GLENDALE, AZ (3TV/CBS5) -- A Glendale father arrested after accidentally shooting his 6-year-old daughter has made his initial court appearance, where a cash-only bond was set at $50,000.

The shooting happened just before 2 p.m. Thursday near 76th and Glendale avenues.

[WATCH: Child mistakenly shot by dad will be in hospital for months, police say]

Police said that Eldon Mcinville, 26, was cleaning his shotgun but as he went to put it away, he tripped and the loaded gun went off.

"The parents are fully cooperating with us, but obviously they're very emotional and distraught about this whole situation as every parent should be," said Sgt. John Roth with the Glendale Police Department.  

[WATCH: Child mistakenly shot by dad recovers from surgery in ICU]

Glendale police said the girl was reportedly walking near her father resulting in the projectile striking her.

According to Mcinville's court documents, he told officers that he had recently purchased the shotgun and was cleaning it for the first time. He also said his daughter was in the room with him because he "was teaching her gun safety."

[WATCH: Glendale kid underwent surgery after father shoots her by mistake]

Mcinville was the one who called 911. He told the dispatcher his daughter's "intestines were visible."

Police said she was alert and asking questions when first responders arrived on the scene.

"They said she was the bravest, strongest girl they've ever seen. She was talking, she wasn't crying, she was asking questions as any 6-year-old would do and they airlifted her to a local Valley hospital in life-threatening condition," said Sgt. Roth.

[WATCH: Eldon Mcinville breaks down during initial court appearance]

The community wishes the best for her.

"Everything happens for a reason. All I can say is, God bless this young lady and hopefully she survives," said Julian Hernandez, who lives nearby. 

Glendale police say this is a painful lesson about gun safety.

"Everybody needs to pay attention with guns and make sure there are no kids around when you're manipulating them in any way," Sgt. Roth said. "It's just a tragic lesson that many of us have heard. Guns just--they're mishandled for one reason or another and they have to strike something and tragically this little one was in the way."  

[PHOTOS: Police surround neighborhood where child was shot]

Police said they found a second loaded shotgun in the closet of Mcinville's bedroom. It was not secured in any manner.

They also discovered "a loaded 357 Magnum revolver on a TV stand unsecured in close proximity to where the victim could gain access to the weapon."

Mcinville is facing charges of child abuse, causing serious physical injury, and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. Both carry mandatory prison time if he is convicted.

Should he post bond, he will be required to submit to electronic monitoring and will not be allowed to have any contact with his daughter. 

Mcinville was visibly distraught as the Commissioner Jane McLaughlin, who described the circumstances of the shooting as "exceedingly reckless,' explained the conditions of his release.

"No contact with the alleged victim," McLaughlin said as Mcinville cried. "I know she's your daughter, but you may not have contact with her while the case is pending -- even if she contacts you first."

Mcinville asked the judge to reconsider the release conditions.

"My family, we're already penny-pinching everything," he said tearfully. "I just want to help my family. That's all I want to do."

McLaughlin advised him to speak to his court-appointed lawyer, explaining that the bond set was a fraction of what it would have been had the shooting been intentional rather than accidental.

"Ma'am, if there's any way ... please. My wife needs my help," he said. 

Mcinville is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on May 6.

According to police, his daughter remains in the hospital, in critical condition, and will undergo multiple surgeries in the following days to further treat the injuries sustained.


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(53) comments

Centre Mass

So sad for the little girl, but the "father" obviously doesn't possess the intelligence to own and maintain firearms. Leaving a loaded shotgun in a closet, and a loaded .357 revolver on a TV nightstand that's child-accessible? Clearly a case for a "Red Flag" confiscation of all firearms from this idiot. I've cleaned many hundreds of firearms in my lifetime, and never ONCE did so while any of them were loaded. And I've never had one "accidentally" go off while I was cleaning it. Obviously the events described to the authorities are nothing more than a poor "cover story" to conceal what actually occurred. Lock him up, take the guns FOREVER and keep him away from his daughter and child. I've got ZERO sympathy for morons with firearms.


