GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- Police have arrested a Glendale woman for allegedly shooting and killing her husband, then leaving his body in a car for four days before reporting the incident. 

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Glendale authorities say Shata Syreeta Johnson, 39, shot her husband, Timothy Johnson, 55, as he sat in a car in the driveway of their Glendale home. And following the shooting, police say she then went to have breakfast with another man, to whom she was allegedly engaged. Police say he's the one who finally convinced her to turn herself in.

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Johnson faces one felony count of second-degree murder and one felony count of abandoning/concealing a body.

Linda Mineo lives next door to the couple.

She said they used to argue all the time.

"Never heard a threat, but they would just argue back and forth," said Mineo. "I never though it could come to this. No. No."

On Thursday, Feb. 13, Glendale police got a call from Phoenix police, who said that a woman (along with a male friend) had walked into one of their precincts, "stating that she shot her husband and left him at a residence in Glendale." Police said the woman also told officers "she shot and killed her husband in self defense and her husband was dead inside of a grey Mustang in front of her address."

When Glendale police went to the home near 59th Avenue and Thunderbird Road, they immediately saw the Mustang parked in the carport of the home, and noted that a man appeared to be sitting in the front passenger seat. Officers got into the car by breaking the front driver's side window. Inside the car, they found the male victim with a "gunshot wound to his lower left jaw."

"An exit wound was not located and the blood located within the vehicle seemed consistent with the male not being moved after being shot," according to the police report. "There was visible blood coming from his head which had flowed downward, saturating the front of his shirt and blood had pooled on the floorboard of the front passenger seat and rear passenger seat."

The man was pronounced dead at the scene. Police also found a single, brass 9 mm shell casing on the rear driver's side floorboard.

According to the police report, "she stated the incident took place several days prior and she had been too scared to tell anyone." Police say Johnson told them that she and her husband often had verbal arguments. She claimed she had called 911 about her husband and that officers had come to their house, but police say that claim later proved to be untrue.

In fact, the most recent record of police contact came on Monday, Feb. 10, the day of the alleged shooting. Glendale police say the Johnsons' neighbors had called the police "in reference to a female driving erratically up the street and throwing items from her vehicle." Upon arrival, officers spoke with Shata Johnson, who was outside of the home. Police say she told the officers she was “fine,” and her husband had already “left.” She told the officers there was no one else inside the home and indicated that she did not need further assistance. 

During a police interview, Johnson told detectives she believed her husband was having an affair and had found condoms in his car. Johnson said that when she confronted him, "he stated that he had paid a prostitute $40 for sex," according to the police report. Johnson also "stated that she loved her husband and wanted to make the marriage work, so she forgave him and moved on."

Police say Johnson admitted to them, twice, that she had shot her husband three days prior. She told police that on Feb. 10, the day of the shooting, "her husband went to work in the morning and returned home to take her to a dentist appointment.... to get some of her teeth replaced from a previous abusive relationship in which they were knocked out and damaged."

The couple returned home a few hours later. Police say they had continued arguing that day about her suspicions of his affair. According to the police report, Johnson said she tried to separate herself from her husband in the residence but he kept following her around the house." Johnson told police she then decided to go to the grocery store to get something for dinner, so she went outside and got into the Mustang. That's when police said her husband followed her out of the house and told her to get out of his car.

She said she locked the car doors, but that her husband had a second set of keys, so he unlocked the doors, reached into the car and grabbed her purse. Johnson told police he then stood behind the car, blocking her in so she couldn't leave.

According to the police report, Johnson's husband then got into the passenger seat and tried taking the keys out of the ignition. That's when Johnson told police she grabbed the gun she had with her and shot her husband in the face, according to the police documents.

According to Glendale police, Johnson said she then moved the vehicle to "hide her deceased husband's body from the neighbors," then remained inside her home for four days."

Police later questioned Johnson's male companion, who had accompanied her to the precinct when she surrendered. He said that he had been engaged to Johnson for several years, and did not know she was already married. The man told police that he and Johnson went out to breakfast on the day of the shooting and that she began telling him "that she had just shot someone but would not say who or where the incident occurred." The pair reportedly stayed at the restaurant for five hours. The man said they finally left after he advised her to go to the police.

Johnson surrendered and was taken into custody. Her bond was set at half a million dollars. Her next court appearance is Feb. 21.


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