveway, BEFORE the car entered the path of the sidewalk; ergo; driver responsible for assuring the path is clear before proceeding. Just my humble observation.


Obviously you have never driving a vehicle with a kid - a baby really - approaching you. YOU CANNOT SEE HIM - PERIOD. It is still the parents' fault complexity for not watching him and not keeping him away from traffic.


Sure. never happened. I NEVER check my mirrors, and out my window when backing out of my driveway, over the sidewalk, and into the street. I just hop in, and go blasting out into the street.


You cannot see a baby on a bike with all the mirrors you car would have. WHY WAS THE PARENTS NOT WATCHING FOR THE KID? After all a baby has no sense of danger of any kind. That is what parents are for.


This is incorrect. If I am backing out to a street, and have to go over the sidewalk, I look in my rearview to first see the sidewalk-area of the drive way. Ok. no one there. As I back down the driveway, I use the side mirrors to ensure that no one is about to dart to the rear of the vehicle. At the same time, I will be looking out my window, both directions, to see if anyone is coming. JUST DOING THAT, you would have been able to spot the 4 year old. AND IF I had spotted a 4 year old riding a bike, I would have stopped the car, and not moved an inch, unitl I saw he was stopped, or moving a safe distance away from me. Do you think the driver here in question did any of that common-sense stuff I just stated? NO Does parenting have anything to with it? NO


Typical Mexicans ...start a Go Fund Me page to have others bury their family members ???


Happens all the time with these people.

Big Rich

Little Pedro's parents should have kept a better eye on their anchor baby.....


If they were mexicanos they were doped and drunk [scared]


Why do they print these stories with zero details? Can they at least wait until there is something informative to report?

TRUMP supporter

These 3rd grade reporters need work too.

Phillup Witgas

I agree. They are constantly printing stories that don't say much more than the headline. Lazy writers ?? Hire some writers ??



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