PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5)--- A man has died after a homeowner shot him as he and another man attempted to enter a home in Phoenix early Saturday morning. 

The incident occurred just after 1 a.m. near 19th and Peoria avenues

[WATCH: Will homeowner face charges?]

According to Phoenix police, two men attempted to enter a home.

That's when the homeowner, who was armed, fired a weapon to stop the men from entering the home.

The man, later identified as 34-year-old Michael Ahumada was killed. A 33-year-old man was transported to a hospital, where he is listed in critical but stable condition.

[WATCH: Man dies, another injured in Phoenix home invasion]

No arrests have been made. It's unknown at this time if the homeowner will face charges. 

In a brief interview with Arizona's Family, the homeowner pledged to fight anyone else who tried breaking into his home.

[WATCH: Phoenix homeowner who killed intruder has strong message for would-be thieves]

"If they come in... (they) better come in ready," he said.

The case is under investigation. 


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Video Captions: "broke in" and "intruder" and "home invasion" and "tried breaking into".
In Story: "attempted" and "attempted" and "stop the men from entering" and "tried breaking into" and "If they come in".
Very unclear and more details needed. No liberal here. I won't check the mail or put out the trash without a pistol in my pocket. Also, while at the computer, I keep a 357 about 3 inches away from the mouse.

JF Conlon

Adopt a cat. Your mouse is out of control.


Yeah, you never know when your desktop is gonna turn on you.


Officer: "Tell us. How did it come that you shot these two people."
Homeowner: "I didn't really want to shoot them. I fired two warning shots. They just stepped in front of the bullets."


[thumbup] Bravo to the homeowner. Break into someone's house is a fateful decision. Notice how AZFamily fake news casts it as "Defending his *property* at all costs." Someone breaks into your house, you do not have any obligation to put your life in the hands of a felon.


Nice shooting !!!


The moment criminals break into your home, they are an immediate threat to the safety and lives of you and your family. There is no other way to look at it, There is nothing joyful about the fact a man lost his life, but it was a necessity to take no chances, and make sure the household was safe.


Sorry 😐 but a person or a family’s home isn’t a convenient store if someone enters without permission and are unknown they are a threat ... that man was in the right to bare arms it’s in the amendment


I think we all have a right to bare arms-- tank tops notwithstanding.


It's a little jarring to see how many people comment about how happy they are that someone shot and killed another person. Why do people enjoy brutality? I have nothing to say about whether this man saved his life or those of his household, since I wasn't there. People have a right to defend their homes. But I won't ignore that this is nothing but a tragedy that resulted from a poor decision on the part of two criminals. I doubt that the homeowner feels like a hero today.


Because people are tired of seeing the constant "homeowner killed during burglary" story. The story where some shtbag breaks into houses to get stuff to trade for drugs, and kills someone in the process. We would much rather see a story where that useless piece of garbage is disposed of. And if they were not looking for stuff to get for drugs, then that's fine. You commit a crime like that, you better be ready to pay for it.


He might not feel like a hero, but if he has kids, they might think he is, for saving them. I would rather have my kids question me as to why I shot that badman, than question their mommy as to why daddy had to die....or vice versa.


why do CRIMINALS enjoy brutality? They are the ones who invoke it so yes I am glad that someone shot and killed an intruder otherwise it is very likely that very intruder would have killed the whole family or since the courts do not work very well would have killed the next person when he broke into the next house


They invaded someone home, possibly to harm. They are cancer to society and should be removed just like any tumor.


Then we shall redirect the criminals to your home and see who survives a home invasion.


Please do!! I will be more than happy to show them how a well trained, seasoned vet and LEO takes care of business.


One flash bang and one shot in the chest from an AR-15 and all your training and experience is down the toilet and I get to walk away with your TV and weapons you have in your home !


LOL Your logic is flawed. 1- Ill already know you are there before you can even come close to throwing a flashbang. 2- because of that, no matter where you THINK you will enter my house, I wont be anywhere close enuff for the FB to do anything to me. 3- I PROMISE you would never get a shot off at my chest LOLOL But you tried...


I would bet you'll celebrate a human life being tortured and ripped to shreds in the womb; but, defend the life of a rapist. You're a disgusting piece of garbage.