I feel soooo badly for the Child. AZ CPS needs to inspect that home and make sure it's safe for the Child, I pray this was an accident and not some ploy or con by the parents to rid themselves of a Child for insurance money or something. Hopefully the Child makes a fast and full recovery.
People's stupidity with Firearms never ceases to amaze me though. Why you would be teaching a small toddler "Gun-Safety" or keeping loaded guns near a small child is beyond me. The first thing he should of done is unloaded all of the guns before showing them to anyone, and you never loaded a gun and then walk with it inside the house while you have them out and are teaching gun safety. Always store your guns unloaded though keep a loaded clip you can access quickly in an emergency. I keep all my weapons unloaded and in a safe. If I take my Guns out to show a friend the first thing I do is ensure they're unloaded and the chamber is empty. You shouldn't allow small children to ever play with Guns even under Adult supervision. The Earliest I'd teach my Son/Daughter how to use a gun and gun safety is 10 years old and i'd stress NEVER to touch the guns without my supervision and i'd keep them locked up in a safe with the trigger locks on them when stored.
This Child getting shot is 10000% the Fathers fault and was caused 100% by his pure stupidity. Given the over population problems we're currently suffering from on Earth maybe it'd be a good idea to institute an baseline IQ test you must pass if you want to breed. If your IQ is under 90, it's probably a good idea if you do not reproduce & contribute to the human gene pool.


I disagree with the charges. Accidents happen. This father is already suffered enough knowing he hurt his baby girl. Now his stupidity of having loaded firearms in reach of children is another thing.Every family dynamic is different. Every child is different. Some parents who teach kids gun safety do have loaded guns and access for those kids in case something happens. But he needed to have them in a secure place for all his firearms. 1 what if his 6 year old daughter has a friend over. He just needs to have a place where his items are locked up. He can teach his daughter that's his right as a parent. Just needs to teach a different way. So I hope he gets out and doesn't serve much time if any. Maybe take a class on gun safety with kiddos in the home. He needs to be home with his baby girl. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!! I hope baby girl is doing ok. Sending my prayers the judge does right by this family


We have a court system for this. Perhaps you will be on the jury. Charges are just that, charges. Conviction will prove one way or the other what happened.


Meanwhile, a mother suffocates her child on PURPOSE and is given probation! WTF is this world coming to when a bj can get u off for murder and a man is refused visits with his daughter that needs him? These dumb judges need to take a long dirt nap!!

Comment deleted.

I agree! They are all heartless, with a divorce rate double that of normal people!! I swear it's like they are told to be complete jerks to inmates or they are so miserable in their own lives they take it out on the prisoners! (I had a family member in prison and dealt with a lot of cop wanna-be types with obvious self esteem issues);

Comment deleted.

I totally agree! The judge was completely heartless to keep him behind bars and not allow him contact with his daughter when she likely is crying and begging to see her daddy and needs him to be there for her! This is so wrong on so many levels! I hope someone gets this guy a good lawyer and someone seriously injures the judge and dumps her across the border with no i.d to get back!! ( Don't kill her tho, suffering is the idea here!) Lol! I know the type of folks that live there, if the right one sees this it will happen! God bless this little girl and her daddy! If you are family/friend of this family, set up a GoFundMe for her and her daddy and I'll donate and I bet a lot of other folks will too! Let's get enough to pay her family's bills for awhile and get her dad a good lawyer! ( Or a hitman!) Lol!


There is no such thing as a gun accident. Gun accidents are always due to negligence. Hopefully, putting this guy behind bars for a significant amount of time will send a message to other careless gun owners that this type of negligence will no longer be tolerated.


"Everybody needs to pay attention with guns and make sure there are no kids around when you're manipulating them in any way," Only PART of his comment is accurate. With my father's guidance I was learning to use a gun at 6 years old by learning first that a gun is always loaded even if the chamber is open. I helped clean his rifles and shotguns and when I was bout 8 received my first BB gun which I was expected to treat like any high powered rifle. After 65 years I still have that BB gun and more. I taught my son gun safety when he was about 9 and when he was 11 took the LICENSED gun safety course.


Aren't loaded guns supposed to make your home safer? Hmmm- not seeing any of those comments this time. Wonder why?


Deport this illi...oh wait. Wrong name eh?


I feel very sorry for the little girl, but also very sad for the family. Hope the girl heals quickly and well.


There is no such thing as an "accidental" discharge. It's called a "negligent" discharge. Significant difference. Guns NEVER go off unless they are manipulated by a human being.


ObeyLaws I disagree with you on many things, however on this you are spot on.


Same here... he drives me nuts sometimes but... he is right. Proper precaution was not taken. And the fact that a loaded .357 was left lying in an easily accessible spot seems a little crazy as well. I know it is good to teach children to respect and know how to handle weapons but the age of this particular child... her brain is barely formed. Decision making capability is lacking.

On the flip side... now the family is missing the father. This does not really bode well for the girl either. It is a lose-lose situation in my mind.


Hope all his firearms are confiscated and he does a long stretch in prison. If he and his wife were pinching pennies then how is it he was able to have so many firearms?


U are a sick, sick individual! Only the worst of human kind desire to harm little kids!!


Ummm so i only read a some of the comments but umm..yeah..NO.
Anyone who thinks he "dropped" the gun needs a little lesson.
So the whole premise of him cleaning the gun is pointless. Has nothing to do with anything.. Unless they tried to claim the gun went off while he was cleaning it...which is impossible...but they didnt say that( good thing)

Also, guns almost NEVER go off if dropped. Doesnt work like that. A certain amount of direct force, in one direction, has to be exerted on the trigger, to release the firing mechanisim, which sends the firing pin forward, thus firing the weapon. And thats only if he had chambered a round.
I guess it IS possible it went off, but the .000000001% chance would mean that it was a gun that is so damaged and unsafe, it belongs in the scrap heap.
either way, this tu.rd is a waste of oxygen


There is no such thing as a gun accident. Every one of these so called accidents has its roots in carelessness at some time or another. It is good that the father was arrested. Maybe this will send a message to other careless gun owners that irresponsibility will lead to criminal charges. Arizona is the gun capitol of the nation (at least one of them). Almost everybody in this state owns firearms. Given this reality, perhaps we need to pass some type of mandatory storage law (at least for people with small children) in order to protect the most innocent, vulnerable citizens of our state!!!


The fact that the dad will be charged, even though it was completely an accident, is terrible. This family will be ripped apart... Way to already make a terrible situation even worse... Good job Glendale PD... F'n joke


I agree! Glendale PD, you now have made a little girl cry and cry for her daddy while she sits in the hospital for months so your adding emotional pain to her physical pain, good job, you hurt a little girl! Do you feel like big men now, hurting a little girl! I guess you have to get your jollies somehow!

Big Rich

"Police said the father was cleaning his shotgun but as he went to put it away, he tripped and the loaded gun went off"......but the headline says he was cleaning the gun when it went off.....why do "journalists always change the facts? No wonder why no one trusts the news today.

it's call fake news


It's called a mistake. What's the Russian word for that?


It doesn’t sound like he was cleaning a loaded gun. It sounds like he loaded the gun before going to put it away. That’s when the accident happened.


I don't own a gun, don't care to and know nothing about them but I certainly have enough brains to know that there shouldn't be any bullets in a firearm that you are cleaning. That idiot should at least be charged with child endangerment.

Big Rich

Shotguns don't shoot "bullets".


INCORRECT. A slug round can be considered a bullet.

Ban the Dads?


The NRA class I attended, we were instructed, when cleaning your weapon, the bullets is not in the same room where you are cleaning your weapon. But, you still handle your weapon as if it was loaded, because it is always the unloaded weapons that either kill you or injure you.


What type of idiot cleans a loaded gun?


That was exactly my thought. Very first thing you do with any weapon that you are about to clean is to unload it...


They dont. thats not what happened


Such a sad accident! Firearms can go off by accident! Never clean a firearm near anyone, especially kids! Learn your safety rules well!!! I own a gun with 3 kids, don’t regret owning one! Keeps my kids and me safe!!!