THANK YOU!! You have finally proven, without a doubt, what an ignorant buffoon you really area! [thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup][thumbup]


I retract my previous statement. The inability to properly follow a lengthy conversation thread has struck me again.


When a predator is put down, it's not exactly a joyful event but it's not a tragedy either. The dead felon would have happily broken into your house and hurt you and yours, regardless of your virtue signaling.


Why are you defending robbers? The offenders should know the laws in AZ protect citizens rights to defend themselves against others. I don't enjoy brutality. I don't enjoy the fact that a life was ended sooner than it should have. However, the homeowner did nothing wrong; they did everything right. The offender brought this upon themselves. I'm not happy, but I'm not sad (for the offender) - I'm sad for society that supports robbers. I'm not saying that is you as I have read your stuff before and I don't believe it is. But the offender is the one that brought it fully upon themselves. If I walk over the edge of the Grand Canyon and fall, I shouldn't be surprised. But I shouldn't expect people to feel sorry for me ignoring the basic laws of gravity either.


Because these gun-happy idiots salivate over the possibility of shooting an intruder. Notice how they're always saying "if that was me, I'd [shoot] this or that" or "I'd like to see them break into my home!" It comes from righteous indignation and action hero delusions.


Actually, it comes from decades of federal and civilian training. I have all this talent..might as well do something usefull with it. Plus, not all of us were fortunate enough to grow up a tomboy on the mean street of Tolleson, sooo we had to pick it up another way.[ninja][ninja]


Actually, I grew up in Philly. Tolleson ain't shitt compared to Philly. Tolleson just has brown people that seem to scare all the white conservative morons here. I'd love to drop you off right in the middle of Tioga or the Badlands and see how well your training pays off.


Just saying it doesn't make it true. Stop making false assertions seemingly to prove your point. The vast majority of gun owners don't want to hurt anyone. For you to pretend that they do because it fits your narrative is intellectually dishonest.

JF Conlon

Some American states and many countries do not have the death penalty. For any crime. But here in Arizona, robbery deserves death?


Its not about what anyone "deserves". Its about MY right to protect my family from intruders. It DOES NOT matter if I know they are armed or not. Its MY home. They are NOT allowed to be there. That constitutes a DIRECT THREAT against me and my family. SO its not about what they deserve. Its about what they WILL get in the end. And personally,YES. I think pieces of sht who break into other peoples home deserve to die.

JF Conlon

Okay, okay! I got the graphics, the CAPS, the "trained" military, your sign even (not a Libra!). But you 're sounding kind of disappointed that you haven't been invaded yet, either fully armed in PHX or at your spare house in 'tookee'. I'm more worried about people like you than the chance of a ramdom thief coming to git me.


Not exactly. Hey, worried about me? That's easy. Don't enter near my home when im there...don't try to car jack me...or rob me on the street. Unless you plan on either of those, we are ok :)


Having 2 criminals breaking into your residence, which is an immediate threat to the lives of you and your family, does justify shooting to kill. You have to eliminate any threat. They didn't break into a vacant house to steal some stuff, they broke into a house with people. What was the homeowner supposed to do, sit there and hope the guys didn't have bad intent?


Almost nothing worse than a thief. That "investigation" better wrap up quick! Absolute bullsh*t if they start messing with the homeowner. I don't care if that thief was a pastor's son or a boy scout but if it was an illegal, bonus points...........WE'RE IN THE FIGHT OF OUR LIVES AGAINST THE SOCIALISTS, PEOPLE!


If you think you're in the "FIGHT OF OUR LIVES" why are you wasting your time here? Do something, man!


Not the least sorry. If you own a gun, you owe it to everybody to make proper decisions and learn to shoot straight! Good for the homeowner if justified.


That's the risk u take going in a home you don't belong in. I would have done the same thing at 1 am. People are getting more ignorant everyday.


Nice work!! Finally, news that's fit to print. I wonder if the families of the suspects ever read these things. If they did, I'd say..Good riddance! :)


Excellent work! Too bad they wasted an ambulance ride and the efforts of an ER staff.
All thieves deserve to die.




Why even take the scumbag to the hospital? Thieves deserve to die.

Bruce in AZ

Effective, I hope justified.

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