Born in AZ

Something about your statement gets me. "Keeps my kids and me safe". Car accident on your way to school, did a gun protect you? No. Swarm of bees attacked the kids, did a gun protect them? No. Stray bullet from 2 blocks away... Did a gun protect you? See where I'm going with this. Owning a gun doesn't make you invincible.


Daddy, how did you know that Momof3’s kids were girls? Just curious...

JF Conlon

Born in Wisconsin, long ago. My Dad told me the same thing. And "The gun is ALWAYS loaded". Why clean a gun at 2:00 PM, anyway?


I see your point! But i can protect my self from someone trying to go in my home and rob or harm us. Or anything like that

Born in AZ

Very good, Momof3. A great mom will defend her family by any means necessary. MOMS RULE!!! Stay safe


Guns DO NOT go off by accident when they are being cleaned. And thats not what happened here. Let me know if you'd like a block of instruction on why guns DO NOT go off when people are cleaning them.


Americans continue to prove they are simply too stupid anymore to safely possess firearms. (The author's of the 2nd Amendment would be horrified.) We can have guns OR we can have safe communities, but we clearly CAN'T HAVE BOTH. Sadly, you dullards chose firearms over safety so no pity when the occasional child suffers as a result. You must live (or die) with your moronic decisions.


OK do not come crying to me when your home is broken into and the police arrive in time to mop up your family's brains since you cannot defend yourself.


I partially agree with you....feels weird..... but the so called responsible gun owners are at it again.


Actually millions upon millions of Americans own, operate, and function around guns in a safe manner every day. If you apply your thought process, then no Americans should drive cars, hike our urban mountains, ride bicycles, eat greasy food, or even visit the Grand Canyon. Because they all can kill you and do!


don't like the firearm laws? move to a country that restricts ownership. We have the 2nd amendment.


The second amendment was ratified in 1791. You maybe unaware of this, but in the 228 years since that ratification one or two itsy-bitsy minor things have changed in this country. In 1791 women were second-class citizens. Slavery was legal. The country's territories were unexplored, dangerous, and raw. Most laws changed to accommodate historical change. Hiding behind the second amendment is the action of a person who just doesn't get the difference between the time it came into being and the time now when it is waved as a flag of ignorance by people like you.


I'm not into revisionist history Mom. The problem with your statement is that women being second class citizens was NOT in the Constitution and that document enabled women to escape out of it. Same with slaves. Bearing arms, however, IS in the Constitution. I'm not hiding behind anything. I'd suggest you take my advice about going to a country that disallows guns if you don't like them. I've lived in them. They are not so bad. I do appreciate the freedom the USA has.


First amendment was written then too, bigmouth. Let’s trample on that one too. Hiding behind the first advent is the action of a person who just doesn't get the difference between the time it came into being and the time now when it is waved as a flag of ignorance by people like you.. Eat that clown.

they just don't get it
because they don't care about nothing but themselves


Your English is suspect. That is, I suspect your Russian is much better.

I'm Italian with a US Citizenship
I'm pretty sure you're going to fail the citizenship test
I didn't
so keep your police grammar bullying game from someone else
I'm been in Arizona for 14 years
so I'm EARN THE RIGHT to use the word NATIVE of Arizona
you freak


WOW Glendale is off the hook this past few weeks!!!


Yeah they are but you were right about what you said, I will retract my smart ss coment from before I am ashamed to admit i live in glendale This is way off the charts, all that's happening , right in glendale. But you know what? NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE UNTIL THESE PEOPLE ARE HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR WHAT THEY DO.iT HAS ALREADY BEEN SAID DONT LEAVE KIDS OR PETS IN CARS, BOOM IT HAPPENED AN THEY ACT LIKE A SOCK WAS LEFT IN THE CAR.mARK MY WORD THERE WILL BE MORE AN MORE. aN DROWNING
People do'nt watch what is happening. Excuse the typing im in a hurry! People watch your kids.

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